Away from nature (1982)

Documentary №39358, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:48
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Chernyavskii L.
Screenwriters:Gurevich L., Chernyavskij L.
Camera operators:Fedorovich K.


The film is dedicated to the problems of nature protection in mass recreation and tourism, designed for students.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Ticker: quotations from the Constitution of the USSR. Animation: a bird flies through the forest.

Welder at work.


The man in sneakers trample the grass.

View of the house and tower power lines out of the trees.


Top view on a forest path.

Index near the footpath.

The hand turns the pointer.

People on the path in the forest park.



Tree roots sticking out on the track.

Rubbish in the grass.

Environmentalists do layout area path network.

Animation: the calculation of loads and the stability of the natural complex.

The vegetation on the edge of the path.

The path in the section.

Animation: the results of experiments with the ground under a microscope.

Man considering a magnifying glass large plantain.


Accumulation of meadow plants in the forest: a large plantain, timothy, meadow grass, meadow buttercup, Chernogolovka (viewing under a microscope).

Thickets of grass.

Ivan tea.

Plantain overgrown trail.

Viewing under a magnifying glass: fern-Dryopteris.

Viewing under a magnifying glass: lily, strawberry, horsetail, oak sprout.

Wither larch.

Installation: Under digression forest.

Animation: the depletion of forests spontaneous recreation area.

People in tents in the woods.

Felled trees, views of the lake.

Environmentalists say destructive traces of human activity.

Group of ecologists with posters.

Grounds maintenance, marking trails.

Kids go on a wooden bridge.

Animation: an example of careful planning and competent organization of recreation areas.

The tent city.

The wooden base of the tent.

Place for a bonfire.

Boats near the pier.

A teenager goes to strengthen the banks.

The child jumps down from the tree climbing.

Wood for autographs.

Plantations 1981.

The camp site in Lithuania.

People walk along the paths.

A group of tourists out on the "Path of the Sun".

Tourists in the woods.

View of the river.

Tourists rest on a sandy hillside under trees.

Thickets of grass near the water.

Fog over the river.

Locations: Moscow region [788] Lithuania [128]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Installation: Under digression forest.

Cuckoo Clock.

Installation: the remnants of forests visible high-rise buildings.

Crowds of people at the railway station.

Ticker: Quote A.Leopolda.

Photo A.Leopolda.

Forest fire.

Traffic on the avenue.

Wheels cars.

People ride on a motorcycle on the country road.

Fencing bridge, the scenery along the roadsides.

Girl in a motorcycle helmet on horseback.

Wheelie, and the exhaust pipe.

Motorcycle turns down a country road to the forest.

Motorcycle in the grass near the tree.

People go to the forest.

Thickets of grass.

The wheel of a motorcycle.

Nest of thrush.

Animation: fetal heart beat, then stops.

Thickets of bluegrass.

Day peacock eye.



A fragment of the film "Peddlers" 1910 Scene picnic.

Animation: the number of still images is growing and goes into the dump image in magenta.

Panorama dump on the edge of the forest.

Attraction-nonsense "Visiting nature."

Environmentalists carried a comic performance.

Motorcycle racing on a country road.

Motorcyclists turn onto a side road and head for the woods.

Group of motorcyclists riding with young seedlings of forest trees.

Ticker: Quote A.Leopolda.

The grass at the water's edge.

The observer with the camera in a tent on the banks of the river.

People set up a poster on the opposite bank.

Rain pounding on the water.

People in canoes.

The observer adjusts the camera lens.

Kayakers stalls set near the poster.

A man rides smoke over the fire.

Past camp canoe floats.

Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

People on the boat.

Poster on the beach.

Boats unfold and swim away.

Panorama of the coast.

Raindrops falling into water.

Tent observer.

People on the other side changing poster.

People in raft PSN-10. The raft unfolds.


Fallen tree.

The raft floats.

People ride on a motorcycle on the country road.

Saw, a bunch of mugs, socks dried before a fire.

Man cuts potatoes over the cauldron.

In a skillet stir food.

Motorcycle in tents, people sing songs around the campfire.

A boiling pot.


Pots over the fire.

View of the campground with the capture edge of the adjacent parking lot.

Lit the fire.

View of the camp from the opposite shore at night.


From the seething cauldron of foam rise.

The comic performance: our descendants in the future on an excursion to the fictional nature museum.

Newsreel: avalanches, storm at sea, hurricane.

Motorcyclists ride with young seedlings of forest trees.

The wreckage of motorcycles in the air.

Wheel motorcycle on the ground.

Photo: nest in old tires.

Layout recreation area.


Installation: The grass grows through the wheel.

Ticker: Quote A.Leopolda.

Young people standing in a meadow, turn around and go to the woods, lying on the grass are motorcycle helmets.

Panorama of meadows, forest and river bars on the horizon.

Quote of the Constitution of the USSR.

Locations: Moscow region [788]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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