Encyclopedia of designers.Kuznetsov Nikolay (2016)

Documentary №99802, 1 part, duration: 0:06:57
Production: Studio Roscosmos
Other authors:Rozakova Marina, Kuckij Mihail, Shatilo Sergej, Trudova Nataljya, Pastuhov Sergej


Nikolay Dmitrievich Kuznetsov is the creator of gas turbine engines for airplanes and ekranoplanes for various purposes, liquid rocket engines for rocket and space complexes, engines for driving superchargers of gas pumping units and electric generators. Chairman of the Scientific Council on Reliability of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Reel №1

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Chronicle of the 1930s:


Photo of Kuznetsov with his comrades.

Students in the classroom.

Workers at the factory.

Students of the Zhukovsky Air Force Academy.

Photo of Kuznetsov.

Chronicle of the war years:

Traffic controller with a flag in his hand, planes take off.

A front-line picture of Kuznetsov.

Planes are at the airfield, a soldier approaches and reports to the commander, pilots are standing nearby.

Streets of Ufa.

Work at the aircraft factory.

Plant director Nikolay Kuznetsov.

Workers at machine tools, aircraft parts.

Streets of Kuibyshev (Samara).

Aviation Plant No. 2, the creation of turboprop engines for aircraft.

Tu-95 aircraft on the ground and in the air, the pilot at the helm.

Khrushchev is flying a Tu-114, various types of aircraft.

Scientists are working on creating a supersonic passenger aircraft.

The Tu-144 supersonic airliner on the ground and in flight.

Council of Chief Designers.

Working with the H1-L3 rocket.

Valentin Glushko at the meeting.

Sergey Korolev.

Nikolai Kuznetsov.

Specialists of the Design Bureau and the plant at work; comments by Valery Danilchenko.

Baikonur, rocket N1-L3 on the launch pad.

Georgy Priss talks about the creation of the rocket and about the NK-33 engines.

Transportation of the rocket.

Work on engines.

Valery Danilchenko talks about the reasons for unsuccessful rocket launches.

Test bench.

The engines are in stock.

Valery Danilchenko tells about Kuznetsov's refusal to fulfill the order to destroy the engines.

Photo of scientists.

Kuznetsov is on the phone.

Kuznetsov is talking to a colleague.

The engines are in stock.

Kuznetsov at the meeting.

Various models of aircraft for which Kuznetsov developed engines: IL-62, Tu-154, Il-86, Orlyonok and Lun ekranoplanes.

Photo of Kuznetsov next to the NK-33 engine.

Moscow, VDNH, exhibition "Aircraft Engine building-90".

Kuznetsov's meeting with domestic and foreign colleagues.

USA, 1995, NK-33 tests.

The engines are in stock.

Kuznetsov communicates with colleagues at work.

Locations: Bashkiria [883] Samara [894] Kazakhstan [114] USA [851] Moscow [820]

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