In the United Family (1967)

Documentary №6389, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:31, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Pavlov A.
Camera operators:Mikheev I.


By order of the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers for Television and Radio Broadcasting . About great changes in the life of people of the Central Asia after the Great October Socialist Revolution.

Reel №1

Newsreel of the early twentieth century.:

Landslide in the desert sand - MS.

Sand, dried bushes - LS.

Camel caravan in the desert - LS., CU.

Face of the old Uzbek - CU.

Camels rotating wheel primitive water tower - LS.

A woman with a baby on her back hoe handles cotton field - MS.

Uzbek with a hoe sits in a ditch on the parched cracked earth from the heat.

Cracked earth drought - MS., CU.

Photos of the beys, who owned the land, of Tsar Nicholas II and the Emir of Bukhara.

Newsreel of the early twentieth century.:

A little girl wearing a veil - CU., MS.

Women and girls in chadors - MS.

Men and boys pray at a mosque - LS., MS.

Women at work in their homes.

Poisonous snake creeps - CU.

The sand is a camel's skull - CU.

Copy of the newspaper with the text of the "Declaration of the rights of the peoples of Russia - MS., PNRM.

Newsreel of the 20's.:

Check in MI Kalinin in Turkmenistan.

One of the first celebratory demonstrations in Soviet Turkmenistan.

MI Kalinin welcomed the demonstrators.

A resident of the village lights up a light bulb in your home.

Illiterate learn to write in the circle.

Women learn to read and write in the village.

Newsreel 30's.:

A woman is a tractor in a field - MS., CU.

Plane around the village.

Uzbek boy refused to get on a plane.

The first locomotive on the first railway in Central Asia.

Opening Turksib: local people on horses, camels, upon the oxen, drove up to the engine.

Steam train starts to move, people on horseback, on camels and oxen race in pursuit of a steam locomotive.

Tajik woman driving a car "Volga" outside Dushanbe.

Streets, squares with fountains in Dushanbe.

Students take to the streets.

Apartment: TV, fridge.

Boys and girls together in school - LS.

Tajik girl writes on the blackboard.

Young people involved in the reading room.

Academician, Professor University Tajik Saradzhan Yusupov in the office, in geological exploration with students-geologists in the mountains of Central Asia.

Children Saradzhan Yusupova: eldest son Ibrahim - geologist, Jahangir - oilman.

Junior, school, in the garden at the table.

Kyrgyz Assa Ahunbaev son Shepherd, a member of the Republican Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medicine, in the office and in the operating hospital preparing for surgery, surgery.

Operating overhead lighting - CU.

Students observe the progress of the operation on TV.

Bibihan - wife Ahunbaeva Assy, MD, Associate Medical Institute, gives a lecture to students.

Ahunbaeva daughter Nellie, who graduated from medical school in the operating room makes the operation - MS., CU.

Director Ashkhabad carpet factory Guljamal Bekdurdyeva talks about his work, carpet-weaver, (synchronous).

Samples of carpets made by Turkmen weavers.

Carpet shop: Turkmen women weave carpets - CU.

Women of different ethnicities together with Turkmen weave carpets - CU.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Nazi aircraft dropped bombs and explosions on the ground, the statement requesting volunteers to send them to the front.

Play Karnali (national musical instrument).

A woman ties a scarf in fruits and cakes.

Villager villagers escorted to the front - MS., CU.

Country road rides a cart with soldiers.

Reel №2

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

The soldiers of different nationalities taking the oath.

Photos of young Turkmen Kurban Durdy in uniform.

HSU Kurban Durdy, a veteran of World War II, tells the story of the first battles with the Nazis (synchronously).

Newsreel 1941-1945.:


Kurban Durdy Kremlin gets the Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Eid is on the Red Square.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Red Square (Winter) - LS.

Uzbek workers on the shop floor plant makes shells for the front - different.

Tajik women knitting socks for soldiers.

Ready warm clothes for the soldiers.

It takes a freight train with gifts to Soviet soldiers from the public.

A poster on the wagon "gallant Red Army."

Russian woman with children laying flowers at the grave of a soldier who was buried on the battlefield.

The inscription on the headstone grave Panfilov.

Soldiers salute at the mass grave.

