History of one car. (1982)

Documentary №48696, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:25
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:V. Man
Screenwriters:P. Korop, V. Man
Camera operators:B. Mahov
Sound mixer:L. Shutov
Other authors:V. Bokshickaya


The film tells about the family of heavy-duty vehicles at the BELAZ plant, about their application in practice.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Dials of various watches.

Newsreel of the 1910s-1920s: automobile traffic on the streets of cities.

The cameraman is shooting from a moving car.

The lens of a movie camera.

Road transport on the city highway.

Cars for various purposes on the streets of the city.

A passenger car next to a heavy-duty BELAZ dump truck.

Various modifications of BELAZ dump trucks at the factory site.

BELAZ dump trucks take out ore from the quarry, types of quarry.

Loading of ore into the body of a dump truck.

The bucket of the excavator rakes the ore.

Loading dump trucks.

Barbell on the platform.

Employees of the design office of the plant at work.

The weightlifter's approach to the bar.

Assembly on the conveyor of "Zhiguli" cars.

New "Zhiguli" come off the assembly line.

Testing the car at the test site.

Tests of the undercarriage of the car on a section of paving stones.

A column of KAMAZ chassis passes by.

Testing the chassis of a heavy-duty dump truck, an unsuccessful attempt by a weightlifter to take weight.

Excavator in the quarry, dump trucks on operational tests.

The chief designer of the plant, L. I. Dobrokh, talks about the search for new and progressive technical solutions, about the problem of related parties, which complicates the work (synchronously).

The sign of the Ministry of Automobile Industry of the USSR, the entrance to the ministry building.

Weigh-ins with the names of related ministries.

Types of the administrative building of the BELAZ plant.

People go to the factory.

Internal view of one of the workshops.

Machines with numerical control (CNC).

Jukebox of the early 20th century.

Automatic equipment in one of the workshops of the plant.

Operation of CNC machines.

Persons of workers - operators of CNC machines.

Parts made on automatic equipment.

Type of conveyor for the assembly of dump trucks, dump trucks on the conveyor.

The process of assembling cars.

People on the streets of Zhodino, where the BELAZ plant is located.

Monument to the mother who sees off her sons to the front.

View of a part of the city block (from above).

Photo of a barrack at the construction of a factory.

Samples of the first production of the plant.

The layout of the first dump truck produced by the plant.

Photo of the first dump truck coming off the assembly line.

Photos of the rally on the occasion of the release of the 1000th dump truck.

A scale model of the first BELAZ.

Photo of the first 40-ton dump truck.

Demonstration of dump trucks of different generations.

Assembly of dump truck components and assemblies at the factory.

Installing the engine.

Installation of an electric generator.

The process of installing the wheels.

Entrance to the enterprise "Bobruiskshina".

Internal types of workshops.

The face of the worker.

Mold for casting tires of a heavy-duty dump truck.

Key words


Calendar: 1982

Locations: Moscow [820] Minsk [972] Togliatti [895]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The wheel of a moving dump truck.

The driver is driving a dump truck.

Installation of the dashboard in the cab.

Installation of the dump truck cab.

Interior view of the cabin with instrument panel and steering.

Installation of dump truck running systems in the factory shop.

The driver is in the cab of a dump truck.

Testing of the dump truck brake system at the landfill.

Installation of electric systems of the dump truck.

Check the pneumatic lifting system of the dump truck body before assembly.

Lifting the dump truck body.

Unloading a dump truck.

Installation of the dump truck body.

The dump truck leaves the shop gate.

Bodies removed from dump trucks, before being sent to the place of work by rail.

Loading a dump truck on a railway platform.

Transportation of ore by dump truck from the quarry.

The chief designer of the plant, L. I. Dobrykh, speaks about the unwillingness of consumers to use the products of the BELAZ plant (synchronously).

Photos of dismantled dump trucks, rusting under the snow.

View of the plant.

Panorama of a part of the factory territory.

The chief engineer of the Sorsk molybdenum Combine Galkin speaks about the importance of the work of vehicles to ensure the production process (synchronously).

Types of quarries and routes for the export of raw materials.

Maintenance of heavy-duty dump trucks at the plant.

Engine repairs.

Dump truck at the car wash.

The process of replacing the wheel of a dump truck.

Dump truck while working in the quarry.

Rock explosion in the quarry.

Watering the rock from the hose.

Bulldozing the road for dump trucks.

Rock removal by dump trucks.

Drivers talk about the advantages of the new model of the dump truck, the complexity of the design and the need for a high culture of its maintenance (synchronously).

dump truck on the highway.

The chief designer of the plant, L. I. Dobrokh, speaks about the importance of the opinion of the operators to identify and eliminate possible shortcomings in the design of the dump truck (synchronously).

Panorama and views of the quarry.

The bucket of the excavator collects ore.

Loading of ore into the body of a dump truck.

Assembly at the factory of dump trucks of the third generation.

Rear axle crankcase assembly.

Testing of the undercarriage of the dump truck with the help of special devices.

Check the rear axle.

The dump truck leaves the shop gate.

Engineers at the dump truck.

Customers inspect the new dump truck.

The dial of the tower clock.

View of the construction of a hydroelectric power station (top).

Manufacturing processes of industrial equipment.

The production process in the steelmaking shop.

View of the electric locomotive assembly shop.

Loading of the car "KAMAZ" on the platform.

A landing plane.

Railway track.

BELAZ dump trucks of various models at the factory site.

The weightlifter takes the weight.

A dump truck with ore in the back goes on the road.

Workers go on shift.

Calendar: 1982

Locations: Minsk [972] Siberia [926]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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