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Foreign newsreels 1968 № 1625

News, 1 footage, Duration: 0:08:40 to collection F 9/21/2013


Issue (Germany) - "Youth 1967"

Foreign newsreels 1968 № 1627

News, 5 footages, Duration: 0:06:54 to collection F 9/21/2013

Poland - IV Congress of the Union of Socialist Youth.

Germany - "Invasion" ensemble-imitators "Beatles" in Dusseldorf (competition).

Germany - "Invasion" ensemble-imitators "Beatles" in Dusseldorf (competition).

FRG- Carnival in Munich.

The plot of the youth in different countries. "Entertainment".

Demonstrations against the war in Vietnam. "Hippie".

Foreign newsreels 1968 № 1633

News, 2 footages, Duration: 0:04:24 to collection F 9/21/2013

Bulgaria Dimitrov-XI Congress of the Young Communist League.

Foreign newsreels 1967 № 1636

News, 8 footages, Duration: 0:10:34 to collection F 9/21/2013

Military maneuvers Navy and Air Force.

Foreign newsreels 1967 № 1640

News, 1 footage, Duration: 0:12:03 to collection F 9/21/2013

Czechoslovakia-The celebration of the 20th anniversary of the February victory.

Foreign newsreels 1967 № 1642

News, 17 footages, Duration: 0:26:12 to collection F 9/21/2013

South Vietnam - the New American helicopter lifting 38 missiles.

The helicopter dropping missiles.

South Vietnam - Visit by Vice-President Humphrey of the marine corps bases at Da Nang and Chu Lai.

South Vietnam - U.S. ships patrolling the river in the province of Quang tin.

South Vietnam - Australian Ambassador solemnly opens a beach resort for soldiers troops 'Anzac'.

The soldiers in the bar on the beach.

USA - Animation showing the upcoming launch and flight of the rocket "Saturn-5" with the spacecraft "Apollo 4".


Foreign newsreels 1967 № 1644

News, 18 footages, Duration: 0:19:11 to collection F 9/21/2013

DRV-American planes bombed the largest base of jet aircraft in Phuk yen.

DRV-American planes bombed the rail facilities.

South Vietnam, in a training camp puppet army officers are taught to American soldiers discover a trap set by the guerrillas.

USA-Martin Luther King out of jail in Birmingham (Alabama). (A similar story in the number 1641)

The U.S. exhibition of sculptures made of metal and wood, created from a pencil and pen sketches of President Kennedy.

The U.S. first underground nuclear explosion for copper mines in Arizona.



Foreign newsreels 1967 № 1649

News, 2 footages, Duration: 0:11:54 to collection F 9/21/2013

East Germany-The joint parade of Soviet Army and National.

The People's Army of the GDR in Berlin to mark the 50th anniversary of the Armed Forces SSSR.Bolgariya-Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

Foreign newsreels 1968 № 1653

News, 7 footages, Duration: 0:11:15 to collection F 9/21/2013

Germany - new year's reception in Bonn, lübke, the President receives the diplomatic corps.

Germany - the Beginning of the British evacuation of NATO troops from Bremen port.

Uganda - Visit Mobutu to participate in the conference of heads of States of the O. A. E. in Cannole, conference, reception.

GDR - discussion of the draft of the new Constitution, interview with the Secretary of the Commission for the preparation of the draft Constitution Claus Sorgenicht.

Italy - Visit Kiesinger in Rome.

France - President lubke of Germany and the German Ambassador Klaiber meet de Gaulle in a renovated Palace - the residence of the German Embassy in Paris.

Foreign newsreels 1968 № 1654

News, 1 footage, Duration: 0:01:50 to collection F 9/21/2013

The plot of the French dancer Lian Dade.

L.Deyde in the dressing room, performing on the stage.

A scene from the ballet.