A Ship Of Special Purpose.. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Akkuratov E., Monglovskiy U.

Script writers: Adzhubey A., Akkuratov E., Maevskiy V., Monglovskiy U., Nepomnyaschiy K., Trushin V.

Operators: Akkuratov E., Monglovskiy U.

Composers: Meerovich M.

Anouncers: Adzhubey A.

Text writers: Adzhubey A., Maevskiy V., Nepomnyaschiy K., Trushin V.


About the III International Meeting of Journalists on the steamship "Litva-1" ["Lethuania-1"].

Historical background

From September 23 to October 3, 1963 in the Mediterranean region was held the 3rd World Summit of journalists. A large group of Soviet and foreign journalists worked during the voyage of the ship "Lithuania".

Temporary description

Travel journalists' attendance at the third Summit of journalists in the Soviet ship "Lithuania": journalists from various countries on the decks of the ship, the cabins during the tour of Istanbul, during the acquaintance with the monuments of ancient culture in the city of Athens, Naples; inspect the ruins of Pompeii. Arrival of participants at an international meeting of journalists in Algeria, familiarity with casbah-Arab neighborhoods of the capital. General view of Algiers: streets, monuments of architecture. Opening of the Summit of journalists. Among the speakers at the meeting of chief editor of the newspaper "Pravda" P. Satyukov and other journalists. Meeting of the President of the Republic of Algeria, Ahmed Ben Bella with reporters. Staying the International Meeting in Tunisia, in Egypt. Meeting with Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Meeting journalists on the boat "Lithuania" during travel. Among the speakers at the meeting A. Adzhubei (synchronously). Stay journalists in Lebanon, meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Karami. The visit to Cyprus and the conversation with President of Cyprus - Archbishop Makarios. Arrival of Journalists in Moscow and a meeting with Khrushchev.

Reel №1

Surf the waves breaking on the shore - MS.

Ship at sea - LS.

Soviet ship "Lithuania" at sea - CU. PNRM.

Raising the flag on the mast of the ship of the Third World Meeting of Journalists - MS. PNRM.

Flag - CU.

On the deck of the journalists: Kofi Baatso, a journalist from Ghana - CU., Georg Kraus from the GDR, journalists - representatives of the two Germanys, a French cartoonist Jean Effel - CU., One of the oldest journalists Laos - Prince Bong Suvanovong - CU., A former prisoner of Buchenwald Australian journalist Platz, Helene Gagnon - journalist from Canada - CU.

Sailing ship "Lithuania» - MS.

The crew in the cockpit - Captain Sergei L. Dondua, helmsman.

PNRM. with hands on the steering wheel to the face - CU.

Engine room, machines work - LS., MS.

Hands typing on a typewriter - CU.

Print journalists.

Work on the switch "Lithuania".

Telephone operator (synchronous) - CU.

Hands and switch phone numbers - CU.

Animation: Map of Africa, tells about the liberation of the African peoples from colonialism.

A journalist from Kenya Nganga Bacchus - CU.

A journalist from South Africa Kadzhimuniya Vail (says synchronously) - CU.

Seagull above the sea - CU.

Bosphorus - dark water, beaches, villages on the coast.

"Lithuania" in Istanbul, journalists go to the ship, they had not met.

Loading of coal in the port manually by carrying it in baskets on their backs.

Journalists on the streets of Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia.

The old palace of the Sultan.

The area with the university.

One of the streets - all LS.

Living on the streets.

The outskirts of the city, old house.

Flower shop and sellers with sad faces.

Two guys are selling red and white shirt.

At the corner sits an old cripple, he is given alms.

Pass two small children.

A teenage boy reading in the street (the book).

PNRM. the bright covers of magazines.

Rain on the streets of Istanbul.

"Lithuania" goes to sea, heading to the Greek coast.

To raise the flag mast of the ship in Greece - LS. PNRM.

Athens - LS.v., top view, streets, monuments of ancient culture - MS., CU.

Monument Harry Truman.

Animation: a portrait of Truman.

Manolis Glezos with journalists on the bus, show them the city.

The prison where the 6 times he was sitting.

B / w.

K / t: the trial of M. Glezos.

Hit a window with prison bars.


Reel №2

LS. view of the Acropolis.

PNRM. the mast, with which war broke Manolis Glezos swastika flag and hoisted the flag of the motherland - LS.

Watching journalists, CU. - Their faces.

Manolis Glezos escorted journalists on the road, talking with Mikhail Kharlamov and others.

