Just one flight (1973)

Documentary №55700, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:04
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Lavrentjev V.
Screenwriters:Procenko A.
Camera operators:Krilov I., Pragin L., Suvorov V.


The story of services, providing passenger transportation, the example of flight "Moscow - Kiev." The film crew filmed Boryspil united squadron.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Captain Boryspil united squadron V.V.Ulybyshev requests permission to take off.

Nose landing gear, run the aircraft down the runway.

The plane leaves the ground, landing gear retracted into the hatch.

View of the tail of the plane.

Passengers at the airport.

Passing by ladder.

Baggage being taken to the luggage compartment.

Embarking passengers on the transport to the aircraft.

The bus carries people to the aircraft.

Waitress greets passengers on board and check the tickets.

People sit in places.

The tail of the aircraft.

Captain in touch with the crew.

View of the strip from the bow cabin.


View of the clouds from the bow cabin.

Hands on the wheel pilot.

Clouds in the sky.


Second pilot.

Navigator paves the route.



Blank interior.

A technician inspects the interior.

Sunset over the airfield.

A technician in the cockpit.

Past airplane rides a truck.

The technician connects the fuel hose.

By plane pulls truck with fuel.

A technician inspects the lift tail of the aircraft.

Chronicle of the early XX century: mechanic twists the screw.

Includes a motor, the plane begins to run.

The mechanics are repairing the aircraft.

Repair aircraft in winter.

The plane pour hot water.

Near the plane is the cart, the men dragged the wagon wheel.

Changing a wheel.

People pushing plane.

Tractor-lift pushes the tail of the aircraft forward.

The plane comes in the hangar.

Mechanics inspect motors.

Male passes under a wing of the aircraft.

Techniques talk.

Specialist gives permission to check.

Progress checking of the chassis.

Technicians inspect the aircraft before take-off on the field.

Tech signs the documents.

Kind of on the wing, side and back of the plane.


The pilot at the controls.

Pilots on physical examination.

The crew speaks with a meteorologist, studying maps.


Pilots operating in the chart.

Passengers at the airport.

Captain looks at the TV screen.

Obtaining permission to fly.

The technician disconnect the hose.

Flight attendant checks the interior.

Inspect aircraft crew members.

Passengers climb the ladder.

The captain sits in a chair and puts on headphones.

Check the operation of onboard systems.

The passengers in the cabin.

Ongoing verification systems.

The tail of the plane.

Airport name.

The plane leaves at taxiway.

Plane on track.

Dispatcher sends take-off.

Aerial view of the airport.

Captain talks with the dispatcher.

The plane leaves the runway.

The tail of the aircraft.

The aircraft in the sky.

Second pilot.


Cabin crew.

Chronicle of the early XX century:

The program runs and flights on the racetrack.

Pilots board the plane.

Pilots waving spectators.

Chronicle 1934: Arctic flights to save passengers icebreaker "Chelyuskin".

People are pulling the sleigh through the snow with the load.

A man looks at the sky.

People watching the airplane flies.

The plane starts to run is left on the ice after people wave.

The aircraft in the sky, landing gear equipped with skis.

The plane flies over the nomad camp of reindeer herders.

Panorama of the Arctic ice.

Panorama of mountain peaks.

Key words

Boryspil Airport (Kiev)

Calendar: 1900s-1910s 1934

Locations: Kiev [933]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The passengers in the cabin.

The co-pilot at the controls.

View of the clouds from the bow cabin.

Hands on the wheel pilot.

Alternation: negotiations with the crew dispatchers, work locator.


Chronicle of the early XX century:

Manager gives pilots the signal to take off.

Running the motor.

Manager on the remote radio.

Manager shows the radiogram colleague.

The locator.

Stewardess gives passengers book.

Alternation: running radar readings on the screen, the controller for the remote control, the liner in the sky, the captain at the helm, the passenger compartment.

Managers are physical.

Collection managers, familiarity with meteorological conditions.

Call instruction.

Alternation: managers at work, readings radar recording equipment.

Managers in the lounge.

Changing controllers.

A man sits on a sofa.

Negotiations with the crew dispatchers.

Alternation: clouds behind, flight attendant collects the dishes, managers pass each other aircraft, the recording equipment.

Flight attendant announces passengers to reduce the aircraft.

Alternation: clouds in the sky, the captain at the helm of the negotiations with dispatchers, work locator.

The airfield, under the wing of an airplane pilot runs.

The passenger cabin.

The report navigator.

Captain V.V.Ulybyshev.



Screen locator.

Cabin crew report on the landing.

Manager controls the decrease in aircraft.

Alternation: locators work, negotiations with the control room crew, landing gear, recording equipment, Cloudy.

Alternating: the captain's face, descent and landing aircraft (the view from under the nose gear).

The plane on the runway.

Bus Airport.

The plane stopped.

Passengers get up and go to the exit.

Pilot down the ladder.


The aircraft in the sky.

View from the bow of the cabin.

The pilot at the controls.


Clouds under the belly of the aircraft.

The pilot at the controls.

View from the windows of the airport control tower.

The board and the tail of the airplane taking off.

Calendar: 1900s-1910s

Locations: Moscow region [788]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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