The sunniest (1990)

Documentary №40874, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:29
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:S. Alekseeva
Screenwriters:V. Zharikov
Camera operators:V. Alekseev
Sound mixer:E. Zatulovskij
Other authors:M. Golubev


The film tells about the history and the present day of the city of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the Troitsk quarters of the Chelyabinsk region (from above).

View of a part of the river (from above).

Sellers and buyers in the city market.

The faces of buyers and sellers of the vegetable row.

Fruits and vegetables on the shelves, the faces of sellers and buyers.

Men who have come to the city to sell goods are standing by the horses, adjusting the harness.

Types of Troitsk streets, transport and people on the streets of the city.

Types of city administrative, public and residential buildings.

Local historian E.I. Skobelkin on the territory of an ancient fortress tells about the history of Troitsk from the day of its foundation (synchronously and behind the scenes).

View of an abandoned Orthodox church building on the territory of the fortress.

View of the fortress on the bank of the river Uy.

Photo of the city square at the end of the 19th century.

Portrait of the founder of the city, the governor of the Orenburg region, I.I. Neplyuev.

View of a part of the bell tower of an abandoned Orthodox church.

Photo of a trade caravan in Troitsk at the end of the 19th century.

Photos of Troitsk in the late 19th-early 20th century.

Types of historical buildings of Troitsk, male and female gymnasiums.

Photo of the Mars cinema of the 1920s.

The building in Troitsk, where the cinema was located.

The building of the Tatar-Bashkir Library.

Photos of city buildings in the early 20th century and their modern views.

The cover of the satirical magazine in the Tatar-Bashkir language "Akmulla", published in the 1910s.

Portrait of the poet-educator M. Akmulla.

Photo of the Kazan Convent.

Exhibits of the Troitsk Museum of Local Lore.

Portrait of E.M. Pugachev.

A painting depicting Pugachev under the walls of the Trinity Fortress.

Photos of Troitsk buildings in the early 20th century.

The museum stands dedicated to the history of the periodical press of Troitsk, the newspaper "Steppe" and a portrait of the editor on one of the stands.

Portraits of revolutionaries and public figures who collaborated in the newspaper.

Photo of the first train that arrived in Troitsk in 1911.

Old books are on display at the museum.

Modern view of the city pharmacy building and its old photo.

People come into the pharmacy.

Photos of Orthodox churches of Troitsk at the beginning of the 20th century.

Photos of the demolition of St.

Michael's Cathedral in 1966.

The place where St.

Michael's Cathedral was located, people collect signatures for its restoration.

Restoration of the facade of one of the city buildings, workers on scaffolding.

Interior view of the workshop for the repair of wagons at the Troitsk railway junction.

Welder at work.

The process of repairing cars, the faces of workers.

Repair of power plants and wheelsets.

Transportation of a wheelset using a crane beam.

Panorama of a part of Troitsk in the area of the Uy River.

A plaque on one of the buildings.

Production processes in the shops of the Troitsk Electromechanical Plant, assembly of heat exchangers for electric machines, workers' faces.

A freight train passes by.

Veteran railway workers pose for a photographer.

Veterans talk about their combat path and work in the rear during the Great Patriotic War (synchronously).

Faces of veterans.

Veterans during a minute of silence at the Eternal Flame.

Veterans of the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps at the monument with the names of their fallen comrades.

Veterans during a meeting at the monument.

Performance of the children's brass band "Trumpeters".

The head of the orchestra, honorary citizen of Troitsk P.E. Zasypkin conducts a rehearsal on the street.

Orchestra rehearsal on the street, Zasypkin conducts the orchestra on the move.

Calendar: 1990

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Students of the Trinity Veterinary Institute go to classes.

A sign with the name of the institute.

Students of the veterinary Institute during practical classes.

Professor of the Department of Pathology and Therapy A.A. Kabysh during a class with students in the laboratory.

Students conduct scientific research.

A senior student examines a cat during an appointment at the polyclinic.

Students examine and treat cows during practice at the Novotroitskoye educational farm.

Students of the Institute-members of the equestrian section ride horseback.

The riders guide the horses to the watering hole.

Bathing horses.

Students are riding along the forest edge.

A horse-drawn carriage passes along the road, followed by riders.

Production processes in the workshops of the Ural plant of gas cleaning equipment.

Panorama of the mothballed construction of the plant.

The director of the plant Ivanov holds a meeting, his story about the plant, products and problems of the enterprise sounds behind the scenes.

View of Troitskaya GRES.

Acting head of the production and Technical Department of the GRES P.M. Kharlov talks about the work of the GRES (synchronously and behind the scenes).

Internal types of GRES workrooms, control equipment, machinery room equipment.

Panorama of the control panel in the control room of the GRES.

Engineers and dispatchers are discussing the current issue.