M. Glezos - CU.

Bay of Naples, the coast of Italy - LS. PNRM.

"Lithuania" at the port.

Journalists go ashore to be greeted on the shore.

One of the streets of Naples - MS.

Konrad Adenauer, already in the last days of Chancery in Italy, playing golf, CU. - His portrait - black / white.

The ancient castle, where the meeting of the preparatory committee of the International Journalists.

Journalists go to the meeting.

In Hall Barons.

Journalists welcomes the Mayor of Naples - Clemente.

Playing journalists: Renato Leduc - from Mexico, Robert Byuto - from France, Nganga - Kenya - MS., CU.

In the hall of journalists, members of the public, the influential people of the - MS.

Center of Naples - the streets, the traffic on the streets, pedestrians.

Drove a cab driver with passengers.

Boy-seller balloons, boy-seller water boy working - MS.

It should be a nun - MS.

Girl goes hand in hand with the U.S. Sixth Fleet sailor.

PNRM. from the castle, where there is a meeting of journalists in a cab Salvatore.

Salvatore passes through the narrow, narrow streets of Naples, home workers, the common people of Italy.

Across the street on a rope (stick) is hanging laundry.

Women sit and talk in the streets.

Men and children on the streets.

The inhabitants of the streets welcome Salvatore.

Men build the road - its cobble cobblestone.

Workers read the newspaper «Unita».

Persons working - CU.

City (with a / t).

The ruins of Pompeii, wandering tourists - LS.

B / w.

Nuclear explosion - the destruction and death.

Children of different nationalities among the ruins.

Mother beside the dying child - MS.

A group of journalists lays wreaths on the graves of those who died for the freedom of Algeria.

PNRM. the inscriptions on the monuments - MS.

French sailors in the streets of Algiers - LS.

PNRM. City - Park Street - LS.

Journalists welcomes and talks with them editor of "Alzhe Republique" Henry Alleghe, author of "The interrogation under torture» - MS., CU.

Reel №3

Casbah - Arab area of ​​the capital of the Republic.

Arabs - adults and children - CU.

Inscriptions on the walls - the slogans of the struggle for independence - CU.

Walls, barbed wire entangled colonizers.

Memorials and monuments colonizers, people dropped from their pedestals.


Luxury villa - Casino de la Corniche, the club now the People's Revolutionary Army (on the beach).

In the hall of the club opened the third meeting of the World journalists, reporters sit - LS. PNRM.

Information Minister Cherif Belkacem Algeria welcomes journalists - MS.

Chaired Mesple Joao (Brazil) - MS.

Chief editor of the newspaper "Pravda" PA Satyukov reads received greetings NS Khrushchev Summit Journalists (synchronously) - CU.

Listen to journalists - MS., CU., Applauding.

At the session are: Robert Byuto from France, Angelo Berti - Italian journalist, Hussein Fahmy of the UAR, Honorio Munoz of Cuba Ochirbat from Mongolia.

In the evening, after the meeting, the hall is the president of the Algerian People's Democratic Republic Ahmd Ben Bella - LS.

The President wondered then acts - MS.


Footage of the heroic struggle of the Algerian people for their independence - b / w.

Journalists listen to the President's speech - CU.

Algerian journalists among workers, a journalist gives working icon.

Over the former French hotels hang a new sign "Grand Hotel Patrice Lumumba."

Men read newspapers - MS.

Journalists talk with members of the newly formed cooperative "Baidy."

Short shots - Circuit diagram - a newsreel of the first years of socialist construction (B / W) and frames the present day (color): plow the first tractor, harvester removes bread - CU., MS.; In Red Square are the first cars - LS.

PNRM. by powerful dump trucks, veiled women - MS. - Central Asian republic woman driving a tractor - CU.

Cotton harvesting combine - MS.

Construction of one of the first hydropower (manual) - MS., LS. - Cableway - MS., Spilling hot coke - CU., Steel shed - CU.

Hydroelectric dam - MS. (Modern).

Street children in the first years of Soviet power - LS., CU.

Pioneers in Artek (blows the bugle - MS., Bathe - MS., CU., Go camping - LS.).

Algerian journalists boys sing a song - LS.

Journalist pinning the boy's memory icon Vladimir Lenin - MS., CU.

Journalists working on the deck of the ship (in bathing suits - hot).

PNRM. and LS. kind of Tunisia.

The newspaper "L'Humanité" with news reports and photos of the atrocities the French colonialists in Bizerte - CU. - B / w.

