The airport is open (1983)

Documentary №33725, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:42
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Yurlovskij V.
Screenwriters:Rudnev N.
Camera operators:Rajh A.


A film about the work of rescue calculations at airports.

Reel №1 The airport is open

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Passenger plane takes off, the view screens at the airport.

Landing the plane.

Passengers boarding the plane.

The aircraft in the hangar during preflight maintenance.

Fire truck driving on the airfield, a technician inspects the undercarriage of one of the planes.

View of hangar fire trucks at the airport, another car leaves on a detour the airfield, on duty with binoculars to the fire tower, watching a plane taking off.

Technique rescue calculation, special transport, services, transport, airfield services at the sites.

The inscription on the electronic scoreboard.

Fire crews are scaling down and check the condition of fire hoses.

Interior view of a medical clinic, doctors measured the blood pressure of the employees, the face of the doctor.

The arrival of traffic police officers in a fire brigade of the airport.

The plane on the runway.

The dispatcher on duty at the console.

Structural diagram of the emergency services of the airport (animation).

View site the rescue team of the airport (above).

Passengers proceed to check-in for your flight, interior views of the airport building.

Aircraft at the airport, flying the plane.

Staff emergency services on alert and take place of the machines, the technique leaves on the tarmac.

The scheme of actions of rescue services of the airport in case of emergency situation (animation), writing on the electronic scoreboard.

Conduct training with staff from emergency services of the airport, the staff, the instructor explains the topic and answers to questions.

Brigade emergency services drove up to the aircraft off the runway and damaged the undercarriage.

The installation process under plane fabric inflatable equipment to raise the plane, the rescue of the interim standard.

Install the Jack under the bottom plane.

View of chassis raised, with the help of an inflatable pillow of the aircraft.

Key words


Calendar: 1983

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The summing of areas under damaged landing gear, towing of the aircraft on the runway with a tractor, installing a new chassis.

Towing aircraft into the hangar for repair.

Type of aircraft lying on the runway nose.

The process of raising the nose of the plane with the help of special equipment, towing aircraft into the hangar.

The people in the waiting room of the airport.

The passenger puts the baggage on the scale, the people at the front Desk.

The view of the lighted night-time the signal lights of the runway (above), lifeguard on duty in the tower watching through binoculars the territory of the airport, reported the accident to the fire station.

Ambulances leave the hangar, go to the scene, on duty at the console.

Scheme for emergency rescue service during the fire of the aircraft (animation).

View of a burning plane, saving the passengers via inflatable ramps, arrived fire brigade puts out the fire, filling it with foam, the arrival of the brigade "first aid".

Firefighters continue to extinguish the fire, the doctors take affected.

The arrival of the duty officer to the scene, a solid fire foam of the plane with the chassis.

The arrival of the emergency vehicles to the plane, the attendant directs the actions of the rescuers and technicians.

Inspection of the damaged aircraft, charred chassis.

The ascent of the airplane body with the help of special equipment.

Kind of raised a damaged chassis.

The process of emergency evacuation of the aircraft in the hangar, the duty gives the command through a speaker, a General view of evacuees of the aircraft.

The view of the runway.

Calendar: 1983

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