Foreign newsreel 20 - s (1920-1929)

Footage №27306, 1 footage, duration: 0:19:07

Scene №1 Foreign newsreel 20 - s

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Dusseldorf, June 8, 1924 Shattered (Hurricane) building, people on the street apart the blockage, Panorama on buildings and ruined chapel of the church.

The destroyed building was demolished apartment.

Fallen trees on the street, people walking, trees uprooted - the consequences of the hurricane, pedestrians walking, children playing in the fallen tree.

Fallen brick wall, scattered timber, destroyed walls, people walk, ruined factory destroyed workshops factory

Fallen trees, the boys climb a fallen tree, people make out debris, cutting trees.


Paris, shot from above: cars drive through the streets, passers-by, the different plans of the city, traffic inverted shots, shooting from different angles, signs, windows, paving, different parts.

Entrance to the subway.

Gare Montparnasse.

The street is a machine with a horse in a horse-cloth sack, the wheel of the cart, the cart with statues of Atlantis, beggars sleeping on benches, piles of bricks, stones, debris,

Unfinished triangular vault, beam, construction cranes,

Building (shot through a mesh fence), the shadow of the fence on the wall, the sparrows, the shadow of the fence, the shadow of the trees on the tramways, different types of shadows, fences, trees opilennyh.

The folded tube, shooting through the tube, types of trees, the sky, the square in front of the palace, are people, the fountain, the boys let the boat, fragments of naked statues.

Locomotive smoke pipe, statues, NDP on the street with a rapid change of plans, shooting through the curtains, park, art nouveau building, the building of a multi-storey garage with a fire escape, different plans of the city, the roofs of houses, a church roof orchestra, musical scores, posters, advertisements posters.

Opening Day Street in Montmartre: people walking, watching the exhibited works of artists, artists in their works, paintings, sculptures, people's faces.

There are newspaper people with attached shoulder boxes and posters, a walking advertisement - people in towers, people, books.

Herd of goats on the street, a man milking a goat, driving them on the street

Shopping malls, women look dress, empty row of shopping, merchants collect things.

Those men standing in the street, the market, a woman selling potatoes, stalls with goods, baked pita bread, a stand with small figures.

The girl weighed on the scales of street, a man buys flowers, street musicians and perform circus

Various quack apparatus for determining the fate of the arm.

Hang on a rope lace tablecloths, car rides on the pedal go - recumbent, the child in a baby machine, man with glasses on a motorcycle, billboards, shop windows and signs.

Panorama of Art Nouveau buildings, shop windows, dolls, a woman with mask, puppet head in the style of "modern idols" of the building.

artist studio, brushes, easel, hung on the walls of work.

Streets, bridges, street artist, subway, steps, promenade, is a boat, tackle, take on a man in a boat, the interior cabin boats portrait lady cat on board, river, buildings reflection in the river.

Smoking a pipe passing locomotive, fence of the bridge over the river, spinning stand with cards, stacks of newspapers, the shadows of people on the sidewalk, a man emotionally talking, a man trying to shove a large envelope in the mailbox, extravagantly dressed passersby.

Street wizard makes a wicker stool, she sees a poster, passersby, a man's face with whiskers.

Calendar: 20th years.

Locations: Germany [84] France [77]

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