Mountain Crimea (1987)

Documentary №39333, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:15
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kurlat M.
Screenwriters:Fost V.
Camera operators:Voronov R.


The film tells about the nature of the Crimea, on the geological structure of the Crimean Mountains, about the environmental problems of the peninsula.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A member of the reserve on the slopes.

Panorama of Crimean mountains.

Steppe grasses.

View of the sea from a cliff.

The forests on the slopes.


Flowers in the grass.

Cuesta (three parallel mountain ranges).

The road in the desert.

Clouds over the mountains.

View of the bay at sunset.

The slope of the hill.

Fortress in fog.

The camera shakes, simulating an earthquake.

Ruined house.

Photos earthquakes in 1927.

On the road going truck.


Panorama Mountains.

Sea View.

Shale rock.

Limestone mountains.

Main Ridge of Crimean Mountains on the map.

Clouds over the ridge.

The plateau at the top.

The cracks in the limestone.


People on the edge of the crater.

Cavers go down.

Karst cave.

Underground lake.

Out of karst springs in the forest on the border with shales.

The mountain river.

Grand Canyon.

Panorama of rural settlement.

The outer ridge on the map.

The boundary of the outer ridges and steppes.

Geologist hammering a piece of marl.

A piece of rock in the hands of man.

Flowering steppe grass.

Field of tulips.

Sown fields.

The inner ridge on the map.

Relief inner ridge.

Soft limestones from nummulites.

Panorama inner ridge.

Mountain vegetation.




Crimean beetle.

Shiblyak (thickets of thorny trees and bushes).

Scrubby hillsides.

The ruins of Eski-Kermen.

Panorama of the valley between the interior and the main ridge.

Goose with a brood of chicks.

In the courtyard of grazing goats.

Woman working in the garden near the house.

View of the village.

Key words

Crimean Natural Reserve.

Locations: Crimea [981]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Clouds over the northern slope of the main ridge.


Panorama of forests.

Beech forest.

A herd of wild boars.

Reserve Officer magazine covers and looking through binoculars.

A herd of mouflon on the edge.

Yayla - upland plateau, the top of the main ridge.

Meadows on the western part of the plateau.

Sparsely vegetated mountain steppes on the east side.

Panorama eastern Crimea.

Snake gets out of the stump and crawling on the dirt road.

Panorama of the steppe.


Aerial view of the southern coast of Crimea.

Exotic vegetation.

The view from the cliffs on the resort area.

Cape Ai-Todor, the castle "Swallow's Nest."

Panorama of the city by the sea.

Clouds over the mountains.

A man riding a tractor on a vineyard.

Pine forest.

Crimean pine.

Panorama mountain slopes.

Mountain stream.

Transport interchange near the city.

Deposits Merkel external ridge.

Construction machinery.

Dried plants.

View of the plant.

Extraction of marble-like limestone.

Panorama of the city.

A member of the reserve on the slopes.

Lone rock.

Panorama of Crimean mountains.

Key words

Crimean Natural Reserve.

Locations: Crimea [981]

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