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Foreign news footages 1984 № 6

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. South Africa - Sports: driver in the car jumps over 10 cars. 2. Poland, Gdansk - are working docks. L. Walesa and Cardinal Glemp negotiated.

Cathedral, people listen to the service. 3. Jordan, Amman - a Palestinian refugee camp.

King Hussein speaks in Parliament. 4. Israel, the West Beirut - the worsening economic situation in the country: a bakery, meat sales, supermarket.

Closed railway station, street scenes. 5. Canada - special report of Prime Minister Trudeau. 6. Italy - The 40th anniversary of the landing of Allied troops in the country. 7. Chile, Santiago - Four people accused of murder, had sought refuge in the Vatican embassy. 8. Lebanon, Beirut - a clash with government troops grouping vkami friends.

American Embassy.

West Berlin - a newspaper stand, headlines and articles on the six citizens of the German Democratic Republic granted political asylum after the sit-in at the U.S. Embassy. 12. India - the plot of the pilot, crashed. 13. South Africa - a forest fire in the mountains of Cape Provins. 14. El Salvador - U.S. Ambassador said that misappropriation MS.edstv received as aid from the United States, will be put to rest.


The central bank.

T. Pickering said. 15. Australia, Adelaide -'s rampaging youths ransacked police station after a rock concert. 16. Nicaragua - the difficulties in the economy.

Filming 1981 1984's. 17. U.S. - to develop a new MS.edstva baldness. 18. Israel, Jerusalem - the visit of Chancellor Helmut Kohl. 19. Toronto, Canada - Canadian family has won 14 million Canadian dollars in the lottery. 20. USA, Colorado - Sports: World Cup ski acrobatics.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 7

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. South Africa, Johannesburg - the bus drivers' strike. 2. USA, Washington DC - Reagan speech in the Senate on the country's policy in Lebanon.

Military operations in the North. 8. Brazil, Sao Patsio - thousands of protesters demanding to hold direct presidential elections.

The people in the Cathedral Square.



Playing the union leader, president of the Party of Brazilian Democratic Movement. 9. Thailand, Burma - Burmese troops conduct offensive operations in the Thai-Burmese border.

Filming 1969 - 1984 period. 16. France, Paris - exhibition of the famous collection of glass eve Daumovs who sell it at auction in Tokyo. 17. Germany - a new record for the unfolding of dominoes.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 8

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Preparations for the presidential elections. 8. USA - special report for the general presidential election in 1984.

The current president, Ronald Reagan and the candidates of different parties.

Democratic candidate Party of President Reagan's intention CU.itikuyut ballotirova tsya a new MS.ok. 13. Uganda - the consequences of a terrorist attack on the village of Mudu ma.

Wounded children in the hospital.

Bell Tolls.

In the cathedral is the Mass in memory of the victims. 14. USA - flying spacecraft "shuttle."

Exit U.S. astronaut in space.

Ground control service. 15. Iceland, Reykjavik - interview with the Minister of Finance on the costs for the dogs. 16. Philippines - many thousands of anti-government demonstration. 17. Poland, Warsaw - union leaders CU.itikuyut increase in food prices.

Marowsky market, people line up for meat.

People wait in line for bread, buy products in the shop tries rationed. 18. Chile, Santiago - a protest demonstration against the Nazi war criminal Rauff living in Santiago.

Police arrest organizers of the demonstrations.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 9

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. India, Mumbai - farmers protest demonstration against land reform.

Beirut - a temporary cease-fire.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 10

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Chad: N'Djamena, Salal - visit by Minister of Foreign Affairs of France Sheysona for talks to resolve the situation in the country.

Contingent of French forces. 2. Iraq - the destruction in the cities as a result of the war with Iran. 3. Lebanon, Beirut - New fighting between different factions of the Mi.

Statements by representatives of various political parties and presidential Zhmaye la. 4. Poland - special report on the situation in the country.

Filming 1982 - 1984 period.

The difficulties of the economy: the queue at the store, the price increase.

By Shebna, harvesting.

Food enterprises.

General Jaruzelski on the balcony, talking to people. 5. Bahamas, United States - Investigation on charges of three members of the government, which MS.edi Prime Minister, in the drug trade in E. 6. South Africa - interview with the Prime Minister Botha on the situation in Namibia and LS.ey political situation in South Africa. 7. Geneva, Switzerland - The 40th session of the UN Commission on Human Rights a minute.

A draft law against torture. 8. Colombia, Bogota - a visit by the President of Argentina on Alfonso. 9. Philippines, Manila - many thousands of anti-government demonstration in honor of slain radio Senator Aquino.

