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Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1283

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

Japan - Demonstration in Iokosuna against alleged atomic arrival of U.S. warships.

Clash with police.

Dominican Republic - American troops suppress unrest in Santiago.

South Vietnam - U.S. soldiers wounded and killed in the Battle of the Michelin rubber plantation (near Saigon).

Interview two American soldiers.

South Vietnam - Australian troops in search of the South Vietnamese patriots during the Battle of the rice fields in the Saigon area.

South Vietnam - U.S. warplanes in the Saigon airport.


Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1285

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

DRV - police battalion formed of garment factory workers Hanoi.

DRV - Aircraft from the U.S. aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk", located in the South China Sea, fly bomb DRV.

South Vietnam - Actions, artillery and jet U.S. against the South Vietnamese patriots (operation "Mesher").

South Vietnam - Biggest operation landing of American marines.

South Vietnam - Actions of American troops, tanks and aircraft.

South Vietnam - Operation combined American, South Vietnamese and South Korean forces in the province of Binh Dinh.

United States - Anti-war demonstration at the UN building in the resumption of the bombing of the DRV American aviation.


Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1287

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

Italy - Kidney transplant chimpanzee man.

Canada - Arrival of the Soviet ship "Alexander Pushkin" in Montreal.

England - Manchester Stadium, which will host football matches in the World Cup.

Japan - Sapporo City, which will host the Winter Olympics 1972

Switzerland - Arrival in Geneva group of patients and wounded Vietnamese orphans.

Australia - Sending Australian soldiers to Vietnam.

South Vietnam - Australian Prime Minister Holt in Saigon.


Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1288

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

South Vietnam - Arrival replenishment South Korean troops.

South Vietnam - U.S. Planes are heavy fire on the alleged basis of the South Vietnamese patriots near Saigon.

South Vietnam - Interview of Prime Minister Key (on elections, the bombing of Hanoi and the attack on the DRV).

South Vietnam - Consequences of a mine explosion in Saigon.

South Vietnam - U.S. Marines studying various pitfalls and traps that use the Vietcong.

South Vietnam - hunger strike students of the University of Hue (against government repression).

South Vietnam - Battles in Danang.


Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1290

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

Netherlands - Soviet artists and N.Makarova Nisnevich rehearse a scene from the ballet "Giselle".

Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1291

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

MPR - AN Shelepin in the MPR (arrivals, speeches at the rally).

Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1293

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

Italy - Military Parade in Rome on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Italian Republic.

Switzerland - Resumption of the Committee of 18 on Disarmament in Geneva.

Belgium - Demonstration of 50-ton amphibious vehicle of American manufacturing.

England - Test-rover boat hovercraft.

Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1299

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

Switzerland, Geneva - Arrival of delegates to the meeting of the 18-Nation Committee on Disarmament.

Germany - An explosion at a coal mine in the Ruhr.

Dominican Republic - Police and soldiers looking for weapons during a strike.

Japan - 2500 police stopped a strike of university students.

Chatting in Tokyo.

Japan - A protest against rising prices in Tokyo.

Ghana - Accra Soldiers guard the airport after the coup.


Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1300

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

DRV - shot down over Hanoi drone SShA.Tunis - Newsreel 1955-1965 gg. (On the 10th anniversary of independence).

South Vietnam - Anti-government student demonstration in Saigon.

South Vietnam - Rebels hold Danang.

South Vietnam - Anti-government protests of students in Saigon.

South Vietnam - Anti-government unrest in Saigon.

South Vietnam - New anti-government unrest in Saigon.

Dominican Republic - The general strike in Santo Domingo.


Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1305

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

Mozambique - Construction of the pipeline and oil storage tanks at the port of Beira.

South Vietnam - Operation American and South Vietnamese government troops against the North Vietnamese in the province of the Quang Ngai.

Mozambique - Mozambique border and Southern Rhodesia.

Beira port construction depots.

Rhodesians resting on the beach in Mozambique.

South Vietnam - Operation of U.S. troops in the area of ​​Binh Duong, near the Cambodian border.

South Vietnam - South Vietnamese troops guarded army headquarters and the airport in Saigon after the announcement of the resignation of General Nguyen Thi Chung.