Collect trash - save natural resources.. (1982)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Ritchenkov V.

Script writers: Zlodorev A.

Operators: Komolikov M., Krasnov O., Oljshevskaya E., Sazonov Yu.


The film tells about the importance of collecting and recycling waste paper, how Recycling affects different types of production, it helps to conserve natural resources and improve the environment.

Ecology | Industry

Reel №1

People buy newspapers at a kiosk.

Buying a newspaper vending machines near the entrance to the subway.

Passengers read in the tram.

Ready newspaper on the conveyor.

Print postcards.

Pages of newspapers in printing technology.

The child opens the book.

She takes a book from the shelf.

People at the counter.

People work with literature in the reading rooms.

Workers at the printing machine.

Off the belt book.


Reflection of the forest in the water, the ripples on the waves.

Mechanized felling.

Trucks take out timber.

Timber rafting down the river on rafts.

Freight barge with wood.

Heavy traffic urban transport.

Plane on the runway.

Special clears branches from tree trunks.

Students in the waste paper collection.

Adults and children are in the waste paper collection points.

Collection point.

Priemschitsa weighs trash, pays, gives coupons for books.

People laid bundles of waste paper on the scales.

Men trash pile in the pile.

Receptionist gives coupons.

Buyers at the bookstore.

Exchange Stamp literature.

Seller wrap paper in books and sends a buyer.

A woman takes a book from the seller, and moves away from the counter.

Man puts the book in a column.

Organised waste paper at the plant.

Bundles of waste paper being moved out of the window in the back of a truck.

Pruning in the printing of publications.

Paper chips.

The chips are pressed into bales.

Bales of stock.

Loader loads the bales in container. "KAMAZ" takes out the trash.

Public transport on the streets.

View of the road from the body.

Mountains of waste paper processing plant in the yard.

On the territory of the plant are wagons.

The various stages of processing waste.

Production of packaging materials.

Birch Grove.