Ecology Urals: Earth. (1992)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Romashova N.

Script writers: Badjev S., Romashova N., Chibrik T.

Operators: Maksimov V., Sumin V.


The film is about the need for remediation of contaminated land in the Urals. Photographed by order of the Sverdlovsk Regional Committee for Nature Protection.

Ecology | Geography and Nature | Industry

Reel №1

Animation: Globe with symbols of major cities.

Animation: the description of the Sverdlovsk region.

Industrial Properties.



Pipes plant emissions to the atmosphere.

Draining of waste water.

Industrial blades.

Plot wasteland near the company.

The object of increased danger, closed the gate.

The area near the object.

The pipeline along the road on the edge of the desert and the forest, a dust storm.

Industrial Buildings.

Formation of the ravine at the place wastewater discharge.

Animation: the nature of pollution around the plant.

View of the forest.

Septic tank waste.

Tells A.K.Mahnev.

Septic tank toxic water.

Exogenous wasteland.

From pipe leaking.

Formation of the ravine in place drain the water.

Heath at the site pine forest.

Industrial and dump the sump.

Animation: environmental pollution, the destruction of nature.

Factory pipe.

View of the plant from the opposite bank of the river.

Country house.

Vehicles on the streets of the Sverdlovsk region.

Passenger and freight transport on regional lines.

Striping: dirt on the tracks, trains.

Construction site.

Bridge over river.

Trading on the market.

Industrial landfills.


Landfill on the border of the forest.

Laysky pig farm.


Makhnev AK - Doctor of biological sciences, professor, chief researcher of the Botanical Garden, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.


Ural [920] Yekaterinburg [886] Sverdlovsk region [803]

Reel №2

Laysky pig farm.

Water treatment plants.

Recycling manure.

Wasteland around the water separator.

Dying trees.


Chemical fertilizers.

The territory of an abandoned company.

City Park.

Says the chairman of the Sverdlovsk Regional Committee for Nature Protection I.S.Soloboev.

Animation: the pages of books and pamphlets.

Discharge of waste water to the thermal power plant.

Dust storm.

Country house.

Ash dump.

Recycled vegetation on the ash dumps.

Open-pit mining.

Natural scenery.

Airport on the limestone heap.

New plantations on the land reclamation program.

Meadow grass.

Agricultural land.

Tells I.S.Soloboev.

Grapes rowan.

City Park.

Natural scenery.


Soloboev IS - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Academician of the Russian Ecological Academy.


Ural [920] Yekaterinburg [886] Sverdlovsk region [803]