Dispatchers at work.

View of part of the territory and communications of the GRES.

Member of the Presidium of the City Council of Veterans of War and Labor S.A. Troitsky speaks about changes in the development of the city in the 1960s and 1970s, housing construction (synchronously and behind the scenes).

Workers on the construction of a residential building.

The surveyor at work.

Masons are masonry.

A weather vane in the form of a rooster on the roof of the house.

Carved decorations of the wooden fence of one of the houses in the private sector.

A woman with a bucket of water in her hands comes down from the porch.

A sign with the name of the Trinity Machine Tool Plant.

Checking the operability and quality of the finished products of the plant.

Production processes in workshops, the faces of workers and engineers.

Checking the operation of electrical circuits of machines.

Workers and engineers in the workshop discuss production issues.

Machines in the warehouse of finished products.

Factory worker Igoshin at home for the manufacture of a folk musical instrument-zhaleyki.

Igoshin plays the zhaleyka.

Performance of the ensemble of folk musical instruments "Zhaleyka" under the direction of Igoshin.

Carrying out a preventive inspection of passenger aircraft engines at the airfield on the outskirts of Troitsk.

Cadets of the aviation technical school during practical classes.

Monument aircraft on the territory of the school.

A sign with the name of the Trinity Aviation Technical School of Civil Aviation.

Cadets of the school during theoretical and practical classes, the faces of the cadets.

Classes on simulators and mockups.

A boy plays at the monument plane.

Holding a meeting with a war veteran Z.M. Stolyarova in the television studio of the school.

Stolyarova gives an interview.

A picturesque portrait of Stolyarova.

The artist G.M. Levshich paints a picture, her story about her work sounds behind the scenes.

Doctor V.I. Sakharov examines the patient.

Sakharov's face.

Portrait of Sakharov, painted by Levshich.

Portrait of the builder of the Troitskaya GRES V.I. Rybka, painted by Levshich.

Levshich in the studio paints a portrait of a woman from nature.

Paints on the palette.

A kitten on the bedspread.

Levshich is painting a portrait.

Portraits and still lifes created by Levshich.

Meeting of the members of the Trinity literary association "Steppe", the faces of the members of the association.


Levshich Galina Mihajlovna -- artist

Calendar: 1990

Locations: Chelyabinsk region [811]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Director of the Troitsk Diesel Plant A.V. Karpov discusses with workers and engineers the issues of production, behind the scenes his story about the products produced by the plant sounds.

The process of manufacturing diesel engines at the factory, assembly of components and assemblies, the faces of workers.

Teams of collectors at work.

Students of the factory vocational school in the classroom in the computer classroom.

A lesson in one of the classrooms.

The face of one of the students taking the exam.

The young man comes out of the classroom into the corridor after passing the exam, his comrades congratulate him.

A patient of the factory dispensary during a physiotherapy session.

View of the dispensary building.

Household and medical care of workers and employees of the plant and their family members (combined survey).

Children in kindergarten.

Children during water procedures.

Harvesting cucumbers in one of the greenhouses of the factory greenhouse complex.

Automatic watering of cucumbers in the greenhouse.

The first secretary of the Trinity City Committee of the CPSU V.N. Luzin discusses another issue with a member of the city Committee.

Production processes at the Troitsk meat Canning plant, the operation of automated lines.

Packing meat in cans, the faces of the factory workers.

The work of automated lines of the Trinity fat plant, packaging of finished products in cans.

The work of the butter packaging line.

Luzin is driving a car.

Production processes for the manufacture of bags and other products in the shops of the Troitsk Leather Goods Factory.

Finished products of the plant.

Production processes for sewing shirts at the Trinity sewing factory, the faces of the workers.

Samples of the finished products of the factory.

Kindergarten students play on playgrounds during a walk.

A game of traffic rules in one of the children's factories in Troitsk.

Children water the beds.

Children play, participate in sports competitions.

Performance of folklore Tatar ensembles on the City Day.

Fight with bags on a log.

Faces of young spectators.

Competitions and contests during the holiday.

Awarding the winner of one of the contests.

Chairman of the Trinity City Executive Committee M.B. Tazetdinov talks about love for his hometown, about the revival of its former glory, about attracting tourists, about the need to restore historical buildings (synchronously and off-screen).

Tazetdinov works at a desk in his office.

Types of historical buildings of Troitsk to be restored.

Restoration of church domes.

Types of city streets.

The participants of the film talk about their city, its uniqueness (synchronously).

Children drink water from a street pump.

Children are running down the street.

The children are standing by the motorcycle.

The gates of the monastery.

The bell ringers are striking the bell returned to the bell tower, the bell ringers' faces.

Panorama of the Troitsk quarters (from above).

The bell ringer rings the bell.

Calendar: 1990

Locations: Chelyabinsk region [811]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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