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Foreign news footages 1986 № 4

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. South Africa, Pretoria - city streets.


Durban - victims of a bomb explosion.

Americans are leaving the country at the call of Reagan.

Morocco, Fes - Arab Conference discusses possible sanctions against the U.S.. 9. Tunisia Teburba - new TV relay station.

Foreign news footages 1986 № 6

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Portugal - the campaign for the presidency.

Socialist candidate M. Soares interviewed. 2. Guatemala - special report on the first civilian B. Cerezo after 30 years of the country's military.


Nicaragua, Managua - B. Cerezo is in the airport.

Meets with President D. Ortega.

Salvador - B. Cerezo and President of El Salvador, Jose Napoleon Duarte took seats on the platform.




The crowds in the street.

People throwing stones at police.

The police fired tear gas.

The "mother of the missing" near the embassy in Guatemala. 3. Israel, Jerusalem - Shamir, Sharon, Peres to journalists about his decision to start talks with Egypt on the transfer of Taba.

Taba - Egypt last non repatriated territory.

Egypt, Cairo - antizrailskie demonstration. 4. Philippines - President Marcos is interviewed, answering questions from American journalists.

Refutes the statement of intent to enter the Institute of a state of emergency.

Interview gives C. Aquino. 5. China - the country's leaders condemned protectionism and corruption cases.

CPC General Secretary Hu Yaobang, Prime Minister Zhao Dziyang speak at the meeting. 6. U.S. - missile launch "Columbia" after many failed attempts.

Launch pad.

Rocket in space.

Astronauts have to watch the comet Galea. 7. Guatemala - a protest demonstration on the failed attempts of the Government to explain the loss of the country's two thousand people.

Presi dent B. Cerezo is the cabinet and assured that the government would respect human rights. 8. Brazil - a demonstration to protest against mass layoffs of workers.

About 2 thousand protesters broke into the hall municipalities theta, broke furniture and set fire to the building.

Mayor of Maranao G. Gonzalez gives interviews to the press. 9. Bolivia - the state of emergency in the country after the floods caused by strong rains.

River, coming from pregnant gov.

Destroyed homes, streets, filled with mud flow. 10. Salvador Huaua - from the center of the rebel raid coffee promyshlennnosti country will cause significant damage.

Helicopter over the years damaged buildings, the destroyed plant for reprocessing processing coffee.

Soldiers guard the damaged plant. 11. Morocco - A meeting of foreign ministers of Muslim countries not to take a decision on the Iran-Iraq conflict. 12. United Kingdom - a report from the World Championship Tennis.

In doubles won Guntard (Switzerland) and Taroshi (Hungary). 13. Libya, Tripoli - a city from above.

The streets of the city.

Colonel Gaddafi gives interview to foreign women - a journalist.

Welcomes delegates from the PLO. 14. South Africa, Cairo - Thousands of people in the streets.

Funeral And this process - seeing heads LS.estv student, shot dead by security forces.

Supreme Court building.

Riots broke out in the country again after being denied an appeal B. Mandela. 15. Lebanon - shooting in East Beirut between Christian groups.

Syria - Assad and Zhmaelya meeting.

Foreign news footages 1986 № 29

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. South Africa - The National Committee for overcoming CU.izisa Education proposed to stop the boycott of schools.

Demonstration in the streets.

Rally in


Speakers at the rally.

Children enter school.

Young people with placards runs on the road. 2. USA - vote in the House of Representatives on helping Nicaraguan "contras".

Reagan stands.


Nicaragua - shooting 1979 - 1984 period.

Killed 36 people. 7. Mexico - the search for the remains of victims of the crash of "Boeing 727". 8. Germany - a protest demonstration organized by activists antiyade rnogo movement, under construction at the plant for processing radioactive waste.

Condemned Defense Initiative of the Reagan administration. 9. Lebanon - contingent of French peacekeeping forces leave the country.

In the jeep with the UN flag officers sit down. 10. Sudan, Khartoum - Preparing for the first 18 years of multi-party elections.

Election campaign.

Foreign news footages 1986 № 32

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. India, Punjab - riots subside.

Temple of Amritsar.

Mentation restore damaged parts of the temple.



The head of the church for prayer Sindh.

Soldiers patrol the streets. 2. Special issue of the conflict the United States and Libya's Sirte Gulf.

Libya, Tripoli, 1970 - withdrawal of British and American troops.

Sanie signed deed of transfer Libya American Center link. 1986 - U.S. military exercises off the coast of Libya.

USA, 1986 - President Reagan aboard the aircraft carrier "leyshn Coast." 1985 - Acts of terrorism. 3. Japan - young musicians demonstrate the success of the method of teaching music by Suzuki (from early childhood).

Plays a children's orchestra violinists. 4. Italy, Rome - at the press conference are two tour ka, accused of attempting to Pope John Paul 2 and released for lack of evidence. 5. Hong Kong - the official opening of the Joint Stock Exchange. 6. China Veyfang - international festival of kites.

Parade of teams.

Launch kites.

Clashes with police.

Maneuvers new government paramilitary groups created to fight protesters.

Pinochet was present at the maneuvers. 12. South Africa - the funeral of ANC representative Segolene Samuel, who died at the hands of police.

Clashes with police.

Patrols on the roads. 13. Lebanon, Beirut - French contingent of peacekeeping troops leave the country.

The airport buses arrive with the military. 14. Greece - Passengers comments explosion aboard airliner "TBA."

USA, Washington - said Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

England - wounded in the hospital.

Blow up the plane.

