Agriculture № 3 (1988)

Newsreel №49131, 2 parts, duration: 0:08:50
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:N.Solovcov, V.Rodivilin, E.Kormak, L.Kruglova
Screenwriters:Zebin A., Kruglova L., Simonenko V., Solovcov N.
Camera operators:S.Kamarnickij, E.Kormak, N.Novickij, V.Narovlyanskij


item of horses. 4. "In the mountains of Magrelia" Poetic story about the natural conditions of life and life of the mountaineers of Western Georgia.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In newsreel stories included:

Part 1.

1st plot.

Liner changing profession.

The plot tells of the TU-134, which is placed on board a special flying laboratory equipped with modern equipment, which allows for regular monitoring of the state of land, water bodies, forests.

In the story the following filming: TU-134A and other aircraft on the runway of the aerodrome, the airplane in the sky; general view of the laboratory on board the Tu-134A,  laboratory staff at the instruments; general view scanners, with which the resulting images are transferred to a digital format and recorded on magnetic tape.

All information supplied in the Research Center for automated information management system "agricultural resources".

General view of the building of the Center.

Center specialists talk about the information received by the remote, as well as the results of the first stage of the survey carried out on the territory of the Black Lands and Kizlyar pastures (sinhr.).

2nd story. "In the garden, whether in the garden ...".

The theme is the resident of the Moscow Region

Gangplank - N.A.Militsinoy that on his small plot grows vegetables and feeds them all year.

In the story the following filming: N.A.Militsina with family members working in the garden, in the greenhouse, vegetable harvests.

Panorama of the banks with canned vegetables in bags with vegetables ready for freezing.

General view of the house N.A.Militsinoy during the winter. N.A.Militsina in the kitchen, preparing a festive Christmas table on which products harvested in the winter it from my garden.

Part 2.

Third plot.

Gamer interesting.

The plot tells of Sheduvskom experimental sheep farms in the Lithuanian Research Institute of Livestock, where the breed was bred sheep - Lithuanian Blackface, obtained by crossing local, adapted to the conditions of the Baltic with the German black-headed sheep, which is known for high productivity.

In the story the following motion picture: the mouse cursor at the entrance to the farm, the demonstration of different breeds of sheep on the farm by the time of the fairs,  farm workers shall be measured, weighed and shearers; general view related products of wool, nastrizhennoy one ewe-black-Lithuanian.

Sheep in the pasture.

4th story.


In the plots of the following filming:

general view of the village on the farm Myshkovichi "Dawn" them.


Vehicular traffic on the street of the village.

General view of a domestic site and buildings of the kolkhoz.

Board meeting in the office of the chairman of the collective farm.

Members of a collective farm families at home, eat breakfast, watch TV shows local television;

Autumn wedding in Tatarstan.

Bride and groom holding dish with traditional Tatar refreshments - chak-chak, down surrounded by family and friends on the front steps to the carriage, drawn by three horses.

Crew with newlyweds passes through the city of Almetyevsk.

Children ride in a horse-drawn carriage, to rent the farm to them.


5th plot.

In the mountains of Samegrelo.

In the story the following filming:

Snow-capped mountains in Georgia.

Panorama of mountain slopes covered with forests.

Herd of goats grazing on the hillside, a shepherd milking a goat; Shepherds herd driven.

General view of the valley and mountain river.

Shepherds sitting at a table in the yard, eating their national Georgian food; sheep in a pen.

Shepherds ship sheep in a truck body, the car goes down the road.

Key words

Air transport.
Rural settlements.
Features of national life.

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