Stands in front of the demonstrators brother Aquino. 10. Spain, Bilbao - Police disperse members of the organization "ETA" gathered for a demonstration. 11. Australia - the 50th anniversary of the London-Melbourne flight. 12. USA - American astronaut makes spacewalk. 13. Poland - Sports: skiing competition.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 11

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. South Africa - on the border with Mozambique, the effects of severe cyclone 'Domoyna. "

Lebanon - Israeli trucks, soldiers. 6. Sri Lanka - the destruction of the northern and eastern parts of the country as a result of Musoni rains. 7. France, Paris - the assassination of former Iranian general and ambassador of the United Arab Emirates. 8. Grenada - the country of U.S. Secretary of State Shultz arrives, airport.

Schulz's speech on the need to evacuate U.S. citizens held in Beirut. 9. Bolivia, La Paz - a 48-hour strike in the private business in protest against the economic policies govern Twa. 10. Syria - President H. Assad discusses the situation in Lebanon with Muslim leaders.

Lebanon - in the Bekaa Valley stands commander of the first infantry brigade. 11. India, Punjab - the consequences of the strike Sikhs: closed shops, banks, blocked roads.

Demonstration of Sikhs. 12. Lebanon - the evacuation of British and American personnel from embassies.

The fighting between Muslim factions in Beirut.

Trees AEs Chouf in Tebiat, destroyed by U.S. missiles during the bombardment from the battleship "New Jersey." 13. USA - American astronauts "Shuttle" come out of the ship into space without a safety railing. 14. Yugoslavia, Sarajevo - Sports: Winter Olympics.

Finnish skier Haymelyaynen wins race at 10 km. K. Enke of East Germany set a new world record in speed skating. 15. Geneva, Switzerland - a group of UN human rights ET discussed the issue of disappearances of people in Lebanon, most of which was lost in 1982 during the Israeli occupation.

Dwell captivity delegates. 16. India, New Delhi - World Conference on the struggle for peace.

There are casualties. 20. Lebanon, Beirut - the evacuation of American and British citizens in helicopters.

The fighting between Muslim factions.

Destruction in the city. 21. Thailand, Burma, Laos - the harvest of opium poppies. 22. Chile - a protest demonstration at the house where he lives Nazi criminal V. Rauff.

Police disperse protesters.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 12

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Poland, Warsaw - Archbishop Poggi from the Vatican met with Foreign Minister PNRM. Olszowski.

The question of establishing relations at ambassadorial level. 2. India - consequences of a train crash: killing more than 40 people. 3. India, New Delhi - Kashmir Liberation Front leader Maqbool Bath executed on charges of spying for Pakistan.


Rasp definiteness of products in the affected areas. 11. Lebanon - the situation in Beirut. 12. England, USA, Germany, Iraq - special report on the issue of nuclear power stations, environmental MS.edy.

Filming 1958 - 1983 period. 13. USA, Washington - President Ronald Reagan meets with King Hussein of Jordan and President Mubarak of Egypt on the situation in the Middle East.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 13

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. South Africa, Atteridzhevil - unrest senior school for black police after killing her 15-schoolgirl. 2. UN - delivered by the representative of Iran on possible new attacks Iran s civilian targets in Iraq.

Iraq - the buildings affected by the shelling. 3. Portugal, Lisbon - trilateral talks in Mozambique, South Africa, Portugal on Cabora Bassa hydroelectric power station built by Portugal to South Africa, and because of the fighting between South Africa and Mozambique, working sporadic. 4. Salvador - election campaign.

At the rally, advocates Preta dent for president HN Duarte. 5. Lebanon, Syria - A Lebanese President Gemayel visited military units in the north.

Gemayel holds talks with opposition leader S. Franjieh.

Druze leader Jumblatt holds a press conference. 6. Uganda - special report against the government and the opposition.

Work completely: hunger, destruction, mezhduusobitsy.

Filming 1971 - 1984 period. 7. England - The British Museum celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Anglo-Korean ties.

Exhibits from Korea 5 - 8 centuries. 8. India - a new outbreak of anti-government protests in Punjab sighov.

Negotiations with the government leaders sighov. 9. South Africa - the law of apartheid police evicting villagers Mogopa. 10. Israel, Tel Aviv - Defense Minister Arens tion acts, statements that Israeli troops would remain in southern Lebanon.

Lebanon - Arens speaks at River Avola against transmission of Israeli troops. 11. USA, Washington - Secretary of State J. Schultz speaks during a news con ference on Lebanese CU.izisa. 12. South Africa - results of the commission Elaphite, accusing the Council of Churches of incitement and revolutionary activity: 1983 - Meeting of the Commission.

Bishop Tautou at the meeting. 1984 - Bishop stands Thoth. 13. Argentina - mass graves, mutilated corpses. 14. UN - debate on the Lebanese issue. 15. Lebanon - Muslim police discovers the bodies of Kfar Matta. 16. UN - Security Council meeting.

