Generators. (1989)

Documentary №52277, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:11
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:I. Belov


An advertising film about the manufacture of hydro generators and parts for them under a contract concluded with an Argentine company at the production association "Electrosila".

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Views of Leningrad at night.

View of the main building of the production association "Electrosila".

An internal view of one of the workshops of the association (from above).

Production of hydro generators in the workshops of the association, production processes.

View of the hull of one of the hydro generators ordered by an Argentine company.

Assembly of the hydrogenerator.

Stator plates.

Employees of the design bureau of the association at work.

The work of the computing center.

Diagram of a sharp reduction in core deformation during operation of the hydrogenerator (animation).

The circuit of the ring assembly of the core-stator with the creation of a pre-voltage (animation).

Panorama of a part of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP.

Automatic equipment and specialized equipment created at Electrosila for the construction of hydro generators.

Investigation of the stator winding, comparative testing of the rod winding.

Samples of insulating winding.

Installation of the stator winding.

Checking the electrical and mechanical properties of copper in a special laboratory.

Conducting a study of conductors for the content of copper in them.

The process of processing copper conductors, cutting and cleaning them from the braid, a type of machine with software control.

A set of guides on a copier for weaving rods.

The process of weaving rods with the installation of additional gaskets that serve to strengthen the coil insulation.

Alignment of transition irregularities using epoxy putty.

Winding the rod with insulation.

The process of crimping rods on an automated line by pulsed pressure rise.

Scales of control devices of the control panel.

Loop closure control.

Forming of rods in bending mechanized templates.

Winding of the frontal parts of the rods for baking.

Installation of the frontal part of the rod in a special form equipped with electric heating.

Processing and sealing of rods in hydraulic presses.

Panorama of a part of the workshop, pressed rods.

Application of insulation to the finished rod with the help of equipment created specifically for the fulfillment of the Argentine contract.

The process of isolation.

Checking the insulation thickness.

The process of pre-crimping the rods on a special two-hand hydraulic press.

Ready-made rods of a certain cross-section size and geometric shape.

Carrying out preparatory operations for winding rods before their final crimping.

Sending rods laid on a special frame for final crimping.

The faces of the workers.

The surface of the rod that has been crimped.

Checking the rods after applying a semiconductor coating on them.

Calendar: 1989

Locations: Leningrad [848]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Testing of hydrogenerator rods for insulation aging and dielectric losses.

The tester's hand turns the toggle switches and presses the buttons on the remote control of the test bench.

Scales of control and measuring devices.

The scheme of uneven heating of the upper and lower rods of the hydrogenerator and equalization of heat losses of the upper rods Animation).

Equipment for the manufacture of hydrogenerator pole coils, a type of winding complex created at Electrosila for the manufacture of pole coils under an Argentine contract.

The process of winding large volume coils.

Equipment for annealing coils.

Forming of the coil by means of hydraulic stretching.

Applying insulation poles to coils before starting assembly.

Details of the hydrogenerator stator.

Assembly of the pressure cheeks of the pole.

Testing of coils under a hydraulic press for the dielectric strength of the coil insulation.

Cutting of the segments of the hydrogenerator bearing using a gas cutting unit, the operator at the control panel of the installation.

Blocking the podpyatnik segment by the explosion method, cleaning the podpyatnik from the preservative.

The copper sheet on the segment of the pendulum.

Rotation of the induction machine.


A podpyatnik segment with a layer of copper welded by an explosion.

Processing of the podpyatnik segment on the machine.

Processed segments of the podpyatnik, monitoring the thoroughness of the connection of copper with steel.

The process of tinning the copper surface of the segment with tin, by immersing it in red-hot tin.

Filling a segment with babbit.

Processing of the podpyatnik segment on the machine.

Checking the reliability of the connection of the antifriction layer with the steel base of the podpyatnik segment.

Internal view of the workshop (from above).

Ready-made hydrogenerator units.

Manufacture of cores and pole coils.

Equipment for the manufacture of hydrogenerator parts.

Calendar: 1989

Locations: Leningrad [848]

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