Blue mink, black idea of crossbreeding (1980)

Documentary №60361, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:41
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:Kruglova L.
Screenwriters:Portnoj M.
Camera operators:Tuinov E., Serij V.
Sound mixer:Shknevskaya N.


A film about the work of fur farms. Fur auction in Leningrad

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A troika is riding along the winter road.

In the sleigh - girls in fur coats and hats.

Coarse - fur villi.

Fur auction in Leningrad - a general view of the hall.

Alternating frames - furs, photos of models, auction.

Close-up - a panorama of furs.

An employee removes fur skins from the hanger.

Different coats on a hanger in the store, a woman tries on a coat with a fur collar.

Large - fur collar.

Close-up - a panorama of furs.

In a cage - a sable jumps.

Panorama of the animal farm.

In cages - sables, minks, foxes.

In the frame - Afanasyev V. A., head of the association "Zveroprom".

Fur-bearing animals in cages.

Afanasyev gives an interview.

Photos - construction of animal farms, cages.

Says Afanasyev.

Arctic foxes in cages.

Bidding at the auction.

Hangers with fur skins.

Afanasyev, along with correspondents, walks past cages with animals.

There are different fur animals in the cages - arctic foxes, foxes, mink, etc.

A farm worker delivers feed.

Animals in cages eat meat.

Different shots of fur-bearing animals in cages.

Large - a saucer with the inscription "krill flour".

In the frame - saucers with various substitutes for feed from waste.

Raccoon and cubs in a cage eat special food.

A sable in a cage eats the food placed on top.

The laboratory of the Institute of Fur Farming - employees are engaged in research, work with equipment, etc.

Close-up - the hand presses the buttons of the device, the panorama on the device.

A tape with printed data.

Modern devices.

Large-scale computing, the hand prints numbers.

The general plan is a laboratory.

An employee takes laboratory utensils.

Large - the liquid is poured into a test tube.

Various fur-bearing animals in cages - foxes, raccoons, etc.

A farm worker walks past the nutria cages.

Nutria in cells.

Employees of the laboratory at the desk.

Frames with various experiments and studies.

An employee takes glass plates, looks into a microscope.

Animal experiments - an animal in a cage is on the table in the laboratory.

Key words

Fur, auction, fur coat, fur animals, fur farm

Locations: Leningrad [848] Moscow region [788]

Seasons: Winter

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Experiments in the laboratory.

An employee puts boxes on a shelf.

Collage of bottles.

Arctic fox in a cage.

Animal farm workers at the cages - get the animals and vaccinate them.

The Pushkin animal farm near Moscow.

Afanasyev V. A. together with the workers of the state farm passes by the cages.

Sable runs around the cage.

In the frame - the head of the laboratory of sable breeding Utkin L. G. and the chief zootechnic of the state farm Kulichkov B. A. Kulichkov has sable skins in his hands.

Panorama of the cells.

Sables, minks in cages - different frames.

Moscow landscape - a clearing, a forest, a panorama of a fur farm.

Mink with cubs.

Wooden cages, the worker puts the cubs in the cage, closes it and seals it.

Minks with cubs.

The worker opens the cage, takes out the grown-up cubs.

A fox with cubs in a cage.

Sables to cages, foxes - different frames.

A farm worker holds the cubs in her hands.

Workers are seating young animals in cages.

Grown-up cubs in cages.

Large - the hand writes in the magazine.

Auction - experts inspect the furs.

Large - fur skins.

Furs on hangers, auction hall - alternating frames.

Collage of furs.

Key words

Fur, auction, fur coat, fur animals, fur farm

Locations: Moscow region [788]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

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