Transport - features of the future.. (1983)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: M. Ditkovskij

Script writers: Ya. Massovich

Operators: G. Gulidova

Recordist: N. Roginskaya

Other authors: V. Bokshickaya


The film is about promising transport systems and the development of the pipeline for container transport.


Reel №1

A collection of stamps commemorating the history of rail transport moving train.

Postage stamps dedicated to the history of automobile transport, passing truck.

A collection of stamps dedicated to the history of water transport.

Stamps with images of aircraft.

Flies a fighter jet.

The view of the lighted runway.

The artist in his Studio draws a sketch of the pipeline.

View of a portion of the pipeline.

Moving pipe structure.

Pipeline structure under load.

Manager at the controls.

Pipeline is the composition of the gravel.

View of part of the pipeline route.

Unloading of bulk cargo from the cars of a train.

View of part of the pipeline.

Panorama of the terrain and the village in the area of the transport pipeline.

Working layout of the passenger pipe.

Sketches of stamps with images of the transport pipeline in the artist's Studio, the artist draws a sketch.

The operation of the pipeline-Transporter of bulk cargo.

The electric motor, causing the conveyor to move.

Diagram of the conveyor (animation).

Types of conveyor lines.

Unloading of parts of the conveyor.

The electromagnetic coil rod conveyor.

The principle of operation of the electromagnetic coil (animation).

Pipeline transport line in action.

Constant discharging of the line section.

Postage stamps with images of sailboats.

The action layout with air turbine in the pipeline.

Stamps depicting locomotives.

View of a portion of a pipeline, Railways.

The principle of operation of the expanded turbine (animation).

Trolley with water blades on the rails.

Transportation of goods using water jets.

Interior view of the hall pumping station with a closed water circulation system.

The composition of the trolleys, moving with the help of water pressure.

Transport system for transporting quartz sand.

Unloading sand on the go.

The finished sketch stamps depicting a transport pipeline.




Georgia [83]


Summer [824]