That elephant's grain? (1988)

Documentary №41334, 1 part, duration: 0:09:15
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Golotschapov


The film shows how only one wine-glass of cognac may have hard consequences even for a careful driver.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A festive table is served - there are plates with sausage, tomatoes, cake, cognac, sliced lemon.

Friends are in the room, standing at the window, a man shows his new car to a friend.

Husband, wife and their friend sit down at the table, open a bottle of cognac.

The owner of the car does not want to drink, the woman persuades him.

Large - cognac is poured into glasses.

Animation - a bottle of cognac turns into a gun, a gun shoots an elephant in the forehead.

At the table, they say toasts, drink.

A man's heavily intoxicated face.

The man leaves the entrance, goes to the car, sees a police car passing nearby, but then he still gets behind the wheel, wants to buckle up, but changes his mind.

The car leaves the yard, drives through the streets of the city.

Riders on horseback are riding on the road.

Different plans with a car on the streets of the city and a driver at the wheel.

The car passes a guard with a baton, a large dashboard.

Large - the hand takes an apple from the dish.

Husband, wife and their friend at the table.

A man shows his license and a photo of his wife and daughter.

The company drinks to the new rights.

Large - the face of a man with a glass.

Pedestrian crossing, cars start moving.

The man behind the wheel.

On the road there is a traffic policeman with a baton.

The road, cars are driving, a cyclist is riding ahead.

A tram is coming.

The man behind the wheel panics, gets nervous, presses the pedals, knocks down a cyclist.

Leaves the scene of an accident, drives into the gateway.

The cyclist rises from the ground, takes the bike.

A man drives a car through the yards.

He drives into the yard, he can't leave there because of the truck and crates.

He tries to drive through, but crashes into boxes, and they fall on his car.

The man leaves in fear, with one box on the roof.

The grandmothers on the bench are watching him.

An image of a traffic police officer appears - he talks about the dangers of drunk driving.

The man eventually gets stuck among the boxes, but then still leaves.

Feast - the company continues to drink.

A man asks a friend for a camera to take pictures of his daughter's birthday.

Large - cognac is poured into a glass.

Large - the face of a man with a glass.

Hands behind the wheel of a car.

A man parks at the sidewalk.

My wife and daughter are walking along the road.

The man gets out of the car and forgets to put the car on the handbrake.

The car starts moving, the man runs after her.

The wife and daughter run to the car.

The wife and daughter see an out-of-control car, start rushing on the road.

A man stands on the road and closes his eyes in horror.

Feast - a man comes to his senses and puts an untouched glass on the table.

Large - a bottle of cognac and a shot glass.

Key words

Accident, drunkenness, accident

Seasons: Summer [824]

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