The Whole Life Is In Dancing. (1992)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva M.

Operators: Zhulkov M.


About the creative fate of M.Godenko and the Krasnoyarsk Dancing Ensemble of Siberia established by him.

Persons of arts | Concerts

Reel №1

Amateur shooting Mikhail Semenovich Godenko.

Interviews (synchronously) Kobzon about Michael Godenko.

About Godenko says (synchronously) his soloist ensemble.

Interviews (synchronously) about Mikhail Semenovich Godenko.

Amateur shooting celebration of the 70th anniversary of the MS Godenko, speech in honor of the hero of the day.

Travel on the street.

M. Godenko out of the car.

Photos of the creative ways Godenko.

Krasnoyarsk city, streets, pedestrians.

Godenko anniversary.

Dancing at the birthday party, hero of the day dancing surrounded by women.

Applause in the hall.

On stage stands Krasnoyarsk Dance Company of Siberia.

Artists Ensemble backstage preparing for the exit.

Siberian nature: mountains, forest, river.

Soloist performs a dance.

Rowed down the river.

Dance on stage, watching the audience in the hall.


Key words



Godenko MS - Soviet choreographer, choreographer, ballet dancer, People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor. Kobzon ID - Soviet, Russian singer, People's Artist of the USSR.

Reel №2

City of Krasnoyarsk, building Philharmonic.

Interview men (synchronously) on the work of the choreographer Mikhail Godenko.

Meeting veterans Dance Company of Siberia.

Newsreel 1970 .: posters Krasnoyarsk Dance Company of Siberia.

Tour ensemble of actors in the Kremlin.

View of the Palace of Congresses (DPT).

Artists grimiruyutsya front of the mirror, getting ready to go on stage.

The audience, the dancers on stage.

Posters ensemble.

Dance at the Palace of Congresses, cheering in the hall.

Speech Dance Company of Siberia in the Tchaikovsky Hall.

Sign on the door "Artistic Director, People's Artist of the USSR Mikhail Godenko."

Photos young Michael Godenko.

Memories associates of Mikhail Semenovich.

Photo tour of the dance ensemble and its leader.

Interviews (synchronously) soloist of Godenko MS Touring Dance Company of Siberia abroad: in Sweden, Panama, India, Syria, and other countries.

Portrait photo: Michael Godenko.



Reel №3

Multi-story brick building.

Skip court.

Photo MS Godenko.

Guests in the apartment Godenko.

Memories of friends and his wife (synchronously) about Michael Godenko.

Rehearsal Dance Company of Siberia, improvement elements.

Accompanying two accordionist.

Children artists repeated choreographic movement.

On the wall is a framed portrait of MS Godenko.

Photos Godenko.

Michael Godenko in rehearsal, making notes.

Bayanists accompany.

Godenko shows artists ensemble dance elements.

Reel №4

A fragment of the Disney animated film.

Rehearsal Dance Company of Siberia composition "Bird house".

A fragment of the cartoon.

Execution of the dance numbers on stage.

Ensemble rehearsal in a ballet class and performance at a concert.

PNRM. for the audience, applause.

Interview Kobzon (synchronously) about Michael Godenko.

MS Photos Godenko.

Newsreel 1980 .: presentation of dance groups at the closing ceremony of the Olympics in Moscow.

Image of Misha on the screen rostrum Luzhniki.

Photos M. Godenko with a microphone during a rehearsal.

The stadium.

Memories artists ensemble (synchronously) on the funny moments in rehearsals.

Key words



Kobzon ID - Singer, People's Artist of the USSR.



Reel №5

Photo M. Godenko.

Man says (synchronously) on Godenko.

The ensemble: a slow dance in the darkness with candles in their hands.

Portrait of M. Godenko on the grave, flowers, candles are burning.

Faces of the girls.

Wife M.Godenko wipes tears.

The girl brings a burning candle at the tomb.

People mourn at the tomb.

Dancing girls with candles.

Ship at the pier, remove the canvas with the name "Michael Godenko."

The ship is recovering in swimming.

Ripples on the water from the engine of the ship, mountainous coast.