Outland Designer (2002)

Documentary №27205, 1 film, duration: 0:26:31
Production: Narodnoe kino
Director:Filyukov D., Lavrinenko E.
Screenwriters:Filyukov D., Lavrinenko E.
Camera operators:Pomorin I., Kuptsov I.
Anouncers:Lanovoy B.


On one of the most brilliant avtokonstruktorov last century VA Grachev, who created more than 90 vehicles.

Movie №1 Outland Designer

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The busy highways of America, people move like ants.

Automobile assembly line, being assembled machines.

Photo avtokonstruktorov important 20th century: the founder of "Cadillac" Henry Lilland, Henry Ford, Ferdinand Porsche.

Photos Soviet designer Vitaly Grachev, Grachev and Gagarin, Grachev and Zhukov.

Off-road: the legs knead dirt, tractors stuck in the field, the soldiers pulled the truck out of the mud.

ATVs designed Grachev: Soaring ravines, making their way through the forest, storm puddles, ride the sand, swim across the lake.

Spring 1936, the start of run "Bitter-Pamir-Moscow".

Cars go through the sand.

GAZ factory assembly line.

Being assembled GAZ M-1. Industry Commissar Ordzhonikidze visiting gas, considering the M-1. Tests in the GAZ-61, the car goes through the swamp, climbing up the hill, going down the steep stairs.

The Great Patriotic War: explosions bombs destroyed bridge, light railway structure, Soviet trucks stuck in the mud.

Move out from the conveyor GAZ armored cars by Grachev - BA-64, traveling around the city, in the forest they are checked for armor - shoot a machine gun.

BA-64 photo of the destroyed houses in Berlin.

Photos of cars Grachev: GAZ-61, the first Soviet-wheel drive car, GAZ-64, First Army commander jeep, GAZ-67, the famous "John Willis", GAZ-68, the world's wheel self-propelled gun.

Grachev congratulatory telegram from the award of the State Stalin Prize.

Photo page from the diary of Grachev.

Jubilant people celebrate the victory in WWII. Photo Grachev surrounded designers Dnepropetrovsk plant, 19,951 a year.

Family pictures V.A.Gracheva parents, Grachev engaged in rowing, aeromodelling.

Marshal Zhukov riding in a car.

The first wheeled rover created a special CB factory ZIL. Off-road vehicle ZIL-135 missile R rides on the sand, through the puddles.

Grachev talks with Defense Minister Grechko.

ZIL-167 all-terrain vehicle on the tests in the Tyumen region, driving on winter roads at-45C.

Says Vladimir Borisovich Lavrentiev, deputy chief designer of SKB ZIL from 1958 to 1990

Special Design Bureau of ZIL in our time, study Vitaly Grachev.

ATVs Grachev: aircraft jet engine, put the car.

Aircraft landing gear on the machine.

Amphibious all-terrain vehicle ZIL 135-P is floating down the river, out of the water on a sandy shore.

Photo A.A.Voznesenskogo poet.

Ascension reads a poem about Vitaly Grachev.

Car-bomber on tests - start a tactical missile.

Parade on Moscow's Red Square in 1961. Military experts and attache filmed and photographed cars Grachev.

Gagarin meeting on Red Square.

In 1965, during the landing of astronauts to Earth Leonov and Belyaev capsule fell in the forest.

The rescue operation lasted for 2 days.

Says Georgy Grechko, Soviet cosmonaut.

SKB ZIL creates rescue complex "Blue Bird." Autocomplex test in the winter forest, testing Plow terrain vehicle.

Modern meeting astronauts to Earth.

Cabinet V.A.Gracheva.

Testing facilities in the village Chulkovo where there are abandoned cars Grachev.

Memorial stone from the tomb of V.A.Gracheva.

Calendar: 2002

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