From Sayan to Taimyr. (1985)

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Zavolzhin V.

Script writers: Mihajlov A.

Operators: Tishkevich S.


The film tells the story of everyday life and victories of labor workers of the Krasnoyarsk Territory; The movie is dedicated to the 115th anniversary of Lenin's birth.

Industry | Restructuring | Ecology

Reel №1


Blooming meadow.

Helicopter over the mountains.

On the road runs Pioneer detachment.

Blooming meadow.

Kids dream about the future.

Shushenskoye village (shot from vehicle).


Alternation: rural landscapes and houses, rooms in the house of Lenin, documents.

State farm named after Lenin and Krupskaya pointer.

The sun over the forest.

Herd of cows in the field.

Shepherd on horseback, a flock of sheep.

Automatic watering installation.

Rainbow over the field.

Village house.

In the road calves grazing.

Multi-storey building (shot from vehicle).

The construction of hydroelectric dams.

High-voltage power lines.

The newspaper "Krasnoyarsk worker".

Preparing for the launch of the Sayan Aluminum Plant.

Getting Started.

Krasnoyarsk worker, release fastener.

Entry stele at sunset.

Solemn meeting at the factory.

Edition of the newspaper.

Participants of the rally.

Speaker O.S.Shenin.

Work in the shops of the plant.

Participants of the rally.

Opening ceremony of the workshop.

The first casting of metal.

The release of "Sayan aluminum" newspaper.

Production of the plant.


Dam under construction.

Top view of the river.

Tells I.S.Isaev.

Cargo helicopter over the taiga.

Laying of roads, construction of power lines.

Types of the Moscow Kremlin.

Blooming lilacs.

Exhibition Center, pavilion "Electrification of the USSR."


TPP under construction.

The road and the coal conveyor-transporter.

Coal mining.


Chenin OS - Soviet party and state leader, 1st secretary of the Krasnoyarsk regional committee of the Communist Party, MP. Isaev AS - Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Honorary Doctor of the Moscow State Forest University, director of the Institute of Forest and Wood V.N.Sukacheva behalf of the USSR.


Krasnoyarsk Territory [762] Moscow [820]


Spring [825]

Reel №2

Chemical experiments.

Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Physical examination.

Laboratory equipment.

Panorama coal mine machinery in a quarry.

The street goes watering machine.

Residents of Norilsk.

Norilsk copper plant.

metal smelting.

An article in the newspaper "Polar truth".

Interview with V.L.Bykovym in the shop.

Interview with A.S.Isaevym.

Woodworking enterprises.


Igarka port.

Warehouse timber.


Ships at berth.

The man at the helm.

Mountain View.

Tells A.S.Isaev.

Natural landscapes.

Construction object.

Krasnoyarsk streets.

Alternation: cascades of water, melting of the metal.

Coal mining.

Speech ensemble "Gems".

Natural landscapes.

The view from the window of the helicopter.

Dam under construction.

On the grass sit pioneers.


Bykov VL - Soviet metallurgist, senior smelter NMMC, Hero of Socialist Labor. Isaev AS


Krasnoyarsk Territory [762] Norilsk [927]


Spring [825]