The Soviet soldiers are hoisting the flag over the Reichstag in Berlin.

Soviet flag over the Reichstag - LS.

Uzbeks play Karnali in honor of soldiers returning home after the war.

In the village welcomed the soldiers.

Photo: mother meets Kurban Durdy who returned from the front.

Kurban Durdy talks about post-war period (synchronous).

Mother, children Kurban Durdy home.

Flies and sits in a stork nest - CU., LS.

Flowering fruit trees.

Tractor plowing field Tajik collective farm.


Farm chairman Said Hodge Urunhodzhaev with machine operators on the checks cotton seed during planting.

Said Hodge Urunhodzhaev at a meeting of the kolkhoz.

The Palace of Culture farm "Moscow» - LS.

Square and fountain in front of the Palace - LS.

Urunhodzhaev welcomes guests from Latin America.

PNRM. ornamented on the walls of the Palace of Culture.

Kolkhoz kids at school are photographed with visitors from Latin America.

Vineyards farm "Moscow» - LS., PNRM.

Girls gather the grape harvest - MS., CU.

PNRM. by ripe grapes - CU.

PNRM. for mature quince fruits - CU.

Cotton harvesting combines in the fields of Tajikistan - LS., CU.

In the desert wind blows tumbleweed - LS.

Sandstorm in the desert.

Camel caravan in the desert during a sandstorm.

Bulldozer shovels sand tractors working at the construction of the Karakum Canal.

Excavators pave canal bed.

The first flow of water filled channel Karakum Canal - LS., CU.

Construction of the pipeline in the desert of Central Asia (gas pipeline Central Asia - Centre) - PNRM.

Work-laying machines, earthmoving machinery.

Construction of Nurek - LS.

Builders of different nationalities at work on new building - CU.

Vakhsh water go through a mountain tunnel - LS.

Karakum HPP - LS.

High-voltage power line - LS.

Rotary kiln cement plant from Central Asia - LS.

Persons steelmaker, weavers, carpet makers, academic - CU.

Nuclear reactor nuclear power plant in Tashkent.

Opera and Ballet Theater in Tashkent - LS.

Streets of Tashkent - LS.

The Conservatory of the Uzbek SSR.

Reel №3

PNRM. with posters on the building of Tashkent Conservatory - CU.

The facade of the building with the word "Conservatory» - CU.

Earthquake destroyed buildings, houses of the old buildings in Tashkent.

New buildings have withstood the earthquake - MS.

Bulldozers clearing the streets of Tashkent from the debris of houses.

The rally in the town of Vinnitsa in honor of the wires of a large group of workers to help victims of the earthquake in Tashkent.

Departs from gate structure with builders, equipment and building materials - LS.

A poster on the train departing train: "We, the Uzbek brothers", etc.

Unloading tier in Tashkent.

Builders of different nationalities working on recovery of Tashkent.

Construction of apartment houses - LS.

The new building of the hotel "Russia" in Tashkent - MS., CU.

The building of the Tashkent State Opera and Ballet, the fountain in the square in front of the - LS.

Directing traffic at an intersection, the traffic on the streets of Tashkent.

Stand with the poster "for help - Rahmat!" On the street.

Dyulbar Abdurahmanova the conductor's podium - MS., CU.

The moon sets behind the clouds - LS.

Newsreel of the early twentieth century.:

Uzbek women from their homes to cook.

A fragment from the ballet "Cholpon" directed Kyrgyz theater: dance party Aidai Bibisara Beyshenalievoy - LS., MS.

The audience applauded - MS., CU., LS.

Bibisara Beyshenalievoy talking about himself, of the (synchronous).

Animation: B. Beyshenalievoy in different roles.

Kyrgyz Bibisara Beyshenalievoy, People's Artist of the Soviet Union, USSR Supreme Soviet deputy takes his place in the audience at the meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Said Urunhodzhaev Hodge, chairman of the Tajik collective farm "Moscow" at the session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR - MS., CU.

Men, women, different ethnic groups - the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in the session.

MPs on the sidelines.

On the sidelines of S. Urunhodzhaev says farm "Moscow" (synchronous).

Nearby is a B. Beyshenalievoy - MS.

Kremlin stars - CU.

Kremlin - LS. (Summer).

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