Where is the lever of Archimedes?The second film (1991)

Documentary №48909, 6 parts, duration: 0:55:45
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Grigorij Chertov, Bernard Lavinj
Screenwriters:G. Chertov, A. Shkoljnikov
Camera operators:Igorj Sosenkov , O. Ivkin
Sound mixer:A. Romanov, U. Batler
Other authors:T. Uspenskaya, V. Miznikova, M. Komarova, M. Charlton, D. Vitingzhem


The film is dedicated to the development of canadian family farms and reveals the social problems of farming in Canada, examines the canadian model of agriculture.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The national flag of Canada and the flags of its provinces.

View of farmland under the wing of the plane (top).

Minister Charles Meer in his Studio giving an interview.

Ears of wheat in the wind.

The family of one of the canadian farmers in the yard, faces of adults and children.

Farmers ' wives sitting on the grass, give interviews.

The farmer is versed with the controls of the tractor.

Face canadian farmers.

Farmer Richard McKelvey at the wheel of the car.

The view crossing the river.

The landscape in the area of farm McKelvey.

The McKelvey family in the evening around the campfire.

McKelvey welcomes economic and political changes in the Soviet Union, says the desire to help, tells the story of her family farm, about achieving a comfortable standard of living, of a diversified character of its economy, on mutual assistance of farmers and society on the role of proximity to the earth in the persistence of the farmer, about the need for freedom initiatives, talks about the economic problems of farmers (synchronously).

Family members McKelvey lay on the grass near the fire.

The view of the river.

Evening landscapes, the McKelvey family around the campfire.

Panorama farm McKelvey.

The faces of the children.

McKelvey with children is on the farm.

The interiors of the rooms in the house McKelvey.

Adults and children resting in a chair, next to the kitchen.

Panorama of the coastal part of the farm McKelvey.

Diti playing in the tall grass.

Children kindle fire.

Person McKelvey, giving an interview.

Panorama of the farm McKelvey.

Harvesting hay using tractor mowers, McKelvey driving a tractor.

McKelvey inspects the mower.

Mower in the field.

Burning fire.

McKelvey family around the campfire.

McKelvey talks about capitalism, about its economic policy and the credit policy of the government, the disappearance of small family farms (synchronously).

The McKelvey family around the campfire.

Evening river landscape.

Species harvested fields from the car window, the view of the Elevator.

Calendar: 1991

Locations: Canada [39]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the granary on the farm of T. Murray.

Murray talks about the importance of private property for market and profit, goals of improving the profitability of their farms and the investment of money in its development, the desire to manage their own life, talks about the expansion of the farm over the past five years, about their relatives working on the farm, size of farm (synchronously).

Wife of Murray pours feed the chickens.

The son of Murray pulls out food from the bag.

Murray at the controls of the shop equipment for the manufacture of feed.

The process of feed production in the shop of Murray.

Murray examines the table of financial documents, the interior of the Cabinet Murray.

Murray and his son at work in the processing of fertilizers and manure.

The export of feed from the shop.

Filling the trough for the cows out of the tractor trailer, son of Murray driving a tractor.

Cows eating from trough.

The girl waters the calves milk.

View of covered milking platform on the Murray farm.

Milking cows, hired milkers at work.

Cows on the milking platform.

The daily routine of the Murray farm.

Tanker trucks at the site.

A field sown with barley.

Murray gives interviews.

Panorama of the field.

The harvesting of fodder harvester, panorama of the field with beveled rolls.

The selection of rolls mown.

The removal of the collected chopped forages from the field.

Processing feed on the farm of Murray.

The son of the tai Murray talks about wanting to continue his father about entering the University to improve the educational level, the desire to live a life of a farmer (synchronously).

Murray shows awards members of his family, talks about the award-winning daughter and son, demonstrates his award (synchronously).

Murray and his family members from the farm equipment.

The types of the territory of one of the canadian farms.

One of the authors of the film greets farmer Roger Klyarom and members of his family.

Cluer demonstrates the symbolism of the 4H club on the shirt of one of the sons.

Boots at the door.

Team farmers on the show and fair for cattle.

The younger son talks about Cluer received at the fair, the prize (synchronously).

