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person of the week (1995) 1995

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:19:03.52 to collection -- 2/20/2018

The hero of the program is the former Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Yuri Kalmykov.

The topic of the conversation is the session of the Constitutional Court on the problems of the Chechen war.

The plot of the work of the court (fragments of meetings, comments of famous lawyers).

Why did the court start work only 7 months after the war began and postponed the consideration of the case.

Selection of personnel from the courtroom and popular unrest in Grozny.

Comments Yu.K. Kalmykov on the meeting with Dmitry Dudayev and the failed negotiations.



person of the week (1995) 02/16/1995

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:18:19.275 to collection -- 2/20/2018

Vladimir Tumanov, with humor speaks about his appointment to the post of chairman of the Constitutional Court, talks about a hobby - enthusiasm for kayaks.

He expresses his readiness to take up duties, stressing that he has never held senior positions.

Describes the history of the modification of various codes in the USSR.

Vladimir Tumanov in his office; In the Federation Council (clothed in a robe) at a meeting with senators.

He laughs as he tries on a mantle, which turned out to be very heavy.


person of the week (1995) 02/09/1995

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:55.371 to collection -- 2/20/2018

Tatiana Paramonova talks about the main tasks that are set for the Central Bank and the course of their implementation.

Particular emphasis is placed on measures aimed at stabilizing and strengthening the national currency, the Russian ruble.

Describes his career, his experience in various sectors of banking.

On the importance of creating and maintaining an interested team.

Address plan of the Central Bank in Moscow.


person of the week (1995) 03/02/1995

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:20:21.023 to collection -- 2/20/2018

A press conference by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Shakhrai, who announced that he knew about Dudayev's whereabouts.

Airport "Vnukovo".

The aircraft Yak-40.

Synchron of the presenter Elena Sargsyan.

Meeting Ruslan Aushev at the airport.


person of the week (1994) 09/29/1994

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:18.486 to collection -- 2/20/2018

Fragments of the video chronicle of the events of the autumn of 1993.

Armored vehicles on the streets of Moscow.

Ambulance cars.

Night shooting of barricades.

Fighting near the White House of the Government.


person of the week (1994) 09/23/1994

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:18:21.779 to collection -- 2/20/2018

Videoexcursion from the exhibition of photos by Gina Vronskaya - "Great Russians", as well as the presentation of the directory "Who's Who in Russia" and the novel "And the One High Dwarf" by which she is the author.

Jean Vronskaya has a Russian soul, but calls herself a Russian Englishwoman.

Biography of Gin: student years, marriage.

Non-acceptance of the regime and emigration.

Work in the UK.


person of the week (1994) 10/07/1994

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:19:11.769 to collection -- 2/20/2018

The film crew meets Vakhtang Kikabidze at the airport.

The plot about the activities of the actor in Georgia: participation in the political life of the country, work in the cinema.

Difficulties that had to be faced in theatrical art and the film industry.

A story about Vakhtang's youthful years, his desire to be an artist.

Vakhtang explains why he was expelled from the Institute of Foreign Languages.


person of the week (1993) 09.1993

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:15:16.4 to collection -- 2/20/2018

The hero of the program is the chairman of the Constitutional Court Valery Zorkin.

The conclusion of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation of 21.09.1993 on the compliance of the RF Constitution with the actions and decisions of the President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin related to his decree on the stage-by-stage constitutional reform and appeal to the citizens of Russia.

The impact of trade on life outside of work.

Details of biography, photo.

VD Zorkin about the family and relationships with loved ones.

Constitution, government and people.

How to make people execute decisions of the Constitutional Court.


Peak hour (1998) 06/30/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:20:10 to collection V3 2/20/2018

The guest of the program is the Minister for Emergency Situations Sergei Shoigu.

The influence of work on the worldview of man.

SK Shoigu about his family.

Flooding in Yakutia, rescue work on the territory of the Lena region.

Causes of a humanitarian catastrophe.

Ignorance of the order of actions in abnormal situations as the main cause of death of people.

The OSH program in schools as a replacement for the CWP.


Peak hour (1998) 03/30/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:19:57.314 to collection V3 2/20/2018

Illusionist Emil Kio talks about his creative path, the art of an illusionist, new attractions, about the work of domestic and foreign illusionists, about professional secrets and his creative plans.

Video of Kio's speeches.

Emil Kio in the studio demonstrates his art.