Heathrow Airport. 15. USA - meeting in Miami 2 Frenchmen who crossed the Atlantic in a windsurf board. 16. India, Punjab - special issue to celebrate the New Year.

April 1, Temple of Amritsar.

Prayer. 1984-1985 years - the unrest in Punjab. 1986, March - normalcy.

Police patrols in the streets. 17. Austria - Speech K. Veldhayma. 18. UN - UN Assistant Secretary General announces Kordovez convene on May 5 in Geneva, the Special Conference on Afghanistan. 19. Lebanon, Beirut - the consequences of collisions in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila between groups Amal and the Palestinians.

Machine on.

People outside on the balcony.

Hospital corridor. 20. Greece, United States - Continued investigation of the explosion on board a passenger airliner TBA. People in hospitalization le.

Comment on the event.

Aircraft at the airport. 21. South Africa - black people boycotting the celebration of 100 years of Johannesburg.

Layout of the old city.

Alexandria township black pa.

Organizers say the boycott.

Flowerbed for the anniversary, surrounded by barbed wire.

The opening of the South African game.

Fireworks pop singers.

Foreign news footages 1986 № 46

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Sports: Magazine devoted to promoting charitable prog Ranma "Sport Aid", held in aid of famine relief in Africa. 1. The history of the program.

A press conference in London with the participation Thieme organizer Bob Geldof and other celebrities.

News release, "Sport Aid". 2. The story of charity programs "Band-Aid", "Liv Aid."

Vangelis music, narration Dzheldofa B., M. Burke. 3. Statements famous athletes. 4. Video program of popular music.

How to begin the race leading athletes in the "Sport Aid". 5. The "Sport Aid".

Performance of the dance ensemble "Hot Gossip".

Foreign news footages 1986 № 64

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Sports: special report for the upcoming World Chess Championship and contender for the title of world champion Anatoly Karpov and Kasparov ve.

Filming 1975 - 1986 period. 2. USA, Stratford - first test flight of the model airplanes that. 3. USA - heatwave in the southern states of the country. 4. South Africa - the situation in the country after the announcement of a state of emergency.

Children at the school entrance, pray, wash classes.

Interview W. Mandela.

The streets of

Johannesburg. 5. U.S. state Aydago - Congress of Aryan Nations (racial couples ment).

The logo of the Congress, the sign "for whites only", people in T-shirts with a swastika.

Demonstration of protest against the Congress ca.

Racists burn CU.est. 6. England, London - arriving at Heathrow Airport Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze and his wife.

Shevardnadze met in a country residence with the British Foreign Secretary Howe.

USA, Washington - competition waiters. 14. Afghanistan, Kabul - the new head of the country's 38-year-old general Najibullah looking for a compromise between the Islamic religion and the Communist ideology.

The soldiers on the streets.

People pray.


Veiled women in Western dress.

Najibullah said to reporters.

Council skie tanks in rural areas.

Mountains with the Soviet station of observation.

Soviet aircraft in the air.

Military occupation. 15. France - sports: cycling. 16. England - the foreign ministers of Britain and the USSR J.

Howe and Shevardnadze signed an agreement on pre-revolutionary debts of Russia, economic cooperation.

During the visit, Shevardnadze chased protesters for human rights.

Foreign news footages 1986 № 82

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Sweden: The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station on the island fell Lapponian fallout.

Herders The detection of radiation in ruzhili Lapland reindeer meat. 2. Pakistan: Storonnki opposition leader Benazir Bhutto hold radio demonstration in Karachi. 3. Japan: Building the world's longest suspension bridge system. 4. Libya: President Gaddafi touring the coastal cities of the country. 5. China: CU.atky biographical sketch of Deng Xiaoping, in connection with his 82-year anniversary.

Newsreel from 1949 to 1986. 6. Thailand: The trial of the Deputy Minister of Interior for obvnineniyu slandering the king of Thailand. 7. South Africa: The campaign against apartheid H. Suzman visited Soweto riots after another. 8. Philippines: Meeting in Manila Economic Ministers of ASEAN member countries. 9. Cameroon: Results of the explosion underwater volcanic gas.

Foreign news footages 1986 № 118

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Overview of 1984 1986. 8. Sudan: A Review of the economy. 9. El Salvador: The introduction of new taxes, due to the difficulties in the economy. 10. Philippines: Family President C. Aquino awarded the "Family of the Year."

The demonstrators, supporters of former President Marcos burn photogen raffia Aquino. 11. China: Police disperse a student demonstration in Beijing. 12. Israel: The trial of nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu M. accused of a spy.

Foreign Minister Peres receives a delegation of Italian socialists. 13. Lebanon: Castle Museum, built in the mountains of Huf.

Tion exposure, representing the culture and lifestyle of the Lebanese village. 14. Farntsiya: Many days strike of railway workers.

Rallies tuyuschih bass. 15. India: Punjab sikzhi hold a protest against death sentences handed down by the court killers of Prime Minister for E Indira Gandhi. 16. Malaysia: Sports.

International competition in badminton. 17. West Berlin: Sports.

World Cup parallel slalom MS.edi men.

Foreign news footages 1987 № 85

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Foreign news footages 1988 № 15

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Chronicle of 1938-1988 years. 12. Iran's UN representative call to stop attacks on civilians in the war for the Persian Gulf. 13. Afghan refugee camps along the border with Pakistan. 14. U.S. Secretary of State Shultz in Jerusalem. 15. Bus accident prevention in the UK. 16. The plot is about a murdered 10 years ago in Aldo Iero.

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