Secrets forgotten victories. Project X (2003)

Film №20305, 1 film, duration: 0:28:15
Production: Narodnoe kino
Director:Symphorien F.
Screenwriters:Nikolaev L.
Camera operators:Pavlov, Pomorin I.
Anouncers:Lanovyy B.


The film is about the prominent Soviet helicopter designer N.I. Kamov.

Reel №1

Autumn 1947. Khimki Reservoir.

Tests of the first Soviet helicopter unusual scheme: coaxial.

Beginning of 20 century.

The first attempts vertical take-off.

1922. Four helical helicopter Argentine Fields Paterasa Pescara fails.

1929. Hungarian Asboth up to 2 meters from the ground.

1933. Office of the Belgian "Florina" takes off, but the horizontal flight is unsuccessful.

The most successful design was the Spaniard Juan de la Cierva.

This was a single-engine helicopter with a longitudinal propeller on top.

Named Designer "autogyro".

In 1927, the Spaniard flew over the Channel.

Photograph of the building of the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute, where he studied NI Kamov.

Photo of NI Kamov.


Aircraft factory in Fili.

Since 1923, working there NI Kamov paid apprentice.

After working in the workshops of society "Dobrolet" senior engineer to repair the German and British planes.

In 1928 he entered the CB seaplanes.

Photo of NI Kamov and engineer NK Skrzhinskogo.

Draft autogyro KASKR. Building Osoaviachima USSR, where they presented their project KASKR NI Kamov and NK Skrzhinsky.

Photos: Head of Red Army Air Force SP Baranov, approved the draft KASKR; in autogyro stand designers and engineers, the first autogyro "Red Engineer".

Photo of Joseph Stalin.

NI Kamov invited to lead a team of special structures in TsAGI. The work on the coaster.

1934. Autogyro NI Kamov A-7, which is able to fight pests in fields and serve as a scout.

The largest in the world.

Starting mass production.

NI Kamov in Ukhtomsky develops the first plant of helicopters.

Photos: AM Cheremukhin; chief designer NI Kamov and deputy chief engineer ML Miles, standing at the helicopter.

Military Chronicle.

Photo: accident autogyro.

Building an aircraft factory, where during the war he worked NI Kamov.

Building MAI, where he taught NI Kamov.

Photography: NI Kamov preparing for the dissertation.

For the development of coaxial system NI Kamov disclaims single-rotor vane AM Cheremukhin and transverse scheme IP Bratukhin.

Photograph IP Bratukhin.

The first experiments in this direction were made by I. Sikorsky.

In 1910, in Kiev I. Sikorsky created a model of coaxial helicopter.

The most successful attempt to create a model coaxial helicopter was at L. Breguet, and R. Deran.

In 1937, the model reached a speed of 100 km / h.

Photo of NI Kamov.

NI Kamov makes coaxial helicopter.

Testing of the first coaxial helicopters K-8, NI Kamov called it "Irkutyanin.

Stalin arrived at the historic parade in Tushino, which took place in 1948. Premier K-8. Photo test pilot MD Gurov, another NI Kamov.

The Admiral Kuznetsov, chief of the Navy of the USSR. Testing K-8. Stalin on the podium clapping his hands.

7 October 1948 established the State Plant number 3, which became the chief designer NI Kamov.

Tests of a new flying motorcycle K-10. Experienced K-10 test pilot DN Efremov.

Covers how the K-10 (voiceover).

1956. In the KB it.

Kamov coaxial helicopter developed K-15, specifically for the fleet.

Test of K-15. The first coaxial helicopter into serial production.

Based on K-15 was designed multifunctional civilian helicopter K-18. Photos of the country's leaders on the airfield at K-18. In 1958 in Brussels on K-18 gold medal "For originality in design.

In 1959, the Americans launched their first nuclear submarine.

The country's leadership, headed by Leonid Brezhnev and Kosygin on the deck of the cruiser, arrived at the presentation of K-25 helicopter, designed to find and destroy enemy submarines.

Flying K-25.

1974. Suez Canal.

During the Arab-Israeli war was mined, and the shipping was paralyzed.

The development of mine clearance operations Suez Canal by the USSR. Demining operations channel.

1973. Fleet Admiral SG Gorshkov examines a new search and attack helicopter K-27.

1976. On the basis of the helicopter K-27 was designed deck transport helicopter gunship K-29, capable of conducting operations on land assault.

1986. A unique helicopter radar patrol K-31, emerged after multiple K-32.

May 22, 1952. A draft of the new machine, a hybrid helicopter airplane, called "rotorcraft".

Something similar was set up G. Focke.

The car showed Khan Raycho, personal pilot of Hitler.

Creating a "rotorcraft" K-22. In August 1958 he was created the first copy of "rotorcraft".

Tests and presentation.

On the eve of the 60 th anniversary of NI Kamov a result of the accident the crew of "rotorcraft" died and the work on the machine stopped.

Photos of the dead crew of K-22 and DN Ephraim.

Speech I. Sikorsky on BBC, where he expressed his condolences on the death of the crew and DN Ephraim.

By SV Mikheev, Chief Designer of KB. Kamov.

Flight MI-6 Mil.

Create K-26. Test and the story of K-26 (voiceover).

Students NI Kamov create a super-bomber K-50 and called it "Black Shark".

This attack affects the tanks at a distance of 8 km.

17.06.1982, the first flight of the K-50. By SV Mikheev, Chief Designer of KB. Kamov.

Testing K-50. Images chronicle of "Black Shark".

Our time: in the KB it.

Kamov people work.

In the hangar there are helicopters.

Double K-52 attack aircraft, called the "Alligator" is on the site of CB. Kamov.

Take-off and flight K-52.

Movie №1

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