Sons Cluer clean cows and calves before the fair.

Car van for the transportation of livestock.

Training cattle to the fair in the farm B. McKee.

Children Mackie - mark and Maureen are washing the cows out of the hoses.

McKee gives an interview to the crew of the film.

Horse racing at the fair.

Panorama of the territory of the fairs.

Children slide down slides.

Calendar: 1991

Locations: Canada [39]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Children - representatives of one of the clubs 4H on the show and fair for cattle.

Farmers are preparing to review and exhibition of their Pets.

Demonstration of bulls, cows and calves.

Faces of adults and children.

The children of farmers at the fair.

Children in costumes of cowboys riding ponies.

Various types of fairs, rides with slides.

Spinning carousel, children ride the rides.

Panorama of the fair territory.

The performance of the musical group.

Rides on horse-drawn carriages.

Autogate company "Magdon" drives off the platform.

Reaper moves out on the field.

Harvesting wheat with Reaper.

View of the field during harvest.

The representative of the manufacturer says about the design and creation of agricultural machines taking into account the advice and wishes of the farmers (synchronously).

Farmer D. Barriger talks about the virtues and benefits of the harvester, the ease of use (synchronously).

View of the field, the Reaper on the harvest.

Farm equipment used in farms.

Threshed grain poured into a truck.

View of the granary on one of the farms.

Interior view of the granary.

The face of the farmer D. Barrager.

View of the Elevator of one of the farms.

Shipping grain to the Elevator.

A farmer unloads brought to the grain Elevator.

View of the train composition for the transport of grain.

Filling the grain in the vessel cars.

Managers Central control of Railways regulate the grain flow with the help of electronics.

Moving train with grain.

Landscapes of the Rocky mountains.

View of the ranch of dick hardy.

Family members hardy preparing horses for dressage.

The farmer's daughter - Susan hardy talks about his horse named "No one" (synchronous).

Family members of hardy sit in the saddle and leave in the pasture.

Panorama of one of the pastures.

Hardy cows and bulls.

Hardy are riding and talk about farmer cooperatives and farmer-shareholders about the benefits of working in cooperatives (synchronously).

The farmers drive the cows to the river Bank.

Cows crossing a river Ford.

Family hardy driving cows across the river.

Calendar: 1991

Locations: Canada [39]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Family members hardy off the horses.

Hardy says about the risk of growing in their areas of grain and fodder, on the government insurance program farmers against crop failure (synchronously).

Hardy sits in the saddle.

The hardy family is riding, the panorama of the Rocky mountains.

Landscapes of Saskatchewan.

Farmer Paul born is the film of his wife and children, talks about his family life and relationships in the family (synchronously).

Family born on the farm, children are in about the horses, behind the scenes is the story of born about the reasons of purchase of a farm, about the work on it (synchronously).

Chickens pecking from the feeder-conveyor.

Wife Bourne plows the garden with tillers, Bourne rolls kids on horses.

Bourne talks about assistance from the insurance company to build a new farm instead of burned, speaks about the importance of insurance for farmers on a wide range of services provided to farmers by insurance companies, talks about the fire at the farm (synchronously).

Laying hens in cages.

Collecting eggs from under hens.

Bourne examines cells from chickens-laying hens.

Mechanical cleaning of the floor from the chicken manure.

Collection svezhenanesennyj eggs.

Faces of children born.

Children ride on an ATV, the children's faces.

Bourne talks about receiving the awards of "Best farmer of the province" and its value (synchronously), the person of the wife and children of Bourne.

Born at the signage of "Best farmer of the province".

Children ride on the ATV, the view of the farm, Bourne.

The children get off the Quad bike and run over the corner of the house, left the children ATV.

The scenery behind the glass of the car.

Agricultural equipment, exhibited for sale at auction used equipment.

The auctioneer conducts the bidding.

The owner of the auction bill Hodges says about the benefits for farmers buying equipment at auction, on the periodicity of auctions (synchronously).

The faces of the farmers bidders, farmers show a card with the proposed prices for the lots.

The auctioneer announces the lot.

Farmers inspect vehicles presented at auction.

The tractor tows the platform with people.

