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Foreign newsreels 1974 № 4109

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

USA - Arrival of the new U.S. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller to Washington.

USA - Nelson Rockefeller oath ceremony on taking up the post of vice-president.

USA - Store extremely expensive Christmas gifts in Dallas (TX).

O-in Martinique and the United States - Meeting

Valery Giscard d'Estaing and J.

Ford - talks about a common energy policy.

Return of Ford to the U.S..


Foreign newsreels 1974 № 4110

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

USA - Actor Marlon Brando persuades her sister to join his request to transfer the land the Indians.

USA - amateur magician show off their tricks.

Australia - Darwin City, destroyed by the cyclone "Tracy".

Australia - The evacuation of residents of the city of Darwin after Cyclone.

Pakistan - The consequences of the earthquake.

Rescue operations.

Pakistan - The opening of a new textile factory fitted PRC.


Foreign newsreels 1974 № 4111

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Goa - a former Portuguese possession after the visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal is preparing to move under the control of India.

South Vietnam - Strengthening the onset of the patriotic forces with the approach of the dry season.

Cambodia - The fight for the harvest of rice between the warring parties.

Thailand - Student demonstration in protest against the return from exile of former military ruler of the country.

Cyprus - The beginning of the struggle for the restoration of the war-torn island's economy.

Bangladesh - The old men and women with children in state camps for the starving.

Australia - Army helps to combat local fires.


Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4112

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Australia - Australian Open Tennis.

Men's singles competition.

Australia - Australian Open Tennis.

Goolagong retains the title.

U.S. - Hockey - team meeting in Boston and Los Angeles.

Austria - International competitions in ski jumping from the springboard (the new ski jump in Innsbruck).

Yugoslavia - Cancel international ski competitions in Kranjska Gora because of lack of snow cover.


Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4113

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Australia - Escaped British MP John Stonehouse flies to Sydney and talking to reporters.

Pakistan - Prime Minister Bhutto in the earthquake area.

Pakistan - Helicopter delivers the goods to the quake-hit northern areas of the country.

India - Visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain - Sheikh Mohammed in India.

Cyprus - Final work on the construction of a new Greek-Cypriot airport in Larnaca.

Singapore - Oil spill Japanese supertanker in one of the busiest maritime countries of the world.

South Vietnam - Battles in Binh Phuoc.


Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4114

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

USA - The finance ministers of developing countries to discuss issues relating to the oil and currency crisis.

France - On the temporary collective leadership in the PCF due to illness

J. March.

France - Increased security measures at Orly Airport after the bombing of Yugoslav aircraft.

Italy - demonstration and rally of the Communist Party in Rome.

NATO fleet in the Bay of Naples.

Monaco, Italy - Monaco Rally (the first stage).


Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4115

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Cyprus - Archbishop Makarios, takes the oath of the new cabinet.

Cyprus - Greek Cypriot attack on the British and American embassies.

Cyprus - The funeral of the young Cypriots - Greek, who was killed during the anti-British speeches.

Lebanon - Artillery firing (after Israeli tanks had crossed the border.)

South Vietnam - Thieu his funeral after the attacks of Binh Phuoc.

South Vietnam - Refugees in the camp.

Syria - The visit of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.


Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4116

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

France - The Siege of Orly airport.

Italy - A rally in support of permit abortions.

Tanzania - Celebrating the 11th anniversary of the independence of Zanzibar.

Southern Rhodesia - Statement by Ian Smith (about the country's inability to transfer to the Government of the Negro majority).

Lebanon and Israel - Chronicle 1970 -1975 years. about the ongoing tensions between the two countries.

Cambodia - Actions lonnolovskih troops in the area of ​​Phnom Penh.



Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4117

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Germany - Stuttgart City: ancient architectural complexes, new construction, urban transport, buildings, factories and businesses.

Reporting in the city.


Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4118

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Egypt - Day celebration.

The parade and demonstration at the stadium in Cairo after the 1st anniversary of victory in the city of oktyabre1973

At the celebration was attended by President Anwar Sadat, head of the Arab states.

Cairo, October 1974