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Foreign newsreels 1977 № 5159

News, 1 part to collection F 6/8/2014

Germany - World Championships in Athletics.

England - International Curling Championship.

Egypt, Cairo - The meeting of the Palestinian parliament.

Discussion of the Middle East.

England, London - Pilot interview from Uganda.

He talks about the violation of the law in Uganda.

California, USA - Born in captivity kitenka.


Foreign newsreels 1977 № 5165

News, 1 part to collection F 6/8/2014

Bangladesh - A Celebration of the sixth anniversary of the country's independence in Dhaka.

Pakistan, Islamabad - the oath of Prime Minister ZA Bhutto's second term on the board.

England - World Cup table tennis.

Belgium - Qualifying for the World Cup football.

England - World Cup table tennis.

India, New Delhi - Oath of Ministers - the members of the new Cabinet Minister Mikhail Desan.

Nicosia, Cyprus - A Celebration of Independence Day.


Foreign newsreels 1977 № 5166

News, 1 part to collection F 6/8/2014

England, London - Sale unique collection of porcelain.

USA - Basketball game in Philadelphia.

U.S., USSR - U.S. Secretary of State Talks S.Vensa with leaders of the Soviet government - Leonid Brezhnev and AA Gromyko in Moscow.

Western Sahara - Women of a tribe cook, play with children and participate in the training squad Polisario.

England - World Cup table tennis among women.

Lebanon - Funeral chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party K.Dzhumblata.

Japan - Ice Hockey World Championship in Tokyo.


Foreign newsreels 1977 № 5167

News, 1 part to collection F 6/8/2014

England - World Cup table tennis.

England - World Cup table tennis.

England - exhibition of gold and silver jewelry Romans in the British Museum in London.

Ivory Coast - a meeting of the IOC.

England - The story about the leader of the British Conservative Party of Margaret Thatcher.

Newsreel of 1975-1977.

England - The story about the Prime Minister of England J.


Foreign newsreels 1977 № 5170

News, 1 part to collection F 6/8/2014

Spain, Madrid - Spanish public checks electoral lists prepared by the general elections.

Ethiopia - People's Guerrilla Liberation Forces camp in Eritrea.

Portugal - Rally of Democratic women's movement in Lisbon.

Ireland - Police dispersed the building prisons Portlisha demonstration of solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike in prison.

Israel - West Bank - Clashes between young Arabs and the security forces.

Ramallah, Arraba village, Neblus.

Zaire - Camp government troops in Shaba province on the border with Angola.


Foreign newsreels 1977 № 5171

News, 1 part to collection F 6/8/2014

Germany - Arrival of President Anwar Sadat of Egypt for talks with German leaders on the prospects of peace in the Middle East.

Meeting with Scheel.

Bonn, March 31, 1977.

USSR - Alexei Kosygin and other officials met the Prime Minister of Tunisia Hedi Nouira, arrived in Moscow on an official visit.

Algeria - Speech by the leader of the separatist movement of the Canary Islands on the continuation of terrorist attacks against Spain.

U.S. - Meeting President George

Carter and Egyptian President A. Sadat at the White House in Washington.


Foreign newsreels 1977 № 5172

News, 1 part to collection F 6/8/2014

Israel - West Bank - Israelis demonstrate protest after an international solution of the Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories, pass through the hills of the West Bank.

India - The Special Representative of Pakistan talks with Prime Minister Desai at a meeting of Non-Aligned Countries (Iraq, Cyprus, Chad, Vietnam, Zambia, Algeria, Angola, Congo, Palestine, etc).

Arrival of the Foreign Minister of Vietnam in Delhi.

India - Minister of Communications J.

Fernandez meets with delegates of the Coordinating Bureau of the Non-Aligned Conference in New Delhi.

Jordan - Inauguration of the new floating jetty in the port of Aqaba.

Egypt, Cairo - Funeral famous Egyptian singer Abdel Halim Hafez (Halim).


Foreign newsreels 1977 № 5175

News, 1 part to collection F 6/8/2014

Austria - downhill skiing on the World Cup (South Tyrol).

Training and competition.

Kenya - Anti-smuggling ivory poachers, destroying rare animals.

Special teams blocking roads, ambushes.

Poachers caught in the act.

Austria - Special rotary machine "Badger" digs a tunnel under the Danube for the laying of a new water supply in Kayzerebersdorfe.

Austria - Competitions Ski slalom World Cup.


Foreign newsreels 1977 № 5178

News, 1 part to collection F 6/8/2014

Iraq - Overview of the events of early 1977.

Foreign newsreels 1977 № 5180

News, 1 part to collection F 6/8/2014

Czechoslovakia - Parade socialist cinema in Prague.

Taken: Meeting Filmmakers socialist countries.

The Delegation of the Soviet Union.

Newsreels - Images from the first Soviet films and documentaries.

Frontline cameramen.

Footage of the joint Soviet-Czechoslovak cooperation.

Festivals of the socialist countries in Carlsbad, Leipzig, etc.