Leningrad chronicles № 26 The sea gate of the country. (1974)

Newsreel №60031, 2 parts, duration: 0:10:19
Production: LSDF
Director:N. Boronin
Camera operators:M. Mass
Sound mixer:M. Podtakuj
Other authors:G. Sisoev, E. Shinkarenko, Yu. Nikolaev, O. Romenskij, A. Nikiforov


The issue is dedicated to the work of the Leningrad Seaport and its 50th anniversary.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The ship is on the Neva River, a view of the bow of the sailing ship "Kronverk" at the Neva embankment.

Views of the night Neva River, ships pass under the raised bridges.

Panorama of the Leningrad seaport at night.

Types of port crane, cargo loading on ships.

Cargo transportation on the territory of the port.

The passenger liner departs for the next flight.

The equipment of the radio station, the dispatcher establishes communication with the ship "Mikhail Lermontov".

The ship "Mikhail Lermontov" in the sea.

Employees of the communication center at work, the ship of the Leningrad Shipping Company at sea.

The ship "Nadezhda Krupskaya" is approaching Gdansk.

Ships at the berths of the Leningrad seaport.

The head of the Baltic Shipping Company B. A. Yunitsyn talks about the number of ports and countries visited by the shipping company's ships, about the directions of cargo lines, about the high authority of Soviet passenger ships among foreigners (synchronously).

The captain of the ship "Sestroretsk" on the bridge.

Interior view and navigation equipment of the captain's cabin.

The mechanic goes down to the engine room, examines the mechanisms.

Automatic translation of machine telegraph.

The captain looks through the binoculars.

View of the ship's pipe part.

The captain of the ship F. I. Martynov speaks about the work on the European Container Line, the route of the ship going from London to Leningrad, the anniversary voyage of the ship with a reduced crew, the successful completion of all flight tasks (synchronously).

View of the bow deck of the ship during the approach to the Leningrad port.

Tugboats bring the ship into port.

Lifting and loading equipment of the port.

Mechanized movement of containers with cargo.

Loading the container on the ship with a crane.

Installation of the container in the hold.

The driver in the cab of the crane.

Cargo transportation on the territory of the port.

Deputy Head of the Leningrad Seaport A. S. Kazakevich speaks about the port staff, the port's cargo turnover, the over-fulfillment of the cargo handling plan (synchronously).

The docker signals the crane operator.

Move the container with a crane.

The passenger liner leaves the port.

Crane operator in the crane cab.

Moving containers on the territory of the port.

The faces of the dockers.

The face of Brigadier Vyzhletsov.

View from the cabin of the port crane.

Members of the Vyzhletsov team at work.

Unloading the container with a car.

The face of the driver of the car.

Moving containers with cargo using special equipment.

Calendar: 1974

Locations: Leningrad [848] At Sea [14]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Automation, container, dock work in the port, tugs, foreign vessels, the Maritime register of the USSR, the shipbuilders.

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