Says President Gemayel to cancel the agreement with Israel. 24. Spain, Madrid - Cuban leader Fidel Castro during his visit to the country meeting with Prime Minister Gonzales.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 14

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. South Africa - the funeral of schoolgirl killed by police during colli sions about the boycott of schools. 2. India, New Delhi - Asian parliamentarians to hold the conference on the development strategy of Asia.

The building where the conference takes place.

Speeches of the delegates. 3. Nicaragua - the country honors the memory of the revolutionary Sandino (50 year anniversary of his death).

Posters, chanting girls. 1927 - Sandino with a group of insurgents. 1933 - Sandino delivers weapons after the peace treaty.

U.S. Marines in the country. 4. Iran, Iraq - spetsobozrenie the four-year war in the Persian Gulf.

Filming 1980 - 1984 period. 5. Lebanon - Italian troops of the UN peacekeeping leave the country.

Syria - President Assad meets with Saudi Arabia's Prince Faisal. 6. South Africa - white cop convicted of the murder of black prisoners.

South African security police accused of torture. 7. Spain - excitement on the eve of the election campaign, the Basques.

Filming 1977 - 1984 period. 8. England - Launching commercial sailing clipper. 9. USA - a decisive victory Mandeyla in Iowa in the first stage of voting Democrats. 10. Lebanon - tensions increased, the CPT in the southern Rayo tries controlled by friends.

Israeli forces concentrated their forces.

Marine Corps U.S. Navy begin withdrawal from the country. 11. England, London - Conference 35 countries discussing the disposal of nuclear waste.

Representatives of the "Greenpeace" oppose dumping of waste at sea.

Newsreel: containers with waste drained into the sea.

Boat "Green Peace" patrol ships discharging waste. 12. Italy - Italian customs strike.

Congestion at a checkpoint on the alpine border.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 15

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Spain, Madrid - demonstration against the decision of the English govern-ment to continue sboros radioactive waste near the Spanish coast. 2. Special report on the Soviet Union and the countries of the world after the death of Yu Adropova and the advent of Konstantin Chernenko: the USSR, Moscow - February 14, 1984 funeral of Yuri Andropov.

June - August 1983: Robots at the plant in Voronezh.

Fertilizer factories in Angarke.

Leningrad, Nizhnevartovsk, Western Siberia. 1975 - Yakutia: Aldan. 1982 - harvest near Saratov.

Moscow - shops. 1981 - Afghanistan, the valley Panshir: Soviet tanks were destroyed, the body of the tank commander and two soldiers.

Mujahideen with captured Soviet soldiers mi. 1983 October 6 - Geneva, Switzerland: U.S. and Soviet delegations at CU.uglogo table. 1981 - Soviet Union near the Polish border.

Airplanes, tanks, helicopters.

Tanks close to the bridge, infantry, tanks drive through the bridge, the car with missiles. 7 November 1983 - London: demonstration, tanks, missiles. 3. Argentina - the arrest of General Goltieri by the decision of the Supreme Military Council. 1982 - Goltieri welcomes army.

The crowd welcomed the general. 4. Salvador - Army offensive against rebels in the province of San Miguel. 5. Nicaragua, Managua - a mass rally in the 50-year anniversary of the death of the leader of the Nicaraguan Revolution Augusto Sandino.

Acts Daniel Ortega. 6. Lebanon - the continuation of hostilities.

Stoppers at the Brenner Pass.

Trucks block the hyper expensive, drive the car. 11. Lebanon - Muslim redeployment of the Lebanese army in West Beirut.

The fighting killed a French soldier. 12. Argentina - the arrest by the Supreme Military Court of former members of the junta. 13. Geneva, the United Nations - the UN Commission on Human Rights considers the situation in Afghanistan after the entry of Soviet troops there.

Tative of the U.S. representatives W. Hivit says about Soviet intervention in Afghanistan.

'Representatives of Pakistan A. Hilali speaks to the issue of refugees from Afghanistan.

The Soviet representative serves on the Afghan issue. 14. Upper Volta - Princess Anne of England, who heads the inter national Save the Children, examines the results of the fund in the country. 15. Brunei - Sultan shows the armed forces.

Present Prince of England - Charles. 16. Salvador - special report to the start of the election campaign.

Previous electoral debate and military actions.

Filming 1983 - 1984 period. 17. Italy, France - border: truck drivers from France removed the barricade at the end of a strike by customs Italian Cove. 18. Spain, San Sebastian - Thousands of Spaniards take part in the funeral of the murdered Basque senator. 19. Lebanon, Beirut - continued fighting, despite the agreement of their termination. 20. Iran, Iraq - The front line: fighting.