CMEA: new program (1986)

Documentary №41041, 3 parts, duration: 0:26:48
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Datskevich
Sound mixer:Zatulovskij E.


The film covers the work of Bulgarians, Hungarians, Czechs, Cubans, Poles and Soviet people within the frames of the COMECON (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance) program of integrated development of the member-countries up to the year 2000.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Aeroflot plane is on the runway, taking off.

Pilots in the cockpit.

The dispatcher at the console gives instructions to the pilots.

Large - instrument panel in an airplane.

The pilot is at the helm.

The pilot controls the aircraft.

Large - dispatcher.

Control panel, instrument readings.

Foreign pilots come out of the training cabin, they are interviewed by a correspondent with a microphone.


Pilots are trained on special simulators that simulate the cockpit of an airplane.

Says the pilot from Poland.

Shots of planes on the runway.

The CMEA building in Moscow.

A lesson at school, in a computer lab.

Children work on computers.

Kiev Plant of Computing and Control Machines - computers and computer equipment are assembled in the workshops.

Factory employees at work.

Large - inscriptions made through a stencil - "Cuba, Habana", "Czechoslovakia, Prague" and so on.

The workshop of the plant, the general plan - the production process is underway, employees are working.

Says Nikolai Prokhorov, the general designer of the plant.

Computing machines.

Numbers and letters on the machine display.

The Moscow plant "Red Proletarian" for the production of industrial robots - the production process in the shop.

Says Lubin Kozlev, head of the Bulgarian Mechanical Engineering Center in Moscow.

The workshop of the plant - the general plan.

A large-scale industrial robot.

Large - Control panel with buttons.

Robots work in the workshops of the Volga Automobile Plant (VAZ).

Female workers and factory workers in the workshop at the assembly of cars.

New passenger cars on the highway.

Atommash plant - a panorama of the plant's workshop.

Production work on the assembly of special equipment for nuclear power plants.

Key words



Prokhorov Kozlev Titov Skorokhod

Locations: Ulyanovsk Sverdlovsk [876]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Don River, Novovoronezh NPP. The premises of the Center for training specialists of the CMEA member countries for the maintenance of nuclear power plants - a control panel, employees work.

Says the teacher of the Training Center Vladimir Titov.

Panorama of instruments, control panel, circuits, etc.

The territory of the NPP - equipment, towers .

An employee in the Training Center switches buttons on the remote control.

Says Cuban Carlos Vega, who is interning at the Training Center.

Foreign specialists are on internship and training at the Center, working with equipment.

Young people dance at a disco.

Power plant, power transmission lines, towers, wires.

An office, a control panel, employees are working, maps and diagrams are hanging.

Power lines, towers.

Industrial production - various production processes are in the frame.

Says the Kiev scientist Valery Skorokhod.

Powder metallurgy is a production process in the workshop.

Large -finished parts - gears.

A plant in the Belarusian city of Mozyr for the production of valuable feed additives for livestock.

Factory workshops, production process, employees work.

Panorama of the factory shop (taken from above).

Plant equipment.

Control center - employees work at the consoles.

A loader is working in the warehouse, folding packages with additives.

Pipes and equipment in the shop.

Mozyr Oil Refinery.

The Trans-European Druzhba oil pipeline.

Urengoy - laying of transcontinental pipelines.

The equipment is working, welding works are taking place, etc.

Winter landscape, visible gas pipe.

Key words

Nuclear power plant, disco, plant, power line, gas pipeline

Locations: Voronezh region [775] Mozyr Belarus [845] Novy Urengoy [907]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Carpathians, Uzhgorod.

A moving crane is working.

Says a Czechoslovak builder who is engaged in the construction of a central repair base for the Novy Urengoy - Uzhgorod gas pipeline.

The process of setting up equipment at a new enterprise - foreign specialists work (from COMECON member countries).

Workers check and install the equipment.

Panorama of the construction of an apartment building.

A concrete mixer is working.

Builders carry out finishing work on the facade of the house, a panorama of the house.

Usogorsk, Komi Republic.

New neighborhoods, five-story houses, city streets.

A team of loggers is felling trees.

Tractor in the forest.

A man driving in the cab of a tractor.

A tractor drags fallen trees.

A column of trucks with logs.

A man driving a truck.

Trucks with logs on the highway.

An employee manages the loading of wood.

The general plan - a moving crane is working, stacks with logs are lying.

Says Bulgarian Stefan Spas, tractor driver.

City street, houses, people walking, children riding bicycles.

There is a cassette recorder on the table.

Apartment, family at the table drinking tea.

Kindergarten, children play on the playground.

School, girls are sitting on a bench.

The children are in the classroom, there is a lesson.

Wedding of a Bulgarian girl and a Russian guy.

Guests dance Bulgarian folk dances.

Panorama of the newlyweds, guests, musicians.

The guests are dancing.

Pilots in the cockpit.

The dispatcher gives permission to take off.

The plane takes off.

Key words

Factory, construction site, kindergarten, school, airplane, wedding

Locations: Uzhgorod Usogorsk Komi Republic [747]

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