The first wings (1950)

Documentary №55763, 4 parts, duration: 0:36:25
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Gendeljshtejn A.
Screenwriters:Shpikovskij N., Shipilov I.
Camera operators:Strod K., Ezov E.
Composers:Hachaturyan A.


The film is about creating Mozhaiskoye AF a first plane in the world.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The texts of newspaper ads for the 1st week of aviation in Russia (in the background Newsreels 1910).

Newsreel 1910s: the audience in anticipation of the next demonstration flight of the airplane.

The aircraft carries in the air "loop the loop."

PN Nesterov talking with the officer-pilot.

The aircraft carries in the air "loop the loop."

The plane begins to run.

Spectators welcome the pilots.

Pilots at the airport.

People hold the plane's tail before the start, the pilot signals, the plane begins to run.

The pilot sits in the pilot's seat, check the traction control surfaces.

People stand at the plane.

People photographed with a foreign pilot.

Notes and articles on the plane Mozhaiskogo AF in the newspapers.

Bust Mozhaiskogo AF Model airplane Mozhaiskogo, view of the rooms at the Central House of Aviation.

Model airplane "Ilya Muromets".

Newsreel 1930: KE Tsiolkovsky's face Tsiolkovsky worked at a table in the garden, there are a number of models of airships.

Tsiolkovsky with the bike out of the gate of his house in Kaluga.

Tsiolkovsky on a bicycle passes by the house.

Start stratospheric "osoaviakhim-1" in January 1934.

Stratospheric balloon rises into the sky.

Entries in the logbook stratosphere.

In the sky flying aircraft polar aviation.

Arctic landscapes under the wing of the aircraft.

Newsreel 1930: navigator maps the coordinates of the North Pole.

A red flag and a flag with the portrait of Stalin IV flying over the North Pole.

Flies aircraft VP Chkalov People with an American flag in the hands of the Soviet pilots met.

VP Chkalov, GF Bajdukov and AV Belyakov the aircraft after landing in the US in 1937.

People welcome the crew Chkalov.

Chkalov, Belyakov Bajdukov and go to the car, accompanied by journalists.

Solemn meeting of Chkalov in Moscow.

Cars drive through the streets of Moscow, sypyatsya flyers.

Model ANT-25 in the hall of the Central House of Aviation.

Model airplane Mozhaiskogo.

Types of reading room of the Lenin Library in Moscow.

People at the tables in the reading room.

Newspapers and magazines of the early 20th century.

Text "Privileges in the state shell" issued Mozhayskoe in 1881.

People sit at tables in the reading room.

An article on Borodino in the "Military Encyclopedia".

The book of memoirs of academician AN Krylov Portrait Krylov pages of the book.

People at the tables in the reading room makes an extract from the books.

The English edition of the technical end of the 19th century, with drawings of steam engines Mozhaiskogo.

Mozhaiskogo patent for his invention, the drawing of the aircraft.

Photos of Nevsky Prospekt, the streets and buildings of St.

Petersburg of the late 19th century.

Figure showing sailing ships on the Neva.

Key words

History of aviation


Pyotr Nesterov - Pilot Valery Chkalov - Test Pilot Bajdukov George Filippovich - Test Pilot Alexander Belyakov - Test Pilot Tsiolkovsky Tsiolkovsky - the scientist-inventor, mathematician

Calendar: 1910s 1930s 1934 1937

Locations: Moscow [820] USA [851] Kaluga region [779]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Monument to Peter I in Leningrad.

View of the center of Leningrad.

View of the building of the Naval Archives.

Signs with the names of historical archives in Leningrad.

View of the main staircase of the Central State Historical Archive.

Researchers are working with documents in the archive reading rooms.

Archival cases on the shelves in the store, pick the keepers of the case.

The employee shall file the case up the stairs.

For additional chores.

Containers with chores in the store archive.

Archives, documents and newspaper files are on the table.

Document Mozhaiskogo address.

Old engraved picture of the house where he lived Mozhajskij.

Photographs of the same house.

Past rides the bus home.

Help with addresses in the name of "Mozhaisk."

Types of houses and streets of Leningrad.

People come to the apartment Mozhaiskaya LN - Granddaughter Mozhaiskogo.

People sit at the table visiting Mozhaiskaya LN Face Mozhaiskaya LN

An employee of the Naval archive opens a container with chores, gets the right thing.

Researchers are studying the documents in business.

The text of the order of renaming Major General Mozhaiskogo promoted to rear admiral.

Researchers are studying the documents of the case.

Military leafing through newspaper files, the researcher is studying the matter.

The text of one of the orders.

Researchers are studying the documents of the case.

Order the production of Mozhaiskogo to the rank of Major General.

Researchers are studying the documents of the case.

The text of the order for the production under a magnifying glass.

Explorer closes the case.

Excursion of schoolchildren in the Red Selo.

