Yaroslavsky portrait. (1993)

Documentary №9989, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:52
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Lazo A.
Screenwriters:Lazo A.
Camera operators:Shebanov V.


The film tells about the revival of the insurance business in Russia in the Yaroslavl businessman PB Pushkov.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Artistic portrait of 18-19 century.

Excursion to the museum, paintings on the wall.

Prerevolutionary newsreels 1900-1916 years .: Yaroslavl street, passers-by.

Local market.

View of the theater named Volkov.

Portraits of citizens and merchant family of the 19th century.

Walking through the city.

Travel to sign with the current and former street names.

Newsreel the 1920 .: The streets of Yaroslavl.

View from the top of the Soviet area and the Church of Elijah the Prophet.

Entrepreneur Paul B. Pushkov table cabinet.

Telephone on the desk.

Propagation interview (synchronously) about the history of their business.

Travel to the sign on the house "Yaroslavl insurance agency."

Pedestrians on a city street PNRM. the building, hit a sign "electric locomotive factory".

The old lady knitting needles.

Cupboard with ads, including "Yaroslavl insurance agency."

Beggar sitting on the sidewalk, begging, baptized.

Interview pensioners (synchronously) on the contract with the firm Propagation.

The fountain in the square.

Trolleybus stop, the passengers.

Boris Pushkov wrote at the table, talking on the phone.

Woman interviewed (synchronously) on contract with Pushkov.

Flowers in a vase.

Woman watering flowers on the balcony.

Pensioner talking on the benches at the table in the yard.

Laundry drying on a rope.

The sign "Private school-bank".

Boris gun in the classroom with the students involved, says (synchronously) on the basics of business.

Woman Agent "State Insurance", gives an interview about the competition with company B. Propagation.

A sign on the building, "State Building.

Enters into a contract of life insurance. "

Calendar: 1900-1916 1920s

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The sign "Yaroslavl insurance agency."

Interview entrepreneur Propagation of the development of their business.

Ads "Yaroslavl insurance agency.

Director of PB Cannon ".

A sample of the insurance contract.

PNRM. the office of the insurance agency Propagation.

Pushkov sits in the car "Volga", leaves.

Birch trees in the cemetery at the tomb.

Retired talking on the street.

View of the park from the city map.

Salon trolley, in the cabin of an elderly woman at the window.

Woman interviewed (synchronously) on PB Propagation.

Pushkov says (synchronously) on their work.

Quay, PNRM. along the Volga.

View of the Yaroslavl across the river.

Floating ice floes on the Volga.

View of the river Kotorosl, PNRM. in the gazebo on the waterfront.

PNRM. Yaroslavl on the top point.

Artistic portrait of the 19th century.

Pushkov says (synchronously) on their plans.

Artistic portrait of a man of the 19th century.

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