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Foreign newsreels 1960 № 531

News, 5 footages, Duration: 0:10:02.988 to collection F 8/5/2016

Former concentration camp at Dachau (Germany).

Meeting women with foreign delegates Bucharest (Romania).

Eisenhower's visit to Japan will be canceled.


The judge, a former Hitlerite.

German Titov in the GDR. Ulbricht.

Foreign newsreels 1961 № 576

News, 12 footages, Duration: 0:13:06.599 to collection F 8/5/2016

Radar Tower.

The situation in Berlin.

NATO maneuvers in Berlin.

Protests Scots.

The ship "Santa Maria".


September 1939.


Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2637

News, 1 footage, Duration: 0:08:49.361 to collection F 8/4/2016

USA, South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, Germany, West Berlin, East Germany - The fight against fascism, imperialism, racism and war and between countries, the chronicle material over the years.

Speech by Springer (Russian version).

Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2645

News, 5 footages, Duration: 0:12:10.332 to collection F 8/4/2016

Czechoslovakia - Cleaning up a shoe factory "Suite" in Gotvaldove after May 1, the 26th anniversary of the liberation of Czechoslovakia and the 50th anniversary of KPCh.

Vengriya - XXII Congress of the Hungarian trade unions.

Hungary - A session of the World Peace Council in Budapest (EDL not).

Hungary - A report from the Budapest International Fair.

Bulgaria - A referendum for a new constitution UXO.

Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2706

News, 10 footages, Duration: 0:12:14.614 to collection F 8/4/2016

Czechoslovakia - The Latvian photographer Gunnar Bingde.

His work at the exhibition "The Soviet Union in art photography."

Czechoslovakia - The meeting of students with the president of Czechoslovakia in the early days of vacation.

Czechoslovakia - Visiting NV Popova House of Soviet Science and Culture in Prague.

Czechoslovakia - Youth building - power Tumilitse-II. Works youth from Poland, East Germany, the Soviet Union.

Bulgaria - A meeting with representatives of veterans BCP Youth League at the National Museum of the revolutionary movement in the days of the 80th anniversary of the BCP.

Bulgaria - Youth on the construction sites.


Foreign newsreels 1962 № 786

News, 6 footages, Duration: 0:07:02.37 to collection F 8/4/2016

The Return of Ben Bella in Algeria.

Mikoyan stay in Morocco.

Exhibition of paintings by El Base in Rabat.

Arrival at Ben Hedda Rabat.

Hassan II.

The opening of the new theater in Rabat.

Opening Session IV special UN committee in Tangier.


Foreign newsreels 1969 № 2101

News, 6 footages, Duration: 0:10:30.798 to collection F 8/4/2016

Czechoslovakia - Receive Czechoslovak journalists G.Gusakom.

GDR - V.Ulbriht and others at the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the GDR.

Czechoslovakia - September Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPC.

Czechoslovakia - Meeting of the Czechoslovak Union of anti-fascist fighters.

Hungary - VII National Federation Peace Congress.

Romania, Yugoslavia - Meeting of Ceausescu and Tito in the construction of hydroelectric power station on the Danube.

Foreign newsreels 1970 № 2181

News, 4 footages, Duration: 0:10:17.626 to collection F 8/4/2016

Romania - The 25th anniversary of the liberation of Plaeshti (city in 1944 and in 1969).

Poland - Reports of Warsaw - the 25th anniversary of the liberation of the city.

Poland - The 25th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw.

Czechoslovakia - Chronicle: the destruction of Prague after the raid Anglo-American bombers on February 14 in 1945.

Hungary - the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Budapest - Annalistic material in 1944.

Hungary - Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Budapest.

Foreign newsreels 1973 № 3374

News, 11 footages, Duration: 0:10:51.024 to collection F 8/4/2016

Bulgaria - Installation of a giant Soviet-made cars on the newly built plant pulp and paperboard in


Bulgaria - Kremilkovsky Iron and Steel Works.

Young workers.


Bulgaria - Erskine Caldwell in Sofia.

Bulgaria - The visit of the Secretary of the Executive Bureau of the LCY Stan Dolants.


Foreign newsreels 1968 № 1684

News, 3 footages, Duration: 0:06:53.742 to collection F 8/4/2016


Berlin-The excitement of young people in connection with the assassination attempt on the head of the Socialist Union of Students Rudi Dutschke.

Annals: Dutschke acts; student killed Ohnesorg. (The plot of "Blik" no repairs sheet).