Reel №4

The streets of Tunis, the people on the streets - LS.

President Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia takes journalists welcomed Henry Alleghe - LS., CU.

Journalists on the deck "Lithuania» - LS.

Draws Jean Effel - CU.

Egyptian pyramids - LS.

Arabs riding on camel - LS.

LS. PNRM. by sphinx.

The construction of the Aswan High Dam.



Buryats rock.

Soviet builders together with the Arabs in the construction work, teach the Arabs control appliances.

Dam (shot from above).

Soviet specialists help builders Ghana, Ethiopia trained professionals, treat patients - different.

Nile river from the bridge - LS.

Cairo (top PNRM.).

Streets, traffic on the streets, the people on the streets - LS., MS.

B / W - The President of the United Arab Republic Gamal Abdel Nasser gives journalists from five continents press conference - different.

Arabs on the street read here bought the newspaper.

In Port Said Mayor presents journalists pennant Hero City.

Newsreel B / W:

Frames Anglo-French-Israeli aggression against Egypt in 1956.

Newspapers of the time with articles against aggression (French and Soviet).

Demonstrations and rallies in the Soviet Union against aggression.

One of the journalists in the discussions inside the ship.

Playing journalists exchange views: Indian delegate Ghosh, Information Minister Mali Mamadou Naked, Cesar Cevallos Peruvian Muntantagiri of Southern Rhodesia, Georgi Bokov from Bulgaria and others.

Multrabota b / w: in the background papers are the second exposure shots showing people's struggle for better conditions of life and the world.

Journalists at the table - CU.

Said the journalist from Africa - CU.

A. acts Adjoubei - MS. (Synchronous) - MS., CU.

Listening to - MS., CU.

Serves editor of "Japan Times" Masuri Ogawa - freeze.

The newspaper "Japan Times" article M. Ogawa, against the conference - multrabota.

Director Alzheri Press Service Ben FUR and CEO Dmitry TASS Goryunov sign an agreement on the exchange of information (the "Lithuania").

Novosti Press Agency head Boris Burkov enters the building of Arab agency of Man, where he will sign the agreement.

Reel №5

Ship "Lithuania" at sea - LS.

Seagull above the sea - MS.

On a boat sailing from newspapers all over the world to the ship goes sea god Neptune.

Journalists meet Neptune.

On his orders journalists bathed in the ship's pool - MS.

6th aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy - MS., LS., PNRM.

Navy sailors have fun in a cafe in Beirut (Lebanon).

B / W newsreel footage:

The landing of the marine units of the 6th U.S. Navy - CT - 1956

Col. - Plaques that were left on the Arab conquerors of the land.

Monument - the crucified Christ.

B / w. - There is an American tank.

Col. - Holiday-rich on the beach, women prance on horseback.

B / w. - Exchange, a crowd of businessmen have enough bank notes floating in the air - a frame from the film.

Col. - CU. . - Persons of poor men, hands holding the bread.

LS. PNRM. by beggarly quarter.

A man carrying on his back chairs, the other - cases - CU.

A group of journalists laying flowers at the monument to the heroic fighters for freedom and independence of Lebanon.

Lebanese Prime Minister Karami takes journalists, answering their questions.

In the hall of the hotel "Fenis" President of the International Organization of Journalists, Jean Maurice Herman announces final communiqué offline journalists from five continents - LS., CU.

Listen to journalists - LS.

Flag Forum - CU.

Ship "Lithuania" at sea, is the native shores - CU., PNRM.

Residents of Famagusta - Cyprus port happily greeted journalists - MS., CU.

Journalists talk to the President of Cyprus - Archbishop Makarios - LS., MS.

Flags of Bulgaria - MS. PNRM.

Journalists presented bread and salt.

Guests go to the ship.

Joyful meeting of journalists in Romania.

LS. pl.

Moscow with a / t. (PNRM.).

The Kremlin parties III-rd World Summit takes journalists NS Khrushchev.

NS Khrushchev stands (synchronous) - MS.

Listen and applaud journalists - different.

October 25, 1963.

Out of the car printed newspapers - CU.

Ships in port - PNRM.

Construction of the ship at the shipyard - welding and other work - MS., CU.

The ship goes down the stocks of water - PNRM.

Going ship "Lithuania» - LS.

Illuminated advertising on the building of the newspaper "Izvestia" on the screens of the documentary "Special Purpose Vehicle" production Central Documentary Film Studio - CU. (Evening).