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Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4757

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Poland - Art Exhibition "In the world of metaphor" in the Warsaw House of Artists.

Greece - Tourists on Mount Olympus in Greece.

The ancient ruins.


Colombia - Bogota City.

Museum of Gold Bank of the Republic of Colombia.

The exposition of the museum: ancient gold jewelry and silver - sculptures "gvakas", gold jewelry, household items.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4769

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Taken: Making "tricks" movies.


The history of film equipment.

Shooting different events from the beginning of the century to the present day: the eruption of Vesuvius, the airship disaster "Hindenburg"


Film archives.

Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4772

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Japan - Japanese Communists rally.

There is the French Communist Party leader Georges Marchais.

Kawasaki, April 8, 1976

Yugoslavia - Egyptian President Anwar Sadat arrives to Yugoslavia to negotiate with President Tito.

Bryony, April 8.

Japan - Press conference of the French Communist Party General Secretary, J. March.

J. March criticizes anti-Soviet policy of China.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4773

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Lebanon - Fierce fighting in the streets of Beirut.

Taken: Smoke on the city.

The soldiers climb over the wall.

The soldiers with a machine gun in a jeep.

Destruction on the streets.

Residents buy fruit.

The queue for bread.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4774

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Portugal - The election campaign.

Mass meetings of communists and conservatives in Lisbon.

Taken: Various plans rally Communists.

Acts Cunha.

The Communists chant.

The rally DRC. Almaral acts.

Lisbon, April 13.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4775

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Portugal - rally.

Guatemala - Clearing the freeway, damaged during the February earthquake.



Syria - a demonstration in support of President Al-Assad, condemning the civil war in Lebanon.

Damascus, April 15.

Turkey - Statement of opposition leader Bulent Ecevit that his party is ready to cooperate with the government to end the political unrest in the country.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4776

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

France - Construction of a new submarine for oil exploration in the North Sea.


USA - World Cup ski free style.

Turkey - Meeting of Heads of State: the Shah of Iran, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Bhutto and President of Turkey Koruturk.

Izmir, on April 21.

USA - Basketball match between the USSR and the team of Iowa.



Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4777

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Switzerland - Completion of secret two-day talks between ministers OPEK.22 April 1976

USA - Medical research a new method of recognition of lung cancer.


New York.

Czechoslovakia - The restoration of the ancient monastery of St.

George in Prague.



Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4778

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

China - Spec. the story of Mao Tse Doon.

Newsreels: Various political events in China 1927 - 1976 years.

China political relations with other countries.

Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4779

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Angola - Spec. plot 1960 - 1976 years.

About the fight for the independence of Angola.