Victory over time. (2004)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Filyukov D.

Script writers: Filyukov D.

Operators: Soloviev S.

Text writers: Lanovoy V.


About my favorite people's car GAZ M-20 "victory."

Movie №1 Victory over time

1943. The massive German air raid on the city of Gorky.

GAZ plant burns.

Working telegraph, a telegram from Stalin to GAS. Ended in the Battle of Stalingrad, the German prisoners walking on the street.

Photos GAZ designers: Lipgart.

Release of the first Soviet subcompact KIM-10. The streets of Moscow 20s 30s, traffic, traffic controller work.

AA.Lipgart on training in America, Ford plants, assembly line vehicles.

Car Ford 40. First gazovsky GAZ M-1. Photo design school Liphart.

With conveyor GAZ cars go: B-64 armored car.

Sketch artist Benjamin Samoilov.

Plaster and wooden models of GAZ M-20. M-20 is collected, it leaves the gate of the plant, goes to rally to Moscow.

Photos Liphart: children, family, student of a secondary school Resurrection, photos of the first Soviet car us.

GAZ automobile plant construction in 1932-1933 year.

June 1944, the streets of Moscow.

Photos of Stalin next to the car GAZ M-20. Grinding machine frame at the factory.

The inscription "Victory" on the body of a car.

Conveyor body trim "Victory", assembling the car.

The first Soviet automobile shop in Moscow.

Says Alexander Lomakov, avtokollektsioner, founder of the museum cars "Lomakovka." Products on the shelves of the Soviet automobile shop: wiper, lights, speedometers, horns.

Assembly shop "Victory" at the factory GAZ. Children tour the factory.

Engineer shows children motor parts, they look under the hood, looking like "Victory" move down the assembly line.

Photos from private family archives, people close to the "victory."

Moscow taxi "Victory" driving through the streets of the city, travel along Tverskaya (formerly Gorky Street).

Another modification of the "Victory" - a convertible.

The world's first comfortable SUV M-72 storm swamps, steep climbs stairs.

Installation on the car radio.

The first honorary owners of "Victory": announcer Levitan, grandmaster Mikhail Botvinnik (photo), a ballerina Galina Ulanova (gets in the car).

The appearance of the machine "victory" in the global auto shows.

Of America to see the "Victory" comes Henry Ford II. News: Ford's assembly line.

Twins of "Victory" English "Standard Vanguard," Polish "Warsaw." In 1947 comes the film "Spring", where the scenery was used "Victory".

Old racing cars: «Opel 2." Global automotive showrooms, exhibits.

Release of the new GAZovskogo car "Volga". A.A.Lipgart creates car ZIM. Photo Liphart.

Higher Technical School students to the drawing board.

Says Boris Akimovich Dekhtyar, the leading designer of cars GAZ from 1947 to 1983.

Passage of "Victory" in modern rural road driving Mikhail Krasinets, director of the museum cars.

The parade of "victory" in 1995, the rally cars from Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow, the passage of cars on the Red Square.

Motor Show May 9, 2003 at the site Lomakov museum.

Design models tuning "Victory." Passage GAZ M-20 on the streets of modern Moscow.

Mark Fair, flea market items, were in use.

Snow-covered stalls.

Photos of abandoned "Victory" on the streets of Russia.

Monuments car in Omsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Belgorod, Naro-Fominsk.

A monument at the grave of the old design A.A.Lipgarta Vvedensky cemetery.

Podl open air museum in the Tula region, village Chernousova. 300 machines, of which there are 30 "Victory."