The profession of aircraft technician (1987)

Documentary №61072, 1 part, duration: 0:09:09
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:Bakenbaeva M.
Screenwriters:Sergeeva I.
Camera operators:Glazunov G.
Sound mixer:Matyushin V.


The film tells about the training of technical specialists to work with aviation transport - the training days of cadets in specialized schools, the passage of work practice, as well as sports and creativity are shown.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The hangar gates open, a view of the airfield, planes.

The plane is towed to the hangar with the help of a cargo truck.

The plane is on the runway - taking off.

There is a special transport - a bus with airfield personnel.

A group of aviation technicians is walking along the airfield to the planes.

The plane is taxiing on the takeoff field.

Aviation technicians near the ramp.

An employee descends from the ramp, talks to a group of technicians.

Various employees-technicians on the tarmac - an employee checks the landing gear, employees inspect the engine, other elements of the aircraft.

A new trainee employee, a cadet of the Yegoryevsky School, approaches the technician near the plane.

Cadets of the school near the blackboard, open the poster-manual "Fuel system", prepare for the lesson.

Large - instrument control panel, hand switches levers.

One of the cadets explains to the other that it is necessary to turn on the fuel pump.

The cadet's face.

In the classroom there is a lesson - a panorama of the cadets at their desks.

The teacher is at the device, closing the round door, the cadets are sitting at their desks studying and working with aviation equipment.

Panorama of the classroom, where there are special drawing boards - cadets are working on drawings and diagrams.

Library, reading room in the school - cadets at their desks, reading educational literature.

Cadets work with a computer - a computer monitor and keyboard are in the frame.

The faces of the cadet and the teacher.

View of the computer classroom - the teacher at the table, explains something to the cadets, the rest of the cadets work at computers.

In the frame, the engine of the TU-154 aircraft, a panorama of the teacher and a group of cadets.

The teacher talks about the engine, pointing to the parts of the engine.

Large - dashboard, hands switch toggle switches, levers, turn knobs.

Practical lesson - the teacher observes how the cadets work with the equipment.

Large - the buttons on the dashboard are lit.

The teacher gives commands.

The cadet switches toggle switches, levers on the dashboard.

Large - instrument panel, instrument readings.

Cadets at a practical lesson in workshops - study the structure of engines (a panorama of different engines, cadets and a teacher in the frame).

View of the training airfield (taken from under the plane).

Cadets on the airfield.

The teacher is telling the cadets something.

Panorama of the plane - technicians are working.

Cadets in practice - check the plane, portholes outside, etc.

The teacher gives commands from the car.

View of the plane and the cadet standing next to it.

Large - the engine starts.

The cadet checks the pressure in the chassis.

Cadets check the aircraft engine.

Panorama of helicopters and the technical staff next to them.

A technician on a helicopter opens the engine cover.

The museum of the school - cadets together with honored graduates at a meeting, stand near a model airplane, they are filmed for the archive of the school.

Graduates and cadets look at albums and photos together.

Modeling circle - a panorama of the classroom, aircraft models, cadets working on models.

Close-up - on the TV screen there is an educational film about airplanes and helicopters.

Panorama of the faces of the cadets watching the movie.

The general plan is a classroom, there is a movie on TV, the cadets are watching a movie.

The school's own TV studio - cadets shoot men in uniform sitting at a table on cameras, a panorama on monitors where the image is broadcast.

The image is replaced by fragments from the movie "Search".

Close-up - fragments from the movie "Search" are on the screen.

Panorama of the legendary plane of pilot Lyapidevsky, on which he took out Chelyuskintsev (the plane was restored and restored by the cadets of the Vyborg School.

In the frame is a flying boat Sh-2, which was recreated by the cadets of the Yegoryevsky School.

The cadet spins on a special vestibular simulator.

Gym - the guys are engaged in simulators.

The cadets in the hall are playing basketball.

Swimming competitions - cadets cheer for their comrades.

Large - swimmer in the water, on the track.

The general plan is swimmers on the tracks.

Cadets at a long festive table - celebrate a birthday.

Amateur performance - performance of a folk dance group.

Cadet on stage - playing guitar, singing a song.

A cadet on a hang glider.

The flying boat Sh-2 is taking off.

Shots of planes, helicopters.

The face of an aviation technician.

The plane takes off.

An aviation technician in a helmet, talking on a walkie-talkie.

The plane is on the runway.

The plane takes off.

Key words

Airplane, airfield, aviation technicians, technical staff, school, cadets, computer, computer class, dashboard, helicopter

Seasons: Winter [823]

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