Those eyewitnesses airplane Mozhaiskogo - Naumov, Gerasimov Igolkina.

Gerasimov gives interviews (synchronously).

The teacher writes down the story Gerasimov.

Gerasimov gives interviews (synchronously).

People stand near the car and listen Gerasimov.

Gerasimov gives interviews (synchronously).

Teacher photographs eyewitnesses flight.

Photo eyewitnesses flight.

Researcher in the archive viewing an album of drawings Mozhaiskogo.

Figures made Mozhaiskoye during his voyages.

Japanese sketches Mozhaiskogo.

Researchers continue flipping album.

Sheets Mozhaiskogo track record.

Seagulls over the wave mast sailboat.

Sailboat in the sea, runs a background of the map of the Pacific Ocean.

Sheets Mozhaiskogo track record.

View the bow of a sailing ship.

Figures Mozhaiskogo cabin on one of the ships.

Hourglass on a book lying on the table.

Desk Mozhaiskogo with stuffed birds.

Drawings of bird wings on the table Mozhaiskogo.

Birds outside the ship.

Key words

History of aviation

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Flying seagull in the sky.

Seagulls flying over the water.

Taking a delayed flight gull with animation.

Animation showing the effect of air flow on the wing, and the derivation of the lift.

Bird in flight, soaring.

Birds in flapping flight.

Figure showing Mozhaiskogo flying a homemade kite.

Fragments of the drawing.

Soaring over the sea gull.

Cartoon drawing of a plane wing aircraft.

Comparison of the wings of birds of various kinds (animation).

Gradually, a blueprint for the airplane Mozhaiskogo (animation).

Animation showing a variety of Mozhaiskoye airframe.

Rotary wing windmills.

Animation illustrating the development Mozhaiskoye propeller.

Model aircraft Mozhaiskogo.

Plans for an aircraft engine Mozhaiskogo.

Military historians in the archive browsing drawing engine aircraft Mozhaiskogo.

The texts of documents in the archive business.

The text under a magnifying glass.

Plans stored in the archive business.

Researchers in the archive to view documents.

Drawing steam engine Mozhaiskogo.

Military historian studying the drawing engine in the archive.

Portrait of DI Mendeleev People in museum-apartment Mendeleev.

Head of the museum - the daughter of DI Mendeleev talking with researchers.

Sheets of notebooks Mendeleev.

Bust of Mendeleev next to the bookshelves.

Panorama your office Mendeleev.

Desk Mendeleev.

Proceedings of the periodic aeronautics.

Calculations and manuscripts of the periodic aeronautics.

The picture illustrating the layout of the aircraft Mozhaiskoye demonstration at a meeting of the governmental commission.

Fragments of the painting.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Archival cases of the Imperial Foundation's headquarters.

The texts of the reports of Russian military agents.

Interior view of the palace halls.

View of the hall, the seat of the state commission.

View the table and chairs.

View of St.

Isaac's Cathedral across the rain-drenched window.

Text of the letter Mozhaiskogo.

View conference room Commission.

Letter Mozhaiskogo Chief Chief Engineer's Office.

Fragments of letters.

Mozhaiskogo Appeal for assistance to various state authorities.

Monument to Alexander III on the background of closing the gate.

View of the Cathedral of St.

Isaac's Square with a monument to Nicholas I. Photo factory shops and buildings of the late 19th century.

Photo eyewitnesses airplane Mozhaiskogo.

View of the field from which the plane took off for the first time Mozhaiskogo.

Eyewitness Naumov gives interviews (synchronously).

Dramatization: Mozhaiskogo aircraft before the start.

Naumov continues his story (synchronously).

The plane takes off Mozhaiskogo (re-enactment).

The plane flies over a field Mozhaiskogo (re-enactment).

Drawing Mozhaiskogo aircraft.

Aircraft designer AN Tupolev considering drawing Mozhaiskogo aircraft.

Academician of the St.

George's is considering drawing.

Detail drawing.

Tupolev and Yuryev considering drawing.

The sheets of drawings of the aircraft.

Aircraft designers and engineers are considering drawing Mozhaiskogo.

Employees of the design office to the drawing board.

Aircraft Archangel AA commented drawings Mozhaiskogo.

Type wind tunnel.

Model airplane Mozhaiskogo during the wind tunnel tests.

Employee Design Bureau in the control room the wind tunnel.

Hand switching toggle.

Running wind tunnel.

Aircraft designer Ilyushin, a professor of Kamenka, the oldest Russian pilot Zhuravchenko present at the trial model airplane Mozhaiskogo.

Staff Design Bureau in the control room.

Test model aircraft in a wind tunnel.

Sheets album with pictures of the aircraft Mozhaiskogo tests in the wind tunnel.

Bust Mozhaiskogo.

Various types of Soviet aircraft.

Aircraft in the sky.

Flying a jet plane.

Flying fighter unit.

Aircraft flying in the sky.

Planes fly over Red Square.

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