Documentary screen (2004) Journey of a lifetime

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Series №1 Journey of a lifetime

Synchron film expert Alexander Deryabin.

Images from the film Alexander Litvinov, "Forest People", 1928.

Synchron of Deryabin.

Newsreel of the 20's.:

New York - the overall plan.

Streets of New York.

Public goes to the cinema.

Images from the film Alexander Litvinov, "Forest People":

Udygeytsy a river boat.

Synchron Deryabina.

Film by Alexander Litvinov, "Forest People":

Map of the USSR.

Forest landscape.


Forest landscapes.

Animals (deer, bear, snake, etc.).


Udegey floating in a skiff.

River landscapes.

Camp, the huts.

Udegey life.

Men chop wood.

Make a boat out of the trunk of a tree, get down to the water, floating on the river.

Women do housework in yurts (curry hides, cook and so on.).


A man smokes in a yurt.

Child smoking a pipe by the fire.

A man returns from work, he meets a woman.

A woman goes for prey: Go boat into the water, floating on the river, find prey in the forest, cut up the carcass of the animal, will ship in the boat.

Men build a hut.

A pregnant woman goes to give birth in a separate hut.

Smoking man.

Maternity women bring food and water.

A woman with a baby comes out of the hut, go to obuyu yurt.

Woman is engaged with a baby.

A little boy runs the boat.

Udegey wedding.

The boat sails groom comes to the yurt.

Women prepare a teenage girl to a wedding.

Udegeys sitting on the ground near the yurts - the ceremony.

The bride and groom go to the boat.

Grandmother wraps bride shawl.

The boat sails.

Children - a boy and a girl - the yurt, play.

Men are going to hunt, cook gear.

Shaman rite, ritual dances.

The men went out hunting, women and children were escorted to shore.

Sail boat.

Men track down the bear.

Bear in the woods.

Man hurt bear spear, struggling with the beast rips the carcass of the animal.

Hut on the river bank.

Men at a ritual dinner on the occasion of production bear.

Bear skull on the tree.

The total dinner (with women).

Camp - an overview.

Girl feeding cock man shaved, she feeds the pigs.

Girls perform agricultural work, working men.

Assembly of the tribe, conferring with the "urban" tribesman Sun Cy, accompanied him to the city.

Vladivostok: panorama of the city (above).

Udegey Sung Si is coming home to the writer Arsenyev, talking with him in his office.

Arsenyev wrote, hands - close-up (request to the Committee of the Northern peoples tribe udegeys help organize co-op).

Sung Si with Arsenyev pass on the street of Vladivostok.

Streets, people on the streets - different plans.

Sung Si and Arseniev go to the cinema, talking in the hall, watching the movie "In the wilds of the Ussuri region," they laugh.

Barge with cattle and farm implements - a gift from the tribe of the Nordic peoples.

Sung Si with Arsenyev on the pier.

Arseniev read a telegram from the Committee agreed to help the tribe, escorted Sun Sai.

The ship departs from the pier.

The river, the boat floats.

Deer in the forest.

Men hunt deer from a boat.

Hand to turn the handle camera.

Director Alexander Litvinov with a camera.

Paul Mershin operator with a camera.

Writer Arsenyev office behind a desk.

A synchronous of Deryabin.


2004 (1928)