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Propagandist - accelerating scientific and technological progress.. (1986)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

Coal production in the coal mine "Sibirginskij" Kuzbass, the types of

Kemerovo, meeting in the House of Political Education of Kemerovo Province Party Committee, meetings and conversations with the miners propagandists.

Production processes at the West Siberian Metallurgical Combine classes of economic studies, young workers in the museum complex, the production processes at Kemerovo plant "Carbolite".

Sorry Kara - Bogaz. . .. (1988)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

Komsomol building on the construction of Kara-Bogaz in the 30s.

Ecological disaster Kara-Bogaz-Gol in the late '80s.

Just light .... (1987)

Documentary, 1 part to collection G 6/15/2014

Documentary with elements of the game film tells of the creation of welding staff light the Moscow Aviation Technology Institute. E.Tsiolkovskogo welder filament used in the film projector.

The film features snippets film "Jolly Fellows" (sinhr.).

The film was filming the following:

manufacture of glass: glass blower blows of liquid glass product - lamp; Department staff welding light MATI Institute laboratory for the creation of welding installation for the installation of a special device to adjust the welding plant, the type of installation during operation.

Space and images of the artist Yuri Korolev.. (1986)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/15/2014


Yu-Workshop Queen.


Editorial Board of the Tretyakov Gallery in office Yu Queen.

Korolev meets with architects about the reconstruction of the gallery.

Biography Queen Yu.

Korolev conducts classes with students; creates stained glass and mosaics of glazes.


Profession actor. 1st section.. (1981)

Documentary, 4 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

Participants of the International Symposium "Heritage Stanislavsky and contemporary theater."

Present: People's Artist of the USSR AI Stepanov.

Chief director of the Moscow Art Theater Speaker Efremov.

Efremov said about the Stanislavsky system, on Moscow Art Theater School, its faculty, alumni.

View Moscow Art Theatre School. of


Efremov rides in the car on the streets of Moscow, passes on the street.


Profession actor. 2nd section.. (1982)

Documentary, 4 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

Teachers Moscow Art Theater School SS Pilyavskaya, VP Bogomolov, O. Gerasimov, VK Monyukov, EA Yevstigneev A. Miagkov Rector Nikolai Alexeyev studio rehearsing students sketches, scenes from plays Gorky "Enemies," "The Lower Depths", pink "Forever Alive".

A scene from the graduation performance Moscow Art Theater School "Notes Lopatin."

Applicants from Moscow Art Theatre School, while listening.

In the selection committee: A. T. Stepanova, A. Popov, Pilyavskaya Rector school Alekseev.

Photos and posters graduation performances Moscow Art Theatre School.

Photo by K. Simonov, studio teacher Monyukova V.

Photography graduates Davydov, Tabakov, Vladimir Vysotsky, A. Batalov, I. Skobtseva, I. Kvasha, A. Lazarev, G. Bortnikova, T. Laurel, L. Tolmachev V. Korshunov, G. Volchek Basilashvili O., O. Borisov, N. Karachentsova, I. Akulovoy, Kindinova E., E. Proklova.


Let not turn gray clover.. (1986)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

The film tells about the clover - native forage crops in Russia, about the problems associated with the lack of clover seed and lack of special harvesters perennial grasses.

Journey with the song.. (1966)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

Sea waves.


Houses by the river.

Villagers are engaged in housework.

Fishermen fishing nets.

Storm at sea.

People mow the grass with scythes.


Fifth International. (Notes on Competition Tchaikovsky).. (1974)

Documentary, 6 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

The film is dedicated to the 5th International Competition.

Tchaikovsky in Moscow: teachers prepare their students for the competition.

Arrival of the participants of the contest to Moscow.

Opening Ceremony at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

Speech by Minister of Culture EA Furtsevoy, TN Khrennikov.

Competitive performances of pianists violinists, cellists, vocalists.

Prize winners of the contest, among them: the Soviet musicians Rusudan Gvasaliya Ivan Ponomarenko, Lyudmila Sergienko, Sylvia Sass from Hungary, Eugene Fodor in the U.S. and others.

Five questions for the "man.". (1989)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

Actors and directors of the theater "Man" share their views on contemporary theater.

Fragments of the performances ("Cinzano" L. Petrushevskaya, "Waiting for Godot" by S. Beckett ") and rehearsals.