ABC for all. (1984)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Akkuratova E.

Script writers: Vlasova I.

Operators: Chumakov G.


The film is about the ecological and aesthetic education of children on the example of the State Darwin Museum and one of the Moscow schools.

Childhood and youth | Biology | Ecology

Reel №1


Class in the classroom.

Flowers in the office.



The children stroked the dog.

Children at the fence of the enclosure at the zoo.


The girl's father.

Children feeding the camel.

The children Pat the pony through the bars.

A flock of flamingos.

The kids are on the fence.

Polar bear swims.

Girl smiling.

A kangaroo jumps on the cage.

The people with cameras.


The state Darwin Museum, stuffed animals and birds.

Stuffed in the Windows.

Children on tour in the Museum.

Children paint.

Researcher T. N. Zubkova conducts a lesson in the Museum.

The alternation of pupils, stuffed animals and birds, children paint, ready to work.

Alternation: children draw in the circus, the trainer plays with a monkey.

A monkey among children.

Trainer with a monkey in the arena.

Children walk in the greenhouse.

The alternation of different types of plants, children draw.

Flowers in pots.

School biology class.


Moscow [820]


Winter [823] Spring [825]

Visual Arts; Education; Museums and exhibitions

Reel №2

Students write essays on nature.

The students prepare a theatre rehearsal, iron and sew costumes, dress up.

A fragment of a rehearsal.

The paintings on the wall.

The children's drawings.

Pupils draw.

Kangaroo in the rain.

A family of elephants.


Hippos in the pond.

Sea lions.

Pink Pelican.


The faces of the children.


Moscow [820]


Spring [825]

Visual Arts; Education; Museums and exhibitions