Near the Last line.. (1993)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sarakhatunov B.

Script writers: Sarakhatunov B.

Operators: Izvekov V., Kuzminskiy S.


The diary of the IX Congress of the Deputies of the Russian Federation.

Congress of People's Deputies

Policy | Domestic policy

Reel №1

Group of cameramen and photographers at work in the hall of the IX Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation.

Boris Yeltsin talking to delegates of the Congress.

Members of the Congress are talking in the lobby.

Yeltsin greets delegates, including with Alexander Rutskoi.

Boris Yeltsin sits in front of the microphones.

General view of the hall in the Kremlin.

Anthem of the country, Yeltsin stands.

PNRM. the hall, the deputies are.

Have the microphone stands Chairman of the Supreme Council Ruslan Khasbulatov (synchronously) on democracy.

Boris Yeltsin was listening.

Speech from the microphone in the hall MP Egorov (synchronously).

Khasbulatov listening.

Speech at the President of the Constitutional Court VD Zorkin (synchronous and behind the scenes).

General view of the hall.

Deputies listen.

Acts Boris Yeltsin (synchronously) on the adoption of the new Constitution.

Yeltsin handset.

The woman on the platform offers (synchronously) send Yeltsin resigned.

Yeltsin listens.

Speeches deputies criticized Yeltsin.


BN Yeltsin - Soviet, Russian statesman, the first President of the Russian Federation. AV Rutskoi - Russian statesman and politician. Hasbulatoa RI - Russian statesman and politician. Zorkin VD - Judge, President of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.



Reel №2

Boardroom IX Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation, one of the deputies looking through binoculars.

Yeltsin listens.

The deputy of the floor.

In the sitting room, Alexander Rutskoi, Viktor Chernomyrdin.

Of the floor (synchronously) Dmitry Volkogonov.

Deputies talk, talk, talk at the microphone.

At the microphone Russian Prosecutor General Valentin Stepankov.

Deputies say, listen, gesticulate.

Deputy Speaker Andronov (behind the scenes and synchronous) with a proposal to the resignation of Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev.

Speakers at the podium, members discuss the situation.

At the microphone, Vice-President Alexander Rutskoi.

General view of the courtroom.

Khasbulatov said by telephone.

Stands (synchronously) deputy Ramazan Abdullatipov.

Close-up: faces MPs listen to their colleagues.

At the microphone congress participants Uvarov, Kovalev, Tula, Slobodkin, shuttles, lieutenant discuss the issue of impeachment of the President.

Stands (synchronously) Prime Minister VS Chernomyrdin of confidence in President Yeltsin.

Yeltsin on the podium talking to Sergei Shakhrai.


BN Yeltsin - Soviet, Russian statesman, the first President of the Russian Federation. AV Rutskoi - Russian statesman and politician. VS Chernomyrdin - Russian statesman and politician, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Volkogonov DA - Soviet and Russian historian, philosopher, political scientist and politician. Stepankov VG - The Attorney General of the Russian Federation. Tuleyev AG - Russian politician and statesman. Shahray SM - Russian statesman and politician, Doctor of Laws.



Reel №3

TV camera in the courtroom.

Deputies are considering a draft resolution on urgent measures to preserve the constitutional order of the Russian Federation.

Boris Yeltsin goes to the podium, his performance (behind the scenes and synchronous) disagreement with the project.

Deputies reaction to the speech Yeltsin.

Yeltsin sitting in the Presidium, laughing.

Khasbulatov informs the audience that President Yeltsin agreed to a compromise resolution.

Deputies Congress freely walk around the room.

Speeches from the rostrum deputy Surkov.

The rally in the street with Russian flags and posters: "President!

Finish the red scum! ".

Yeltsin gestures welcomes the participants of the rally.

Close-up: radiorupor.

Yeltsin speaking (synchronously) at the microphone at the rally, Muscovites thanks for your support.

Communists rally with red flags, banners, "MP, Dobey vermin!", "Union of the Russian people."

Statements made in two parallel meetings.

In the foyer of the IX Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation held the distribution secret ballot.

At the microphone offset results of the vote, Russian President Boris Yeltsin remains.

General view of the hall.

Closing remarks acts Khasbulatov (synchronous and behind the scenes) says coup attempt.

Deputies talking, laughing.

A general view of St.

George's Hall in the Kremlin.

Russian flag on the flagpole on the building in the Kremlin.

Departure from the banner to the general form of the Kremlin across the Moscow River.