The types of the road from the car windshield.

Loading turkeys into a trailer on the farm Polymaker, Turkey hens in the cage trailer.

Panorama of the farm.

The family of Primakov at home, the face of the head of the family.

View of the farm.

Turkeys in the paddock.

The eggs in the trays of the incubator.

Poults hatched in the incubator.

Calendar: 1991

Locations: Canada [39]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Interior views of the shop of the plant feed on the farm Primakov.

The type of floor hours in the house of a farmer.

The family of Primakov in the living room discussing current issues.

Turkeys on the farm.

Passing trayler with turkeys, the panorama of the farm.

The urban landscape outside the Windows of the car.

Working samples of old agricultural machinery and implements on show of old equipment.

The faces of the participants, standing at the furnace locomobile.

Panorama-site review of the hardware.

Older farmers say the future of the traditional canadian family farms, about the threat of gradual extinction due to falling product prices and rising production costs, increasing the number of corporate farms, about the traditions of canadian farmers (synchronously).

Panorama of grounds with ancient technique, passing the old tractor.

The faces of the children.

The child is sitting on the tractor.

Running an old sawmill.

Samples of vintage farm equipment at the site.

The competitions of old tractors during the festival.

Prizes for the competition winners.

Awarding the prize to one of the participants, the tractor tows the platform with the cargo.

The spectators sitting on the grass, watching the progress of the competition tractors.

The farmer-grower from Alberta Denise Field rides on the tractor in reverse.

The harvested potatoes on the conveyor belt.

Wield splash the potatoes with water from a hose.

Packing potatoes in plastic bags.

Sealing bags, the farmer shows a bag with a personalized label.

Field talks about how he came to farming, about the reasons prompted him to become a grower about the improved agricultural process to prevent exhaustion of the soil (synchronously).

Field on the tractor removes the carrot.

Daughter of a farmer harvested carrots, separates her from the foliage.

Harvesting of legumes, the faces of the daughters of the farmer.

Girls clean the beets by hand.

Field drinking whiskey, sitting in a shed at the table, gives the Soviet advice to farmers on management of the economy (synchronously).

Field on the tractor during harvest.

The process of harvesting potatoes with a trailed harvester, girls picking potatoes in buckets.

Field during an interview with the authors of the film.

Different types of vegetables grown on the farm Wield.

Onions in the beds.

Field on the tractor leaves from the plantation, the girls sit down to rest.

Face Wield.

View of one of the farms in the province of Quebec.

The farmer's family of Gilles Pen at the dining table.

Calendar: 1991

Locations: Canada [39]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Automated processes on a dairy farm Pen, with the use of robotics company "Vik".

The process of feed production.

Cows on the milking platform.

Automated distribution of feed to the cows.

The pen shows a control system for cows, talks about the input data to the computer system operation (synchronous).

The pen checks the sensors on the necks of cows.

Cows kicked out of the barn into the street.

Interior views of the factory of the company "Vik".

President Claude rival tells about the company, its products, contact with farmers, universities and the Ministry of agriculture, about the clients using its products (synchronously).

Distribution of feed to the cows on the farm Pen with the help of technology created by the firm "Vik".

Samples of machines and mechanisms produced by "Vic".

The face of farmer George Coffey of Saskatchewan.

Coffey rings a bell on the farm, the flags of canadian provinces over the bell.

Panorama lawn with cars farmers, who arrived in Coffey.

Coffey says grown without chemical additives beef, about the meaning and essence of biotechnology, about their own practices (synchronously).

Podzharivayte a piece of beef.

The Coffey house on the farm.

Coffey gives advice on the management of Soviet farmers are not advised to copy the American experience, speaks about the prospects of family farming in Canada and the benefits of biological farming without the use of chemicals, the willingness to help the Soviet farmers to develop the canadian biological system of agriculture (synchronously).

Cows on pasture.

Kinds of home Coffey.

Panorama farm Coffey.

Person Coffey sitting on the porch and reading a magazine.

The types of cemeteries on the outskirts of Prince albert, tombstones of Russian and Ukrainian surnames.

Panorama of the cemetery.

Calendar: 1991

Locations: Canada [39]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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