Aviaexport (1985)

Documentary №33727, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:06
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:V. Chulkov


The film is about aircraft construction in the USSR. Shows a variety of aircraft supplied to different countries.

Reel №1 Aviaexport

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Spinning propeller of an airplane, types of terrain and settlements under the wing of the aircraft.

Soaring planes.

Newsreel 1932-1933: a plane flies over red square during a military parade.

Flying aircraft "Maxim Gorky".

The Navigator plots the course of the flight.

The landing of the Soviet aircraft at the North pole in 1937.

Participants of the polar expedition, standing at the plane, saluting in the air with a revolver.

Flying airplane.

Map of flights from Moscow to Vancouver.

Newsreel of 1937: the meeting of Chkalov V. P., Baydukov G. F. and Belyakov A.V. in the United States, the crew of the aircraft.

Aircraft Tupolev A. N. during a meeting with the engineers in the 1950-ies, face Tupolev.

The application of trademark Tupolev design Bureau on Board.

The aircraft "TU-104", the faces of the reporters.

The panorama of the airfield, the planes are parked.

A passenger aircraft of Soviet production, with the characters of foreign airlines at airports all over the world.

The aircraft on the airfield.

Internal types of the Assembly shop of aircraft factory.

The process of production of aircraft, implementation of different work operations on the installation of various components, assemblies, and equipment.

Check the equipment of the cockpit, check the operation of the elevators.

The plane at the airport of Warsaw.

The manufacturing of parts for Airbus IL-86 in the Polish company.

General view of the housing of the assembled plane.

Validation of enterprise systems and components for aircraft.

The output of the finished plane out of the hangar.

The finishes and layout of the passenger cabin.

A plane taking off.

The layout of the aircraft IL-96.

Frame Assembly the IL-96.

Manufacturing drawings of the aircraft using automated equipment, testing the reliability of the aircraft on the computer.

Selection of the optimal wing shape.

Laboratory testing of aircraft components.

View of one construction of aircraft.

The transportation of heavy loads, equipment and building structures with the help of helicopters.

View of helicopter MI-17 pilots in the cockpit.

The helicopter flies through a mountain gorge.

Transportation by helicopter of the tractor.

View of helicopter MI-26.

Mechanics carry out maintenance of the helicopter.

General view of the cockpit, the screen on the dashboard.

The opening of the cargo compartment of the helicopter.

General view of the cargo compartment.

The crane drives into the cargo compartment, the compartment is closed.

The rise of one of the helicopter to others.

Calendar: 1932-1933 1937 1950e

Locations: Moscow [820] USA [851]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Soviet planes in a foreign airport.

Aircraft in the hangar during maintenance checks.

Experts check the technical condition of the aircraft of Soviet production in one of the foreign airports.

View of old castle in Czechoslovakia.

The plane in the Prague airport.

Towing aircraft into the hangar.

Soviet specialists conduct routine checks of the aircraft.

Aircraft in the hangar during maintenance checks.

The withdrawal of the aircraft from the hangar.

Sending a telex in "Aviaexport" about sending replacement parts, shipment of containers with the ordered parts.

The process of automated order processing for parts, automatic search of containers with spare parts in the warehouse to retrieve them.

Landing a plane view of a part of Prague airport.

Unloading of aircraft containers with spare parts.

Aircraft in Sheremetyevo airport.

Repair of Soviet aircraft belonging to foreign airlines, in a dedicated facility.

Diagnosis of components and assemblies of the aircraft with the help of special equipment.

A plane taking off.

The plane landed at night at Havana airport.

Types of streets and neighborhoods of Havana.

Passengers at the airport of Havana climb the ladder into the plane.

Soviet aircraft flying on the local lines of Cuba, one of the aircraft at Cuban airfields.

Interior view of one of the shops on repair of planes in Havana.

Soviet and Cuban specialists diagnose.

Download transport aircraft IL-76 at the Cuban airport.

A plane taking off.

The plane flies over the river.

Waving flags of countries-members of CMEA.

View of the building of a training center for aviation professionals in Ulyanovsk.

Experts from different countries during classes.

Practical training in engine maintenance, repair of equipment of the cockpit.

Training simulation.

Pilots during a training flight.

Controllers for the remote control, taking off and landing planes.

Aircraft at the airport, a panorama of the hall of the systems of air traffic control.

The face of the controller sitting at the console, the radar screen.

Landing the plane.

The control system of flight control with the help of automated systems.

The entrance to the air show in Le Bourget.

General view of the air show, airplanes and helicopters of various countries at the airport.

Customers visiting the Soviet transport plane "Ruslan", the view of the chassis and lifting the nose of the aircraft.

Opening and closing the cargo compartment of the aircraft.

Types of airport in Le Bourget.

Photos of Soviet aircraft and helicopters intended for export.

Flying airplane.

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