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theme (1993) 10.26.1993

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:42:05 to collection V3 7/13/2020

Тема выпуска - права детей.

Do children have rights and how do they differ from the rights of adults?

How realistic is it to observe and protect the rights of children in our country?

What rights are violated most often and is there any point in talking about it at all?

Who will help the child to apply to the courts in case of serious problems that can not be solved at the household level?

In the studio, a 9th grade student Pavel Krepky, a 10th grade student Yevgeny Spiridonov, a candidate of pedagogical sciences Yakov Vladimirovich Sokolov.

The program is illustrated with plots about the problems of homeless children and about the Moscow school of self-determination No. 734, excerpts from the films “The Republic of ShKID” (1966, directed by GI Polok), “The Scent of a Woman” (1992, directed by M. Brest).

theme (1993) 10/12/1993

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:44:57 to collection V3 7/13/2020

The topic of the conversation is the compatibility of characters.

Visiting program Alexander Shirvindt and Mikhail Derzhavin.

The famous screen and stage duet talks about half a century of friendship, overcoming creative and life differences and about family relationships.

Also in the program answers to numerous questions from the audience and excerpts from films and performances with the participation of actors.

theme (1993) 09/21/1993

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:25:37 to collection V3 7/13/2020

Start the program.

The topic of conversation is sex business in Russia.

Visiting the program is writer Yuri Polyakov, chief editor of the men's magazine "Andrey" Alexey Weizler, sexologists Igor Kon and Sergey Agarkov.

What is the sex business in Russia and what areas of this industry are known to the ordinary man in the street?

What is the fundamental difference between erotica and pornography?

Does modern looseness harm youth education?

Public opinion and storyline about the work of Russia's first intimate store "Intim" (interview with director Tatyana Agarkova).

theme (1998) 11/06/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:37:54 to collection V3 7/13/2020

Subject of the program: Folk art and crafts of Russia.

Musical number.

Performance of the folk group “Ladonka”.

Guest of the program: Natalia Sizova, artistic director of the ensemble.

She talks about the team, its program, shows different costumes, each of which represents a particular region of the country.

Guest of the program: Zinaida Ivanitskaya, folk master in the painting of Easter eggs.

She tells about the history of this ancient art, its traditions and secrets of craftsmanship.


theme (1993) 01/26/1993

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:44:45 to collection V3 7/13/2020

The topic of discussion is banks.

Visiting the program are Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Menatep Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Alexander Handruev.

Experts answer citizens' questions and explain the basic principles of banks, the system of capital formation, the problems of the current state of the economy and accompanying inflation, educate people about the details of monetary reforms and examine in detail one of the most pressing problems - why it is more profitable to keep money in banks than at home.

It is equally important to understand how to choose a bank worthy of trust, and what is the element of risk when handling currency, securities and commercial financial institutions.

In the story about financial crimes, the senior security officer of the credit and financial department of the Office for Economic Crimes of the Main Directorate of Internal Affairs of Moscow Alexander Mikhaylenko (using ITA materials) was filmed.

Also included in the program is a story about the development of banking in Russia and excerpts from feature films "The Adventures of Pinocchio" (1975, director L.A.Nechaev), "Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession" (1973, director L.I. Gaidai), "The Golden Calf" (1968, director M.A.Schweizer), "12 chairs" (1976, director MA Zakharov), "Chief of Chukotka" (1966, director V.V. Melnikov), "Before parting" (1984, director A. B. Kosarev).

theme (1993) 01/19/1993

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:29:17 to collection V3 7/13/2020

Start the program.

The theme of the release is mercenaries.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the armies of the former Soviet republics, a certain percentage of soldiers of various types of troops remains to serve.

Another number of soldiers moved into the category of mercenaries.

Their exact number, as a rule, is unknown, the ministries of defense of the current independent states are extremely reluctant to share this kind of information and often deny the very fact of using mercenaries in the current service and in combat operations.

In the event of hostilities, it is almost impossible for relatives and officers in Russia to obtain information about the fate of their husbands and fathers.

Who should be responsible for the soldiers and their families?


theme (1993) 03.03.1993

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 1:04:23 to collection V3 7/13/2020

Subject of the program: Year on air.


Guests: no.

V. Listyev talks about the program "Theme".


Survey on the street: What transfer remember?

The best shows of the year according to the letters of the viewers: Humor as a means to survive, the Death Penalty, Children and Business, Drinking, Bearing weapons, Once having lied, Cruelty in sports, Bachelors, Transexuals, Entry and exit.


theme (1995) 09/05/1995

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:38:56 to collection V3 7/13/2020

Theme - is it easy to be a star, children stars.

Visiting the program is musician Rodion Gazmanov, actors Nadezhda Mikhalkova and Alexander Loye.

Together with their parents, children answer questions about working on the stage and on the set, about how the acting profession affects everyday life and relationships with friends, discuss future plans.

The program includes excerpts from the children's magazine Eralash and the films Dubrovsky (1988, directed by V.A. Nikiforov), Dreams (1993, directors K.G. Shakhnazarov, A.E. Borodyansky), "Burnt by the Sun" ( 1994, director N.S. Mikhalkov).

TV presenters Yuri Nikolaev and Inna Ermilova talk about children's editorial on television, and Yeralash’s director Boris Grachevsky talks about working with Sasha Loya and other children.

theme (1995) 11/08/1995

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:38:57 to collection V3 7/13/2020

Theme - gypsies.

For many centuries, the Russian people live in the neighborhood of the people, about whom they know practically nothing, except that this nation sings beautifully, dances and wonders.

Гости программы развеивают популярные мифы и подробно отвечают на вопросы об истории возникновения цыганского народа, о современной жизни различных диаспор with its own laws and norms of behavior, about the position of Roma women in the camp and the problems of children's education, about holidays, marriage and other traditions.

In the studio, actress and fortune teller Lyalya-Papusha Mihai, artistic director of the Romen theater Nikolay Slichenko, choirmaster of the Romen theater Vladislav Demeter, as well as Gypsy ethnographer Nadezhda Demeter, theater and film actor Vasily Vasilyev, Gypsy public figure Georgy Demeter, lawyer Vladimir Bobrov.

The program includes plots about the village of Hungarian Gypsies who settled near Maloyaroslavets, about the educational complex of national culture No. 1650, where children learn languages ​​and the history of different nations, and about the children's ensemble "Gilori", which in the future could become the first children's gypsy theater.

Movie fragments: "Elusive Avengers" (1966, director E.G. Keosayan), "Tabor goes to heaven" (1975, director E.V.Lotyanu), "Cruel Romance" (1984, director E.A.Ryazanov).

theme (1992) 08.19.1992

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:45:29 to collection V3 7/13/2020

The issue is Russia a year later.

Exactly one year from the date of the attempted coup.

Guests of the program are the 1st secretary of the Moscow city Komsomol committee Igor Malyarov and the general director of the medical insurance company Garmed Guram Mzhavanadze.

За прошедший год в России многое изменилось, и основной массе населения до сих пор непонятно, к лучшему эти перемены или к худшему.

What did the coup mean for ordinary people?

How has the concept of patriotism changed?

How to act in the current economic situation, to be able to survive in the new era?