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Foreign newsreels 1974 № 4082

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

France - Leonid Brezhnev and Giscard de Steen sign agreement on economic cooperation.

France - Lawyers Protest against defamation contained in the book "On behalf of the French people."

Yugoslavia - The completion of the visit of Yasser Arafat.

Belgium - Demonstration in Brussels in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people.

England - bread lines during the strike of bakers (London).

The work at the bakery.

Italy - The fall in demand for cars factory "Fiat" in Turin.


Foreign newsreels 1974 № 4083

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Ethiopia - The consequences of the bombings in two buildings in Addis Ababa.

France - Press conference of Valery Giscard d'Estaing and interview Harold Wilson on the outcome of the meeting and disagreements.

Greece - Thousands of Greeks cheering in the streets of Athens on the day of the referendum (after the first announcement of the election results.)

Italy - The new government's propaganda campaign - a call for Italians eat less.

Cyprus - Visit of Archbishop Makarios, the refugee camps of the Greek Cypriots.

Israel - A court in Jerusalem sentenced Bishop Capucci to twelve years in prison for supplying the weapons of Palestinian guerrillas.

Iran - Interview Shah - a plan to fight inflation and stabilize oil prices.


Foreign newsreels 1974 № 4089

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Austria - The construction of the nuclear center in Vienna.

Germany - About building in Bonn (Newsreel).

USA - New Disneyland in Florida.

Children in the country of Disney.

Foreign newsreels 1974 № 4093

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

India - the centenary of the birth of Nicholas Roerich.

India - The launch of one of the most modern ships "Mine."

India - Indira Gandhi at the celebration of the twenty-seventh anniversary of independence.

India - The election of the president.

Foreign newsreels 1974 № 4100

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Poland - XIX Congress of the Society of Polish-Soviet friendship.

Finland - Visit E. Gierek and P. Yarashevich.

Germany - On the crisis, inflation.

Bangladesh, East Germany - Newsreel - The Indo-Pakistani War.

Reports from Bangladesh.

Help GDR young republic.

Foreign newsreels 1974 № 4103

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Germany - Giant oil drilling rig in the North Sea, based in Hamburg, commissioned by the Texas Petroleum Corporation.

Germany - War memorials and anti-war sculpture.

Germany - the "Consumer Information" - warning consumers about the "free formation of prices" in restaurants bars, shops

Czechoslovakia - The laying of wreaths and a rally in Ruzynskih barracks, where 35 years ago, had been shot by the Nazis Czech students in the International Students' Day.

Bulgaria - a former army shooting range, where they shot 50 national heroes.

Portraits of heroes.

Bulgaria - Monuments at the Shipka Pass and elsewhere.


Foreign newsreels 1974 № 4105

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

GDR - Celebrations to mark the completion of the construction of the Palace of the Republic in Berlin.

There E. Honecker.

Bulgaria - The international theoretical conference "Modern problems of socialist democracy and the prospects for its development."

Bulgaria, Portugal - Official visit of T. Zhivkov's first ambassador of Portugal in Bulgaria.

A report from Lisbon.

Bulgaria - Fly T. Zhivkov to Iran.

Newsreel of the Bulgarian-Iranian relations.


Foreign newsreels 1974 № 4106

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

West Berlin - Thousands of mourning rally dedicated to the memory of the killed terrorists, the chairman of the Chamber background Drenkman - Speaker Walter Scheel.

Cyprus - Visit to the refugee camps - the Greek Cypriot delegation "of the Council of Europe."

Pakistan - Meeting of the leading physicists of the world.

Syria - Visit of goodwill Arafat - by laying ceremony in memory of the Palestinian village men.

Kenya - President Kenyatta at the celebration of the eleventh anniversary of independence.

Zambia - By the end of the Rhodesian African leaders meeting in Lusaka.

West Berlin - the circus is coming to town.


Foreign newsreels 1974 № 4109

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

USA - Arrival of the new U.S. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller to Washington.

USA - Nelson Rockefeller oath ceremony on taking up the post of vice-president.

USA - Store extremely expensive Christmas gifts in Dallas (TX).

O-in Martinique and the United States - Meeting

Valery Giscard d'Estaing and J.

Ford - talks about a common energy policy.

Return of Ford to the U.S..


Foreign newsreels 1974 № 4110

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

USA - Actor Marlon Brando persuades her sister to join his request to transfer the land the Indians.

USA - amateur magician show off their tricks.

Australia - Darwin City, destroyed by the cyclone "Tracy".

Australia - The evacuation of residents of the city of Darwin after Cyclone.

Pakistan - The consequences of the earthquake.

Rescue operations.

Pakistan - The opening of a new textile factory fitted PRC.