Reconstruction of enterprises and environmental protection (1978)

Documentary №40829, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:46
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Nickiporenko
Sound mixer:Belov V.


The film explains the role of restoring the Chelyabinsk Zinc Electrolytic Works in the environmental and labour protection.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The old paintings depict the process of mining, metal smelting, etc.

Photos - workshops of enterprises, a ship, tires, a special device for laying parquet, samples of linoleum, shoe soles, a sofa and armchairs.

Photo - plant, pipes, dead, dry plants near the plant.

Photos - dead fish in the water, pipes of factories.

Chelyabinsk, city street.

Chelyabinsk electrolytic zinc plant - view from the street.

Plants, grass, trees, plant pipe.

Photo - the territory of the plant, a smoking pipe.

Builders in the workshops, on the territory of the plant.

Design bureau, says chief engineer Pilipchuk N. A. Old photos - peasants with carts and horses, logs, factory.

Large - melting of metal.

Control center - panels with instruments, consoles, equipment.

The workshop of the plant - pipes, equipment, etc.

Dashboard, an employee presses a button.

Meeting in the office.

The freight train is moving slowly.

Panorama of the factory building and the worker with the device.

Large - flowers.

Plants on the territory of the plant.

Production processes in the factory shop - processing of materials, leaching, etc.

Large - production waste.

The workshop of the plant, the production process.

Special furnaces.

A truck on the territory with production waste (zinc cake).

The excavator loads the cake.

The driver is in the cab of the excavator.

Large - the bucket of the excavator fills the cake into the car.

The loaded car leaves the factory territory.

An employee of the company near the dashboard.

Different shots from the workshops of the plant.

Installation of sorption extraction of indium from solutions of Welz oxides.

Various production processes in the workshops.

Impact scrubber.

Steam is coming out of the pipe.

Separation of bag filters - various production processes.

An employee is in the shop, sitting at the top of the table, managing processes.

Factory building, pipe.

A mobile crane is working, a loader is driving.

A new pilot plant.

Roasting and drying furnaces.

An employee starts the equipment.

The factory building.

Storage facilities, a crane loader is working.

Crane operator in the crane cabin.

Photo - freight train, wagons.

Embankment, water.

The loading process in the shop, the crane is working.

Different shots with a wet floor in the workshop.

Special grooves on the floor of the workshop for draining liquid.

A loader is working, loading stacks of metal sheets.

The casting process.

Large - pipe, unit.

Key words

Zinc, cake, factory

Locations: Chelyabinsk [885]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Pipes, water flows.

The water drains into the hole.

The territory of the plant, the buildings, the inscription on the gate - "Treatment facilities".

Scheme of industrial water supply.

An employee in the workshop where the treatment facilities are located.

The production process.

Large - dashboard.


Sewage treatment plants, the process of water purification.

The equipment works in the cleaning shop.

Drained sludge.

A truck with cargo leaves the factory.

The production process in the shop.

Technical pool on the territory of the plant.

The process of water purification.

An employee takes water samples.

Large - wide laboratory flasks with water.

Laboratory - appliances, dishes, equipment, employees work.

Says the director of the plant Guzairov R. S. In the flask sample clinker.

There are flasks with various samples on the shelf.

Factory shop, loading is underway.

A meeting at the factory.

A stand with technical information.

Employees at the table discuss working moments.

Close-up display of the device with numbers.

An employee works at a desk, presses buttons on the equipment.

Dashboard, an employee of the company replaces a part on the device.

Says the director of the plant Guzairov R. S. The employee records the readings of the instruments.

Large - the device automatically writes data.

Laboratory, employees check samples.

Employees of the laboratory work with equipment, conduct various studies.

The corridor of the building, information stands hang on the walls, factory workers pass.

Large - the employees of the enterprise are talking.

The chief technologist of the plant Matveeva S. F. conducts RAM in the office, talks on the selector.

A room with a dashboard, an employee is sitting at a table and talking on a selector.

The employee pours liquid from the tank with a ladle into a special dish.

An employee in the shop.

Large - device.

The employee makes entries in the log.

An employee carries a box with bottles for samples, pours water into bottles.

Soyuzpolymetal meeting - people in the hall, the speaker on the podium.

Bust of Kirov, red corner at the factory.

A hall with flags dedicated to the history of the plant.

A showcase with various diplomas and awards of the company.

The territory of the plant - buildings, pipes, etc.

The river, people are kayaking.


Street of the city.

The river, people are kayaking.

Key words

Plant, treatment facilities

Locations: Chelyabinsk [885]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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