Streetlight Svetoforovich (1987)

Documentary №40884, 1 part, duration: 0:09:44
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:G. Degaljcev
Screenwriters:E. Latij
Camera operators:P. Vasiljev
Sound mixer:E. Zatulovskij
Other authors:Yu. Yacenko


In the film, the problem of parents' responsibility for children's behavior on the street is raised in a playful way.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Staging: a car on the highway overtakes other road users.

The boy is sitting next to his father, the driver.

The forbidding traffic light lights up.

Father and son in the car.

A car passes through a red traffic light at high speed.

The forbidding traffic light is on.

The father behind the wheel smiles at his son, whistling.

The traffic police patrol stops the violator.

The faces of father and son.

The traffic police inspector approaches the violator, he presents his driver's license, starts arguing with the inspector, the inspector talks about the violations committed (synchronously), the inspector issues a fine.

The permitting traffic light is on.

The father behind the wheel scolds the inspector, the son talks about the inspector's deception about his age (synchronously).

The car pulls up to the intersection with the traffic light.

Father and son in the car.

The forbidding traffic light is on.

The boy's face.

The car turns left, a team of repairmen repairs the traffic light.

Father and son return home, quickly undress.

The son turns on the TV, sits down next to his father.

Fragments of an action movie on the TV screen, a father and son watching a movie.

The boy wakes up in the morning, finds out from his father the time of the demonstration of the second series of the film, asks for a ride to school (synchronously).

The car is at a traffic light.

The face of the son sitting in the back seat and criticizing the traffic light.

The forbidding traffic light is on.

The son shows a fist to the traffic light.

The green signal lights up.

The car stops at the curb, the son gets out.

A traffic police inspector conducts a traffic rules lesson at school.

Students during class.

One of the students draws on a piece of paper, tears up the traffic lights drawn by his friend, talks about hating the traffic light, makes a bet with a friend on disabling the traffic light (synchronously).

Students are asked off by the inspector to the dentist.

Children run out of school.

The boys are running down the street.

A boy smashes a traffic light with stones.

The woman chases the boys who broke the traffic light, calls the police.

Broken traffic light windows.

The green light is on.

A heavy truck is driving down the street at high speed.

A man with a watermelon under his arm sees a broken traffic light, starts crossing the street.

The truck swerves sharply to avoid hitting a pedestrian, breaks through the embankment fence and falls into the water.

The traffic police patrol receives a message about a traffic accident.

The boy runs up to his father's car, sits inside.

Father and son are driving in a car, the son is talking about a free intersection (synchronously).

The son gets out of the car, the woman on the street recognizes him as a hooligan who broke the traffic light, starts calling the police.

The boy smiles.

The woman complains to the boy's father who came up.

The father reproaches his son, a dispute between them, a traffic police inspector approaches.

The traffic light is green.

Father and son are driving in a car.

The face of the son who broke the traffic light.

Calendar: 1987

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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