Course - to Yamal! (1978)

Documentary №40093, 1 part, duration: 0:10:16
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Persidsky


The film provides information on the delivery of cargo via the Northern sea way to the Yamal peninsula.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Snow, snowdrifts, gas torches can be seen in the distance.

Gas tower.


City houses, the territory of an oil and gas processing plant.


Yamal Peninsula.

The village of oil and gas producers, blizzard, snow, barrel houses.

Drilling rig.

Workers near the drilling rig.

The truck is driving on a snow-covered road, a gas torch can be seen in the distance.

On the map, the Kara Sea, Yamal, Novaya Zemlya, the Barents Sea.

Murmansk seaport-there are ships, loading is underway.

The nuclear-powered vessel "Lenin".

Nuclear icebreaker "Siberia".

The captain of the "Siberia" Kochetkov V. K. is sitting at the table.

A team meeting at the table in the mess hall.

The sailors work with the map and instruments.

Large-on the table is a rolling calendar-the date "February 16, 1878".

The Sibir departs from the port in Murmansk.

Team members in white suits check the equipment in a special compartment.

The icebreaker control center, a lot of instruments and equipment, employees work.

The captain's cabin, a team member looks through binoculars, the ship is controlled.

Shooting from the open deck of the "Siberia", there is a helicopter on a special platform.

A message is printed on a typewriter, radio operators work-they send messages.

The internal interiors of the ship - a staircase, a corridor.

The dining room, the kitchen staff cover the tables.

Swimming pool, members of the ship's crew play ball.

Large-board magazine.

Shooting from above - the icebreaker is on the sea.

The captain's cabin.

The icebreaker sails to the ice.

Captain's cabin-captain Kochetkov makes notes on the map, looks at the instruments.

"Siberia" passes through the ice.

Hydrologists fly from the deck of the ship by helicopter to ice exploration.

Hydrologists in the cockpit of the helicopter make notes.

View of the ice and the caravan of ships from the helicopter cabin.

Large-the weather report is printed.

The weather map is printed.

The captain's cabin is a meeting of the captain and team members.


Captain Kochetkov is in the control room.

Large-scale nuclear icebreaker "Siberia".

The snow-covered icy deck, the crew members pull the cable.

Large-ship rynda, covered with ice.

The icy deck, there are trucks.

Towing of a transport vessel.

The icebreaker goes through the ice.

Nuclear icebreaker control Center.

Transport vessel "Pavel Ponomarev".

Trucks and all-terrain vehicles are being prepared to receive cargo in Yamal.

Discussion of the project of a shift settlement.

Large-scale scheme-a project of multi-storey buildings.

A gas torch is burning in the snow.

The ships are in port, unloading is taking place.

The cargo truck is moving away from the ships.

A caravan of ships in the ice.

Night, workers on unloading with torches accompany trucks.

The deck of the "Siberia".

View of the snow plain.

"Pavel Ponomarev" in the port, unloading.

View of the snowy plain and the sunset.

A caravan of ships at sea.

There is a helicopter on the deck.

"Pavel Ponomarev" in the port, trucks are leaving.

An all-terrain vehicle is driving, a gas torch is burning in the snow.

Locations: Yamal

Seasons: Winter [823]

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