Who will cook porridge? (1974)

Documentary №40086, 1 part, duration: 0:09:07
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:E.Shejngeziht


The film tells about the tournament on cooking porridge at the Sverdlovsk Culinary School, as well as about the secrets of cooking various dishes.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A correspondent on the streets of the city asks passers-by questions about different dishes.

Title - Who will cook porridge?

A piece of paper is taken out of a transparent lottery drum, it says "millet porridge with prunes"on it.

The tournament of cooks in the Sverdlovsk Culinary School is a room with many tables and plates, participants cook, they are watched by members of the commission and judges.


The cook girl is sorting through the grits.

Cereals are weighed on the scales.

Plates with apples and strawberries are placed on the table.

At a long table, the commission is headed by the chef of the Moscow restaurant "Russia" Viktor Ivanovich Polyakov.

Krupno-Polyakov talks about cooking porridge.

There are huge boilers in the professional kitchen, the cook tries the food.

Large-soup in a cauldron.

Large-fried eggs in a large frying pan.

Large-a sign on the Uralmash building.

The chefs cook in a professional kitchen.

Large-prepare French fries.

Large-chop the meat.

Large-cut greens.

Coarsely-cut tomatoes.

The general plan is a professional kitchen, the cook puts a baking sheet in the oven.

Large-a female chef tries a dish.

Kitchen workers at the distribution.

The foyer of the dining room on Uralmash.

Trays of food are moving along the conveyor.

The hall of the dining room - workers are sitting at the tables.

Large - from the samovar pour boiling water into a cup.

General view of the dining room.

A worker in a helmet eats.

The girl is eating.

Water is poured into a saucepan, grits are filled in.

Cooks in white coats and hats at work.

The chef oversees the work of the student chefs.

It is written on the board-A test on the topic "Cooking meat dishes".

Classroom - students sit at their desks, the teacher switches the levers of a special programmed machine

Large-a student at a desk during a class.

Large-a card with a question on the topic "Cooking meat dishes".

Students answer the questions of the test using a special device.

Large - the face of a student.

Close-up-the hand switches the levers.

Large-the light bulbs on the programmed machine are lit.

Large-semolina porridge in a saucepan.

Cooks prepare porridge.

The student cook puts plates with cherries, almonds, strawberries, etc. on the table.

Coarse-the hands grind the grits with a knife.

Large-a table with products - eggs, strawberries, apples, etc.

The chef monitors the work of the student chefs, gives them advice.

Uzbekistan, view of the restaurant building.

Uzbek men in national clothes are sitting on the veranda, drinking tea, eating pilaf.

Large-the hands are sorting through the rice.

Coarsely-the onion is cut into strips.

Coarsely-meat is cut.

Coarsely-the onion is cut into rings.

A cook is cooking pilaf on the street .

Large-the rice is poured into the cauldron.

Large-in the rice, depressions are made and the broth is poured there.

The cook tries pilaf.

On the table there is a dish with pilaf, plates with pieces of watermelon and fruit, a plate with vegetables, a kettle with a bowl.

From the teapot, pour tea into a bowl.

A large-aged Uzbek man drinks tea and eats pilaf.

Close - up-the face of a girl cook.

The chef looks at his watch.

Large - on the clock 13: 00

Close-up-the hand turns off the plate lever.

Student chefs try ready-made dishes.

Decoration of ready-made dishes.

Student chefs carry ready-made dishes for the evaluation of the commission, put them on the table.

The members of the commission try the dishes.

A panorama of a beautifully laid table with dishes prepared by students of the school.

Large-fried pieces of fish in a frying pan.

A special transparent cabinet where meat is cooked on a spit.

The cook checks the readiness of the meat.

Large-the chicken is fried on a spit.

The cook is engaged in decorating porridge with fruits and berries.

A chef in a restaurant in Moscow takes out a dish with Guryev porridge.

An old dish with porridge decorated with fruits and berries, a plate of pancakes, a bowl of jam, sour cream appear on the table.

An old wooden bowl with soup and a bowl with sour cream.

A dish with fried fish.

Shots with beautifully decorated and served dishes.

The tournament of cooks is over - the commission applauds, congratulates the winners and awards prizes.

Chef Polyakov gives an autograph to the winner of the competition.

Small children are eating porridge at the table.

Credits with the authors of the film.

Key words

Cooking, porridge

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876] Moscow [820] Uzbekistan [236]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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