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Moscow Video Chronicle 1958 № 6

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:14 to collection A 11/10/2012

Collection of high school graduates of the Moscow Region, have expressed a desire to work in agriculture, the first secretary of the Moscow Regional Party Committee IV Kapitonov hands Komsomol meeting participants.

Production processes in the shop of the Moscow Machine-Tool Plant "Red Proletarian".

Process Engineer Plant Romanov gives interviews (synchronously).

Production processes in the shop chemical plant in


Laying of concrete in the construction of one of Moscow's roads.

Professor S. Alekseyev and other staff shumometricheskoy stations record by urban noise with special devices in the lab station in the bus.


Moscow Video Chronicle 1958 № 7

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:13 to collection A 11/10/2012

A meeting of the working people, the

Moscow and Stockholm World Congress delegates for disarmament and international cooperation: Congress delegate, poet Nikolai Tikhonov, the other members of Congress, who arrived in

Moscow, of the floor.

Construction of new homes in


Director of the National Research Institute for Artificial Leather VI Alekseenko talks about the institution (synchronously).

Machinist on the shop floor plant artificial leather.


Moscow Video Chronicle 1958 № 9

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:02 to collection A 11/10/2012

The meeting at the factory Likhachev, the launch of a new model truck "ZIL -157".

Truck "ZIL -157" rides on the road.

Production processes in the shop silk weaving factory "Red Rose".

Harvesting corn in the suburban farm "Ray".

Agronomist farm L. Belova speaks at meeting the foremost agriculture.

Stands with different varieties of corn on corn in exhibition



Around the USSR 1966 № 17

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:15 to collection A 11/10/2012

Family members Islambekovyh - by profession medical staff - in a working environment (city


Production processes at the Gus-Crystal glassworks (city


Yu Randla racer during the competition, and his wife, a hairdresser M. Randla in the pool at work Randla couple walking in city

Tallinn (Estonia).

Around the USSR 1966 № 18

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:17 to collection A 11/10/2012

Types of

Zhodino (Belarus); shoppers in stores, people in the barber shop, the children in the Palace of Culture, in kindergarten, manufacturing processes at the car "Belaz".

Evenki in his village; Evenki taught at the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute.

Herzen, relax in the student lounge.

Types of

Moscow, shoppers in a department store "Moscow", the family for New Year's table, children on a Christmas tree in the Kremlin.

Around the USSR 1968 № 41

Newsreel, 2 parts to collection A 11/10/2012

Around the USSR 1980 № 16

Newsreel, 2 parts, Duration: 0:14:18 to collection A 11/10/2012

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (history and present).

Union science and industry - companies producing Soligorsk (extraction) of potassium salts.

Around the USSR 1982 № 19

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:43 to collection A 11/10/2012

XIX Congress of the Young Communist League in the State Kremlin Palace.

Around the USSR 1984 № 19

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:49 to collection A 11/10/2012

Museum of Fine Arts.

Pushkin (the history of the museum, a collection of European paintings.)

Soviet warrior 1988 № 2

Newsreel, 2 parts, Duration: 0:17:14 to collection A 11/10/2012

Exterior and interior of the Central House of the Soviet Army.

Chronicle 1928: Meeting in CDSA, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Red Army.

Important meeting with the soldiers of the Red Army (Chronicle 30's, 40's, 50's.

Among the writers: Gorky, Ilya Ehrenburg, I. Stadnyuk, Fadeev, etc.).

Performances in the Great Patriotic War.

Among the singers and musicians: L. Ruslanova E. Hillel. (Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War).

Speech by Mr. a.