Train rolls (1986)

Documentary №38783, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:26
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Taravkova Ye.
Screenwriters:Saranduk A.
Camera operators:Fedorov O.
Composers:Ovsyannikov P.


Children's cognitive film introduces the history of the emergence of the first trains.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Passenger Express train.

Freight train.

Children's railway, the train arrives at the station.

Young drivers.

People at the station.

All in cash.

To purchase tickets.

To Board the train.

A man with a child on his shoulders.


The guides help children to get into the car.

Children look out of the window.

The departure of the train.

The view from the last carriage on the platform.

The passengers of the train.


Animation: mechanisms, portrait, burning fire.

Excerpt silent film: people and the first self-propelled mechanisms.

Excerpts of silent films:

A trip on the steam locomotive of Stephenson.

The train starts moving.

A man jumps on the train.


Firemen on the wagons with coal.

The people turn away from the ways of the cow.

The young driver of the children's railway.

The whistle of the train.

The passengers in the car.

The blur of the scenery outside the window.

Alternation: paintings, drawings of locomotives.

The Monument Cherepanov.

The monument to the first Russian steam locomotive.

Split screen: the kids in the car, the figure in the window-screen.


Excerpt silent film:

People meet steam locomotive.

The passengers of the train.

Split screen: the kids in the car, figures moving on the window screen.

Paper model locomotives.

Excerpt silent film:


Disembarkation of passengers.

The man whistles.

The train travels over bridges.

The engine in the way.

Movement in the mountains.

The entrance to the tunnel.

Exit from the tunnel.

Wheels of the train.

The alternation controllers check tickets, passengers on the train.

Excerpt silent film:

The controller checks the tickets.

The ticket placed in his hat.

A dog with ticket on collar.

The smoke above the locomotive's chimney.

Split screen: the kids in the car, the picture in the window screen.


Newsreel 1917-1920:

Soldiers traveling by train.

Ship to the bridge.

A Volley Of "Aurora".

Revolutionaries on the train.

Flipping locomotive's wheels and pipes.

The view from the locomotive on the rails, the smoke.

The train arrives.

People train at the station.

The youth went to the construction site.

The soldiers on the train.

Train in the Museum.

Steam locomotives-monuments.


The train arrives at the Kiev station.

Children's train.

The engineer controls the train.

The train arrives at the station.

Calendar: 1917 1920e

Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The students in the classroom with the railroad.

The locomotive leaves the depot.

Locomotive refuel.

The driver pours water.

The assistant falls asleep sand.

Duty at dial post.

The train passes the post.

The view from the train on the platform.

Passengers boarding.

The departure of the train.

The driver gives the signal.

Children are awarded certificates.

Pioneers in the ranks.

Driver helper run the train.

Girl looking out the window.

Assistant engineer.

The red traffic light.

The person on duty gives the signal stop.

Emergency braking.

Kittens on the tracks.

Girl takes kitties and runs away.

The train starts moving.

Girl with kittens looks after.

The movement of the train.

Views of the road from the cab drivers.

The train brakes in front of the arrow.

The negotiations of the driver Manager.

The Manager opens the traffic light.

The translation of the arrow.

Duty switch post gives the signal for departure.

The train goes to the station.

Assistant engineer.

View of the road.

Working adults managers on duty.

Of a freight train.

The alternation duty at the control, the dissolution of the compositions on the hump.

The formation of the teams.

A freight train on the railroad.


Locomotives at the head of the team.

The movement of the toy train.

Experts watching the movement.

The children gather model locomotives.

Adults examine models and discuss them with the children.

Demonstration of working models.

The wheels of a moving train.

The train passes over the bridge.

Oncoming trains.

The passenger in the compartment.

The movement of the train in the twilight.



The view from the cab.

High speed train overtakes the passenger.

The passengers in the dining car.

The view from the train window.

The train arrives at the station.

Alternation: a children's train in the pines on duty at the post.

The arrival of the train.

Disembarkation of passengers.


Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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